This Scene is Bananas (2021)

by - May 14, 2021

 Starring: CoCo Lovelock // Xander Corvus
Directed by:
Runtime: 34 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
 The scene begins with CoCo Lovelock, having a bit of a reoccurring problem. This, as she goes to retrieve her daily protein shake from the refrigerator, only to find that her roommate, Xander Corvus has once again unfortunately, beat her to it. Drinking up all of the contents of her black thermos. CoCo is obviously upset that this has happened once again. However, this time, she looks to get some payback, as she offers up Xander a very special refill. This, as she hops up on the counter, and spreads her legs wide. It's from here, that we see she move her panties aside initially, prior to just removing them altogether. All in an effort to get herself off, as she quickly rub at her clit. After some time of being focused and determined, we eventually see CoCo come to squirting orgasm, as she goes on to fill the thermos, with her very own pussy juice. It's after the deed has been done, that CoCo of course, quietly places the thermos back in the refrigerator, where Xander would be bound to find it. A short time later, he does exactly that. This, as he looks to once more to quietly drink up little CoCo's protein shake. But, this time around, Xander would be met with quite the unexpected surprise, when he would go to take a drink from the bottle. CoCo herself is right behind Xander, as he takes a drink, only to spit it out almost immediately, as the feeling of surprise is written all over his face. It's all comedy for CoCo, who is quick to reveal the true source of the contents of the thermos, as she once again pull her panties aside to show off her tight snatch. Xander is shocked. He can't believe it. He then rushes over to the sink to wash his mouth out with the handheld faucet. He even goes as far as to attempt to mask the taste, by quickly munching on a banana, as he goes on to remind CoCo, just how much he happens to not like squirt. CoCo still finds it funny, going on to grab another banana off of the counter, only to proceed to shove the unpeeled banana deeply into her pussy. This as she promises that Xander does however enjoy the taste of her very pussy. She gets the banana deep in there, only to give Xander time to think of his counter prank. That being he shoving her face deep into his exposed ass. However, little did he know that CoCo would very much enjoy this. It's then that we see her go on to eat Xander's ass. And much to his surprise, is just how much he actually enjoys it. It's while CoCo go to town on Xander's ass, that she proves herself to be quite the multitasker, as from the back she reaches around to tug at Xander's cock, a single, and double handed stroke approach, at times. Xander likes it so much that he soon turns around, and with his sprung cock in her face, CoCo wastes no time, as she also go on to administer a blowjob. This, as a sexual encounter between the two roommates happens right there in the kitchen.

Positions Seen //
- doggy (x3)
- standing side fuck
- reverse standing side fuck
- standing cowgirl
- missionary
- reverse standing cowgirl
- reverse cowgirl
- standard cowgirl

The Review //
For today's review, I review another scene from REALITY KINGS. It's a scene that presents to us, yet another comedic storyline. This one, involving two roommates and a protein shake. Yes, a protein shake! It appears as though all CoCo Lovelock wants to do, is to stay healthy. And to do so, part of her daily diet, happens to be an individually made protein shake. Unfortunately for her however, someone who also enjoys the shakes, happens to be her roommate Xander Corvus. Because of this, often times, when CoCo goes to retrieve her daily shake from the refrigerator, more times than not, it's already gone, all because of Xander. He beats her to the punch, drinking up every last drop of the healthy concoction. The scene begins with CoCo once again finding herself on the losing end, as she is once again the victim of Xander's thievery. Only this time, CoCo is vengeful, with payback on her tongue. If it's taste that he wants, in the mind of she, taste is what he would get. This as she go on to remove her panties and get to work, as she rub one out, with the sole purpose of squirting into the shake bottle. This would only be the beginning of the scene's mild hilarity. Of course, we would see Xander, go on to take the cup from the fridge and proceed to take a drink, not knowing what has been specially prepared for him. Of course, Xander is grossed out by what is not the hearty shake that he is used to. He goes on to spit it out, while at the same time, wondering exactly whatever he just drank is made of. Xander says that it tastes like spoiled soy milk. Things get rather funny when CoCo goes on to reveal to him that, what he has had a taste of, just so happens to be "homemade". It being her fresh pussy juice! The funny continues, as we watch Xander, as he is absolutely appalled. He seems to want to do anything,  just to remove the taste of CoCo from his mouth. This consisting of him almost drowning himself in the sink, and also, he looking to cover the taste, by eating a banana. Grumpy Xander, just hates the taste of squirt. Or so he says. CoCo goes on to frustrate Xander even further, as she grabs another banana and shoves it up her cooch. It would be at that moment however, that Xander says that he too, has something that he wants CoCo to taste. He then goes on to pull down his pants, to quickly shove CoCo's face into his ass. However, little did he know, that it would be the start of something really pleasurable for the both of them. The lead-in story here, is a lot of fun I say, from the squirting into the bottle, and even as we see CoCo shove the unpeeled banana up her pussy. To lastly, she going on to eat Xander's ass, full on. It's just a fun little lead-in to the sex that was to come. It's a storyline that I found to be well acted, as well.

