Freshly Squeezed (2021)

by - May 28, 2021

 Starring: CoCo Lovelock // Isiah Maxwell
Directed by: Derek Dozer
Runtime: 42 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
CoCo Lovelock, is a bad girl, who strolls the city streets at night looking good. It's eventually during her prowl however, that she calls up Isiah Maxwell for that late-night creep. As it turns out, Isiah is more than down for the dick appointment. This, as the two of them quickly head back to CoCo's hotel room. Once there, we have Isiah capturing everything via his camera phone. Isiah is quick to take notice of just how good CoCo looks in her zip up yellow top, black denims, and likewise, the Jordans on her feet. She looks so good clothed, that Isiah just cannot wait to see what is underneath. CoCo first, unzips her top, to allow Isiah to get both, a look and feel of her tits. This of course, turns on CoCo, who then ventures on to get a feel of her own, as she runs her hand over the crotch of his pants. It's with this however, that Isiah tells her to go ahead and get it out. It takes her a little bit of time, but once she gets it out, she wastes no time in acquainting Isiah's dick with her delicious mouth. This, as she throat it down as much as she can. Isiah would also fuck CoCo's face as well from here. However, now with his cock lubricated well enough with her spit, Isiah would next bend CoCo over to fuck her pussy from behind, in the doggy position. It's from here, that we still have the camera phone POV. But a little while after CoCo positions herself face down and ass up, we then switch over to the regular camera, as the action continues.

Positions Seen //

- doggy(x 3)
- standing side saddle
- standing reverse cowgirl
- standing cowgirl
- cowgirl(X2)
- missionary (x2)
- piledriver
- modified missionary (x2)
- spoon
- reverse cowgirl

The Review //
Petite blonde starlet CoCo Lovelock gets the "dick appointment" of a lifetime when she finds herself face to face with Isiah Maxwell. as part of a late-night sexual excursion, in this scene for BLACKED RAW. Yes, the set up for this scene is simply just that. Things begin with CoCo looking as fine as can be, as she stroll along the streets of the big city. This, as we watch her come to a stop. It's during this moment that we cannot hear what she says as, there is no audio for us, just music. But what we do know is that she puts in a very important sexual phone call. This is evident, as one Isiah Maxwell, soon shows up. He obviously being there to fulfill her need, and his also, as the two of them quickly go off to a hotel room. Things between the two get off to a rather interesting start. That's because, the footage that we see initially, comes from the vertical POV of a camera phone. At first, I wasn't so sure that I liked this. However, now I have to say that it kind of grew on me. After all, it kind of goes with the set up/premise of it all. However, it would be soon after we see CoCo suck cock, and have her face fucked by Isiah, that things would change over to the regular camera. Yes, the footage would pick up right in the middle of a round of doggy from the couch, with a view from the side, at the start.

