Nympho.com: Mia Kay is Ready to Please (2021)

by - May 29, 2021

Starring: Mia Kay // Logan Long
Directed by: Logan Long
Runtime: 43 mins


Scene Breakdown //

 The scene begins with Logan Long welcoming 22-year-old Mia Kay to NYMPHO. This, as she says that she is excited because today she gets to fuck Logan and his long cock. Mia does confirm that she likes big cock. After this, Logan has Mia, the at the time, one month pro, go on to explain what exactly makes her a "Nympho". She goes on to tell the story about how, when younger, she once saw a Playboy production on-demand, and she was quite mesmerized by it. In fact, she says that, she just couldn't wait until she was old enough to do things like it. She further explains that it was after that experience, that she began watching porn on the regular. She'd even watch it during "family movie night". During which, she would have a blanket over her head, as she'd watch porn on her laptop, with her headphones on. All unbeknown to everyone else. Her obsession with sex would carry over, to she beginning to hump various things. This including; her bed, a chair, as well as the couch in the living room. She goes on to tell of a time that she once humped the chair, and it causing she to orgasm for the first time. It's an occurrence that had young Mia believing that she had become pregnant. This would get a chuckle out of both Logan and Mia, of course. Mia, while saying that she likes to have a lot of sex, tells Logan that she believes that her blowjob skills are pretty great. This, as she notes, that she likes to get rather sloppy. Logan goes on to ask her if she'd be for him pushing her head down on his cock during the blowjob. She would be. She even says "please". Next comes the time that Logan wants to get a peek at her cute body. This, as he has Mia go on to show her tits. Mia lifts up her top prior to Logan having she spit on her nipples.It would be after Mia spits on both of them, that Logan next has she pose at the front, as he put emphasis on her pussy. He has she push her pussy toward the camera, before having she pull aside her pink thong, to reveal it. The only thing now concealing her pussy, is a purple fishnet stocking. Mia goes on to talk about how tight her pussy is, and subsequently, how she cannot wait to have Logan inside of it. Logan responds by saying that today, he is going to stretch that pussy out. There would be more posing after this. Logan gets Mia to do some profile posing, as she stand at the side. Logan happens to really like the way that Mia pushes her ass out. So much so, that he can't wait to get a better view. The camera would next, be in close up, as Mia would further bend over with the focus being solely on her ass. This would include she peeling down the previously mentioned pink thong. This view obviously intriguing Logan, who then asks Mia if she's ready to have her ass eaten. Of course she is! It's from there that Logan has Mia get in the doggy position, on the edge of the couch. This, as Logan go on to soon rip open the fishnets, as he proceed to go in on Mia's ass to officially begin things between the two of them.
Positions Seen //
- rimming (x2)
- cowgirl
- reverse cowgirl
- doggy missionary

The Review // 
In this scene for NYMPHO, young starlet Mia Kay, still in her first month in the business, would show no fear as she would take on the big dick of Logan Long. The scene begins rather routinely, as there is somewhat of an interview segment, which comes before any of the action. Logan wants to know what makes Mia a "nympho" per se? How did she first discover sex, and how often does she like it? What happens to be her favorite position(s)? And so on and so forth. You know, that sort of thing. Mia goes on to describe her discovery of sex, and how she happened to become somewhat obsessed with it. If you are familiar with my previous review of Mia Kay for STROKIES, then, she again tells the story about seeing something put out by Playboy on TV, and how it ultimately sparked her interest for the risque, and the sexy. She also again mentions "family movie night"(this time minus her boyfriend being present), as well as her growing desire to hump just about everything in sight. She does offer more details, which she talks about she would hump the edge of the couch in the living room, and also about how she would purposely drop the remote on the floor, as a way for she to have an excuse, should someone walk in and possibly catch her in the act. Because, oh, she's just "looking for the remote". Yes, it's silly but nothing gets more of a laugh than Mia coming to reveal that the first time that she ever had an orgasm while humping a chair, that she was afraid that she might be pregnant. Yes, pregnant. Oh, Mia! Well, all of it has led her to this. Performing in porn for everyone to see, she doing exactly what she imagined she would do when she was younger. It's a heartwarming full-circle journey for sure.