The eating of Xander's ass, which also includes some reach around tugging, would lead into a blowjob next. And for me, that is where the scene truly begins between them officially. That's because here, we see CoCo go to work on the cock right on. She takes the cock with enthusiasm, and goes right to work from there. CoCo is one that likes to brag about her special blowjob skills, and it is with good reason. Because damn, this small statuted starlet could suck the chrome off of a bumper. Here, not only do we see both of her hands at work, as she caress the balls and suck the cock, as well as hold the shaft tightly, as she choke it down. It eventually all leads to she taking a double handed, twisted stroking approach, as she jerk the cock off with her mouth, at a quick pace. All in tandem. It's actually quite amazing to watch. And with this said, I didn't even mention that Xander himself makes good work of her little mouth, as he also go on to fuck her face as well. This blowjob would lead to Xander going on to return the favor, as CoCo is quick to hop up on the kitchen island, and spread her legs wide for him. This, as she goes on to declare that the "buffet is open"(hell yes!). It would be here that Xander would go straight into going down on CoCo, with he going full mouth on the pussy. This, as he would proceed to steadily suck upon her clit. This would cause her eyes to roll back in her head, as she screams "Oh my fucking God!", in the process. She would even go on to praise Xander's pussy eating skills, as he would soon switch it up, as he lap his tongue on and around her sensitive clit. Immediately following this however, Xander would go on to position CoCo for standing doggy, as he bend her over. It would be here, that he would pound her pussy in the straightaway. This, as we would hear CoCo call on to fuck her harder. He does so, and it's great stuff from here, as he packs CoCo's pussy full of cock. The position however, would soon enough naturally transition to  the standing side fuck position, which sees CoCo's pussy facing the camera. The nice work continues here by Xander, as he keeps up a steady pace, while banging it out. The view from here is also especially nice, as we get a good look at the full on penetration. Personally, I did enjoy seeing what would occur next. As next. we would see the reverse variety of the same position of standing side fuck, as this time we have CoCo's nice little ass facing the camera. Xander would keep up his pace. But, also here, adding to the visual of it all, I liked the moment in which he chose to wrap his arms around CoCo's waist. Not only as to support her, but also for leverage. It's speaking of that - it would be here, that we would see Xander fuck the pussy deep and hard. It was great stuff. Not to mention, when he switches up to a one arm hold, while his other hand does some work by rubbing CoCo's clit simultaneously. There's a lot of multitasking going on here, and I quite enjoyed that. After this, the pace would remain the same, as the two performers do not miss a beat. This, as Xander quickly brings CoCo down to the level of his cock, as he would once again go on to fuck her face nicely. It would also be once again, that we see CoCo's fantastic cock sucking skills at work. The way she double hands it, while twisting on the shaft, all while slurping it down is just great shit to see. I have to admit that I am quite jealous! After this, Xander would lift up small CoCo, as the two go into the position of standing cowgirl next. It's from this position at first, that Xander pump CoCo on his cock, prior to he under-hooking her better with his arms, causing his cock to go in deeper, as he continue to slam her down on it. Standing cowgirl is always nice to see for me, and here I felt that it was executed ok. The standing cowgirl, would make way for missionary. However, it is not just any missionary, as if you are familiar with CoCo, she is actually quite flexible in this regard. It's because of this, that many porn producers have capitalized on this position in particular. Honestly speaking, if you have seen a CoCo scene you're more than likely to see she on her back, and folded up like a pretzel, with her legs and feet wrapped around the back of her head. It's quite the position, and I have seen it a lot in her scenes. So, it's here that I hoped that they would at least put their own unique spin on it. And luckily, here they kind of do. The position sees CoCo lying back on the chair, which is up against the  kitchen island. This meaning that her head is crunched in, as it is being pressed against the island, while she is in this position. I tell you, CoCo here is folded up like an accordion. It looks quite painful, but for CoCo it's not, as she relishes in the position, as well as in the receiving of Xander's cock. I like the fact that this position always allows she to see the penetration as it happens. This, while she being wide-eyed, and pleasure filled. I really liked the moment here, which CoCo had Xander choke her. This, as he would eventually improve his pace to a much harder, and faster output. It was fucking hot! Here, Xander happens to fuck CoCo harder than I have seen anyone fuck her in this position. He would also go on to use CoCo's positioning to his advantage, as he straddle her face to fuck it, on two separate occasions. Something else, that no one has ever done in this position - or at least in consideration, of the scenes that I have seen, involving CoCo and her trademark position. After this position, we would see doggy, once again. This time, with CoCo up on her knees in the chair, as instructed by Xander. This would see he take her from behind and pound her good, as this position would stop and start several times, with the first time seeing CoCo simply just cave to the pleasure, as she lose her position a bit. However, Xander would once again reposition her and continue on, as he eventually asks CoCo if she wants him to fill her little pussy up? CoCo responds, by asking Xander if he is going to "breed" her. It's from there, that we see Xander continue his work, until reaching climax, giving CoCo what appears to be a creampie on the inside, while he jerk and ejaculate outside of her soon after. The initial creampie being obviously faked. For me, this creampie segment was the scenes biggest flaw. Personally, I felt that it was just so awkwardly placed, right in the somewhat middle of the scene, as we would still have three separate positions to follow after. Why have a creampie occurrence in the middle of everything? It just made no sense to me. It just doesn't fit along with the rest of the flow of the scene. The two of them would then immediately go into standing reverse cowgirl, and like the creampie, it's one awkward happening. As during the position,  we see Xander, absolutely struggle to pull off this particular position. It's because of this, that the position does not last, but at most, a minute or so. It would be followed by Xander placing a towel on the floor, as he positions himself on his back for CoCo to ride his cock. It would be here that she would wisely choose the position of reverse cowgirl. We see CoCo begin things quite nicely, as right from the beginning her legs are spread wide, and her feet planted firmly on the floor, as she would then proceed to bounce up and down on Xander's stiff cock. Additionally, Xander would give aid, as he would also slam her down harder. After a time of CoCo being upright on the cock, we would see her lie back to allow Xander to pick up a steady, quick pace of in and out, as he plug up the pussy. Xander would then simply have CoCo reverse the position, as we then see standard cowgirl. It's a position that sees CoCo's pussy continue to take the dick. We have a nice visual of  CoCo, as she looks back at her ass, as this continues on. I liked the way that she would occasionally grab her ass during said position. Eventually, she would lean forward to take it. This, as Xander proceed in a quicker pace than before. We even see him placing a finger just inside CoCo's asshole, as he continues to plug away. Things would progress, seeing CoCo once again upright on the dick. Xander would improve his pace to a much quicker one, as things would continue for some time here. This, being before the action would then see CoCo once again up on the chair, as Xander positions her on her knees to take her from behind once more in the doggy position. It's a position that would take them home, as Xander would keep a steady input, as he pull back on CoCo's arms during this process, as he fuck her in the straightaway. It's action which would be enough to bring Xander to another climax. Xander would jerk his cock to drizzle his load down, and around CoCo's mouth, as she is under him in an effort to catch it. The finale of the scene is ok, while being thrown off a little by the previous creampie segment. The addition of yet another time in the doggy position, also did not make much sense to me. Because it was of course, the position that brought the performers to a creampie. Why would you once again, repeat the same position, as the creampie is supposed to be a key moment in a scene? Having the doggy position repeat so late in the scene, I feel, lessens the impact that they would want for the creampie. Again, it's why I said that I feel that it was so awkwardly placed in the scene altogether. It should have occurred near the end, and during the final position. It is still so awkward, having it occur long before the scene was supposed to end. For me. this scene just contains too much doggy, as well. After all, CoCo is so small that they could literally think of many things to do with her. So, why fuck her three separate times in the doggy position?