The doggy position would continue, with CoCo eventually getting up on her feet. It would be here that we see Isiah pounce the pussy from the straightaway. However, it isn't long until he takes the action to the next step. This will be when he would go on to manhandle CoCo as he cradle her like a baby in his arms. It would be from the side position, that he would proceed to penetrate her with his long, hard cock, fucking the pussy at a steady pace. But as things would continue, he would turn her around into the more traditional set up for standing reverse cowgirl. Likewise it would be here that he continue to punch his cock in deep. However, somehow CoCo would once again, be in the that very same cradle/position as before. Only this time, we see Isiah savagely fuck the pussy hard. This, as he essentially takes control of it. He would next, further demonstrate his control of things, as he has CoCo position next on the couch with her right leg propped over the arm of it. It would be here, that he would go on to explore her pussy deep with his cock. I mean what a sequence this was! To see things go from standard fare doggy, to immediately into a cradle-like position, as Isiah both manhandle and fuck CoCo exactly how he wants to. This also including the following position of she having her right leg propped over the arm of the couch, which left her wide open for his taking. It would be from this position, that you could hear Isiah talking about just how deep he wants to go into CoCo. Well, he very well does it. We even hear CoCo confirming this, as she says that she can feel Isiah in her stomach. She is absolutely loving that big cock in her pussy. So much so that she wants the added addition of Isiah choking her. He would quickly comply, as he say that her pussy should be the only thing breathing at that moment, while he continues to thrust deeply within her. It would be next that CoCo and Isiah would basically continue giving us a tour of the hotel room, as they move to yet another location. They move over to a chair, where Isiah positions little CoCo on her knees. It's from the chair, that we would see another round of doggy, as Isiah is once again positioned from behind. He continue steadily. This, until we hear CoCo encourage him to "beat her pussy up". It being more than enough to have him go on to fuck her even harder. He doing this until she cums on his dick. And it's after this that he would have she position herself on her knees, in order to clean it off. Additionally, he would begin by fucking CoCo's face. However, soon enough he would stand back, allowing CoCo to do her thing, and that she does. This as CoCo, once again goes on to display her fantastic oral skills. Man, her hand and mouth combo, are just excellent! After this, Isiah once again manhandles the very much smaller CoCo, as he once again, lifts her in the air, for standing cowgirl. He briefly bounces her on the dick. However, the camera comes around more to the front, as things continue on, to give us some great-looking footage of the close up, of the penetration. It would be here, that Isiah opens up for the benefit of the camera, as he slow things down, only to speed them up again in intervals. This, as we just watch, as his big cock goes deep inside. It's after this position, that Isiah would have she continue to ride atop of him on the couch, as this positions him on his back. This position of standard cowgirl begins with CoCo bouncing her ass on it in quick concession. This, prior to she leaning forward to allow Isiah to take charge, as he improves his pace to fuck quick and hard. When it comes to this particular position on the couch, I happened to really enjoy what would happen next. We would see CoCo come to sit upright on the dick. Her yellow shirt is finally removed, so we have a full view of her beautiful, petite naked body, as she then proceeded to bounce on the dick from her upright position. To me personally, this was just a great visual. CoCo's form from here, is just looking good. Especially her ass. It's just great stuff! The fun would continue next, as Isiah goes on to position CoCo along the back of the couch. She's on her back, as Isiah would take things into missionary then. He would continue to plug away from here as CoCo asks to be choked. He does so, while also craddling the back of her head. The latter giving him much leverage for him to pound deeply. This missionary set up, would then go on to graduate to one of the scene's nicest surprises. This comes about when the action somehow ends up in a piledriver-like position. CoCo is over the arm of the couch, and is essentially on her head, with Isiah choosing to fuck her from there. So, from here yes, CoCo is on her head. She standing on her head, as Isiah plunges his cock in. It's absolutely crazy, as Isiah, would settle into a rhythm. It was almost as if his fucking was in automatic, as he just didn't stop. He so into it that near the end of said position, Isiah takes to his own knees on the arm of the couch. This as he would continue to plow without stopping at all. It's  work so good from Isiah, that it has CoCo wondering how his cock is so good? It's just crazy. It was at that very moment that in my opinion the scene went from "normal sex scene" to something absolutely special. This as it would only get more intense from here. Things would continue, as the two of them next head to the bedroom, as Isiah carry CoCo in. Remember how, in my previous review of CoCo, that I said that she has this signature pose that she does in all of her scenes? The one that sees her put her feet behind her head? Remember, how I said that it could be very repetitive after seeing it so many times, yet it still be entertaining depending on who the male talent is? Well, here we have that situation once again. They enter the bedroom as Isiah throws CoCo down on the bed, and it's here, that he quickly goes down on her pussy with his mouth and tongue. He eats her pussy nice and good. However, it is after, that things would go to the mentioned position. CoCo next stretches her feet and legs behind her head. Isiah happens to like this position, as he calls it "different". Just prior to he inserting his cock into CoCo's now, extra-tight pussy. Yes, we have seen this position over and over again when it comes to CoCo, but when a cock this big is in her pussy from this position, one just cannot look away! It looks awesome in all honesty. And besides, we would go on to see Isiah put his own unique spin on it. It beginning as he next going over, and essentially performing cock pushups, as he drill his cock deep into CoCo's pink hole. He even brilliantly sucking on her toes at the same time. How fucking savage is that? The camera would go on to nicely capture the penetration ongoing from behind, as Isiah keep this pace up. As things continue, we see CoCo's legs come unlocked, as Isiah would just continue to drill her, holding her up under her ass, as he thrust in. This in particular, being so hot. What a nice moment captured by the ever-aware camera of Derek Dozer. I loved this. It at least putting a new spin on the positioning, as I said. Isiah, would later go even further, as he utilizes the pose. After this however, we would see CoCo's eyes continue to roll back in her head as like the previous position. This, as they then go into the spoon position, as CoCo is on her side. From here, Isiah would go on to apply another choke hold, as he would go on to work up a hammering pace, while continuing to go deep. It's immediately after this that CoCo finds herself on her stomach and pinned down. It would be next that Isiah, would take things into the lazy dog position as, he straddle her legs, as she keep them closed tightly together. This of course, creating an extra-tight entryway for Isiah. But nevertheless, he penetrates it with great success. CoCo can't move here, as Isiah just continue to plow her cock-hungry pussy, nice and deep. This position, of being yet another great visual, as we see Isiah being consistent, and relentless, as he drive his cock in.The action from these two, continues on fluidly, as they are next able to transition things directly into reverse cowgirl after, without separating. It's from this position, that Isiah shows that he is not letting up. It's in the beginning that he even has CoCo position her legs once again behind her head, as he from here. Go on to fuck the pussy with an extremely fast speed. However, things would soon slow to steady pace as, the cock continues to plug the pussy up. It's from here that CoCo would watch Isiah fuck her, as things gradually build up to she once again squirting, as she manually stimulates her clit simultaneously. The first instance is a big one, with CoCo following up to squirt again, and again, making things extra sloppy. It's after the fact, that CoCo wishes to clean up all the squirt. This, as she go on to once again suck Isiah dry. It's after this that they would reverse the position going into standard cowgirl. It beginning with CoCo course bouncing on the Dick. But soon enough, it would be Isiah taking over, as CoCo would look back, watching he go in and out of her. The pace would pick up, once CoCo would get to her feet, and place her hands on Isiah's chest, at his instruction. The camera would eventually make a very nice choice, as things would continue to play out. It would simply back away choosing to capture the action in more than full scope. Almost like it is a fly on the wall, as we watch CoCo get her pussy banged out hard. While, yes it would eventually return to the action as before. But I liked having this moment in when the camera just allows the action to breathe a little, if you know what I mean. They then would make a return as, Isiah, would go on to furthermore test out his scene partner's flexibility. At first, he would have her stretch her right leg back behind her head, as he moved in and out of the pussy. However, that formation would go to the one showing CoCo having both her legs and feet behind the head, again. It would be from here that Isiah would continue with a steady pace of in and out, just prior to the position altering to show Isiah fully straddling CoCo's front. It's from this position, that CoCo can look up and see Isiah moving in and out of her. It also giving us a great-looking view from underneath, as it happens. It is during this exchange that CoCo mentions that she wants Isiah to cum inside of her. This encourages him to continue, until he eventually does just that, the sex comes to an end, with Isiah half-filling CoCo's pussy with his jizz, as the rest of it, trails from his cock, as he pulls out. CoCo loves her reward, as she go on to attempt to push it out, and otherwise fish it out with her fingers. Things coming to a close, as we see CoCo sucking the evidence from her fingers without hesitation, personally, I found this to be a rather nice finish. I especially liked the full straddle, along with the cock pumping in and out, in full unobstructed view, It was really pretty.