Things get underway, with Logan barely containing himself. when he chooses to begin things by eating Mia's ass, first thing. Yes, after having Mia stand and pose, in ways that features Mia's surprisingly nice ass. Logan decides that he just has to have a taste of it. It's from there, that he would have Mia assume the position on all fours, on the edge of the couch. This would push her nice, round ass towards the camera, as Logan would come in, first to tear away at Mia's fishnet stockings, and then second, bury his face in between her cheeks, deep. It's from here, that Logan would go on to jam is tongue in there deeply, and in quick concession. He would even momentarily switch between ass and pussy, alternating between both holes with his tongue. However, soon enough, he's back to the straight jamming of the tongue in Mia's tight asshole. It's after some time there, that it would be time for Mia to suck some cock. By the looks of it she is very excited to do so, as she quickly get to her knees and await it. Logan instructs her to get it out. This, as she would pop it out of his pants. Logan is sprung so much so, that it nearly whacks Mia in the face, as she lets it out. It causes she to giggle. However with that said, she is quick to have it in her mouth, as she begins things, by licking up the shaft, before putting her mouth around it. It would be here that she would initially work up a nice rhythm of sucking and stroking. Personally, I liked the way that she always made sure to keeps some spit on the shaft. We would even see Logan go on to fuck her face, and make her gag. He even do it once more at the request of Mia. After Logan finally gets his pants off, Mia would return to the stroking technique, after doing some work using no hands, and just her mouth. We would even get a moment of she gleefully sucking on Logan's balls. This, before he would go on to change the set up a little. As he reposition Mia, in a way that the next viewpoint is one of overhead POV, as Mia continue to suck, as well as be face fucked. I have to admit that I actually loved this particular set up/moment of the scene. I feel as though this POV was captured perfectly, and expertly executed. It's a viewpoint that put us straight on with the action. This is as all we see, is Logan's dick, as well as his hands, as he reach out and grab Mia's head, to force it down on his cock. I really enjoyed this viewpoint, as it is one where we are not thinking about anything else, other than Mia sucking and being skulled. Mia would continue to work the cock with her mouth and hands for another brief period, from a somewhat lower, side point of view. Well, if you are closely listening during this period of time in the scene, then you would've heard Logan Long whispering to the cameraman what was to come next, he says something about "69", and sure enough the next thing we see is Mia again sucking cock, this time from the couch as she herself is on her hands and knees. So yes it is almost a 69 formation. I have to give it to the camerawork here, as it is another beautiful view. This, as we the viewer are looking from the ground up. Logan's dick standing straight up, as Mia continues her oral assault as she take it down deeply. It's after this, that Mia finally gets to ride the cock, and it's in standard cowgirl. It's from there, that Mia begin things, by steadily bouncing on the cock. prior to a break in the action, as Logan asks Mia, if she can get up on her feet? It would be then that Mia would plant her feet firmly, as she squat on the cock. Personally I just loved this brief moment during cowgirl. The way that Mia just slammed her ass down, and subsequently the sound that it would make, as skin smack skin was just so hot. Here, in between during this position, Logan would make sure to apply more than enough lube, to ensure that he go in much easier. This, as Mia, goes on to say that this is her very first "big" cock. Both the cameraman, as well as Logan, would have Mia attempt to spin around on the cock, as she reverse her position, next for reverse cowgirl. For me, this was my very favorite moment of the scene. The position in question, reverse cowgirl, just looks so hot, the way that it was captured. Again, the camera has a low angled view, and one can just hear the wetness going on from here. But is it Mia's wet pussy, or is it all of the lube? We don't know! But, with a view like this, we shouldn't care. This viewpoint is just amazing. From here, Logan is going deep into Mia's tight opening, as it just stretches out, as Mia's legs are open wide. In this position, we see Logan slamming her down for most of it. However, there is one moment here, where Mia kind of remain stationary. More lube is applied, as Logan then increases his pacing, as he move in and out of the pussy. This stuff is just visual eye candy! After this, Mia would go on to do something that she says that she is very fond of, and that's eating ass. It would be here, that Mia, would be lying flat on her stomach, as she does so. I have to say that her butt looked super cute, with she flat on her stomach like this. It's a nice view. This, as she go on to lap her tongue continuously, in and around Logan's asshole. She puts in great work here, as she is nonstop. Even when the camera changes to a side angle, she continues, while keeping the camera in mind. She even go on to spit into Logan's ass, at the instruction of the guy behind the camera. She would also go on to eventually, and briefly shove both of Logan's balls into her mouth, prior to going back to licking ass. It would be next up that the two of them would move on to, what is one of Mia's favorite positions. That being of course, the doggy position. It's yet another position which sees Logan get himself all lubed up. It would be then, that he would proceed with a steady in and out, while also continuing to lube himself. This, as Logan go on to eventually improve his pacing, going faster, and a little harder into Mia's pussy. This, as he makes note of just how much he is stretching her out at that given moment. It would be following the doggy, that we would then see Mia on her back, and up in a chair with her legs spread wide, as Logan take her from the position, as missionary would be the final set up. It's like before, as Logan to her would work himself up to a nice pace. This, as it is then decided that he would come inside of Mia for the finish. he continues until he finally works himself up to climax, as he shoot his load into Mia's gaping, and well-lubed pussy for the finish. This was a very solid finish in my opinion. It actually getting bonus points just because it happens to end with a creampie.

Overall, this scene featuring relative newcomer Mia Kay, is and was, for the most part, solid. What we do have here, is indeed just that. However with that said one of its main disadvantages is that the scene's sex portion, only has about 30 minutes of the 43 minutes total to work with. That's of course, because at the beginning, the interview, takes up some of that time, before we even get to the sexual activity. And so, time here, is something that the scene itself is working against. However, they do make a very nice attempt here, packing as much action as they can in the time allowed. We do have some great stuff here. First of all, Mia Kay is just so cute and bubbly, you just love her from the start. Then we see her get her ass eaten, she eating, ass, sucking dick, and being stretched. And speaking of sucking dick. She said that she was good at it, and she proves it. But again, with that said, the scene works best, because of Mia's overall enthusiasm for taking the big dick. The reverse cowgirl again, being my favorite. That shit just looked good! So to close, this was a very good scene, for what it provides. I liked it, but at the same time yes, I just wish that it could've been a little bit longer. I wish we could've seen more action. That happens to be one of two main complaints that I have. The other complaint being that there were times here, where we can hear the cameraman speaking, and giving instruction to Mia. I found this to be somewhat distracting. And almost feels as though we have a peeping Tom doing a running commentary. I have done Mike Adriano branded scenes for years now, and we never really had someone talking from behind the camera. But for my last three reviews, there has been another voice behind the camera. If this is how it's going to be from now on, it's ok, but it is just a little awkward, in my opinion. But yeah, I do recommend this scene. Check it out! I think that you will really like Mia Kay. She's a cutie, and she's pouty. What's not to love about her?!

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