When it comes to the scene, for me it's one that is rather hard to judge. First of all, I enjoyed the lead in storyline. I thought that it was kind of funny, and well played. And then we have the sex, which begins with ass eating, as well as, some great cocksucking skills  By CoCo Lovelock, which, in turn, is followed by some nice pussy eating, and even better consistency by Xander Corvus all throughout the scene, and every position. I loved that here, there were moments that saw Xander fuck the much smaller CoCo nice and hard, proving how much her tight little pussy can actually take. My favorite position of the scene, would have to be of course, CoCo's trademark position, of she with her feet behind her head. The way that Xander fucked her in said position, was just perfect in my opinion. Especially, when he began to choke her, as well as fuck her pussy at the same time. It was then, that we would see CoCo fucked good and hard. It's great stuff. The scene in my opinion would soon unfortunately, sort of lose its way, when whoever it was, opted to randomly insert a creampie at the most awkward time. This, simply throwing everything off. Also, seeing doggy once again after, a creampie was dealt in the very same position, was somewhat damaging to the overall structure and flow of the scene itself. But with that said, the performers here gave it a nice try, as the first half of the scene was fairly solid. With that said, I would have to say that I feel that the scene is just ok, as is. It has evident flaws. It definitely could have been better, had it been minus the repetitiveness. I do not take anything away from the two performers, as I like them both. CoCo Lovelock, is especially such a fun performer to watch. I feel that for her, the best has yet to come!

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