Going into the scene, I have to be honest, it was one I had been looking forward to for a couple of weeks. I knew it was coming, I just couldn't wait. CoCo Lovelock in my eyes, is a rising star in the business. She has definitely already earned many fans, with myself included. I knew that she going one-on-one with Isiah Maxwell, it would be her biggest challenge to date(pun intended). But with that said, this will be a scene that will have you coming away from it, questioning the laws of physics. Because how is it that such a small girl like CoCo, is able to take such a big dick? It logically does not make sense, but with that said, she does indeed do that here, and she does it amazingly well. With "amazing" being the keyword. Both CoCo and Isiah would go on to amaze us with their sexual performance. The scene, as I said begins rather low-key and fun. We have the cinematic opener, followed by the unique use of camera phone footage. It begins things with a blowjob, and then partially the first round of doggy for the scene. It would all lead to what I would explain as being rather routine sex. But it would be after the position a piledriver, in which CoCo finds herself essentially hanging upside down, off of the arm of the couch, that things in my opinion. just went to the next level. This little girl, CoCo is here upside down standing on her head, while a huge cock pummels her pussy. It's basically one of those "what???", positions, that leave you looking on in wonder, as they occur. This being even more so, once Isiah decides to get up on the arm of the couch himself, while he continues to fuck, being up on his knees. This was just crazy shit, now. That's all I'm saying. It's from that moment on that they would carry on the same intensity for the rest of the scene, as they take it into a bedroom to continue and finish. We not only see Isiah handle CoCo's trademark pretzel pose very differently, we also see he making her squirt, squirt, and squirt again. Not only that, we also see Isiah spit into CoCo's mouth at her instruction. We also find that she is quite keen on the idea of being choked into suffocation, as she get dicked. It's a scene that is wild and crazy, possessing the energetic type of energy that I always hope to find in a scene. This scene delivers that, with a lot of it being stuff that I did not quite expect. I really enjoyed the way that Isiah manhandled CoCo, and basically used her to his liking. This, all while CoCo obviously thoroughly enjoying it. There were times here that CoCo was just knocked breathless by Isiah's dick. As for Isiah himself his performance here, was second to none, if you ask for my opinion. I have here referred to him as being "savage" a couple of times here, and that is exactly what he is in this one. Isiah has to be one of the nicest guys in all of the industry. However, when he "turns on", he goes for it, and here he was turned to 11. He was a straight up, pussy killer here, if you will. There were a number of times here, that he just settled into a comfortable rhythm just digging that cock in, nice and hard, being unforgiving, all in the name of pleasure for both he and his chosen scene partner. He was just on another level here. With that said, this is a scene that I would highly recommend. The latter half of the scene is especially impressive. Because here, not only do we have action that just gets better and better as it progresses. The great work by the performers is coupled with sharp camera work, that keeps us into the thick of all the action, as it unfolds. You never feel as though you miss something important. To check this out, head on over to BLACKED RAW!

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