April #DPoftheMonth Perv City: Three Men and a Babe Named Erin Everheart

by - May 14, 2021

#DPofTheMonth April Recap:

 I’m always investigating the viewing habits of my fellow #DPBattle members. This last poll that closed back at the end of April was evidence of this. I had my sights on what studio they frequented the most to watch their DP scenes and narrowed it down to three. The poll was a small peek into what we all already knew; the convenience of the On-Demand model for Legal Porno's PornBox app took the most votes.  Legal Porno is a network that updates with DPs daily so it wasn’t a surprise that out of 224 votes Legal Porno/PornBox had the higher percentage of vouches. This small window wasn’t the full picture of what these three brands represent, especially the established Evil Angel which was one of the other possible studios to vote for in the April #DPofTheMonth poll.  Perv City was the third choice, it may seem like the municipality was the underdog with the least amount of votes in the poll but that is the perfect reason why I chose it as April's #DPofTheMonth’s choice for a review here on Black Halo Adult Reviews.

 Legal Porno churns so much good content that it can be distracting from a scene like Erin Everheart’s which is an important update that could easily be overlooked in the haze of constant updates from other machines like LP. This isn’t to say that Perv City fans aren’t loyal or abundant but attention spans suffer no matter the allegiance to the studio or performer. A new performer releasing a new DP scene deserves the #DPBattle’s utmost attention and this is why this April 29th update with Erin Everheart is taking the April #DPofTheMonth review. The City of Perv just entered a recent tempest of filming DP scenes thanks to Maestro’s active artistic status as its operating mayor. He’s always filming for his City of Pervs and you can expect even more DPs to be unleashed within its borders in the coming months.  I expect to see any number of these scenes in the next outing of Perv City's Department of Double Penetration DVD series. As of this writing, it is on its third volume so it is a matter of time before another one is unleashed with all these new DP scenes Maestro has been filming.

 The scene is a lightning blast of a DP scene. It has a brief setup with BTS Jack leaving his girl behind and it doesn't take long for the three horny men to have their way with her thankfully. This is great for a quick pick me up porn scene but if you want those epic wall-to-wall-fuck-a-thons then I think you know where to look.  The poll is the biggest hint there is. But those loyal to Perv City not only voted in the poll but took Erin's important DP scene for a MUST SEE ride.

 Scene Breakdown:

 The scene starts with Perv City’s famous PA “BTS Jack” reprising a role as the "boyfriend" to the female talent, in this case, it is Erin as the character.  They are watching a boring TV show together before Erin alerts him that she is hungry and she wants to eat. Jack like the good BF he is agrees to grab a pizza for her. Next, you'll see John Strong, Ramon, and Mike Stefano watching a game loudly downstairs. Jack catches them before he heads out the door to grab the pizza for his girl and heeds them with a warning about what they did last time to him. By fucking his unattended girlfriend resulting in a “torched” relationship, Jack has all the right to be cautiously paranoid before his pizza mission. He leaves with very little assurance as they bark at him with empty promises. Erin eventually descends to investigate the ruckus of a trio of men watching sports on TV. Mike is a horny father and urges his friends to once again bang Jack's girl.

 Ramon has this tall specimen of beauty modeled her short skirt before she is urged to get down and start sucking cock. Soon enough she is surrounded by three pieces of meat being fed to her mouth. Ramon playfully grabs one of her long locks of hair to slap against her titty as she chokes on cock.  John Strong steps in to have his dick disappear into Erin's mouth as she jacks off Mike and Ramon.  She is bent in doggy so that John Strong can start to jab his wiener into her pussy this is why Ramon is whipping Erin with her hair.  While she is getting plowed in doggy she is in a mid-double blowjob. In this very same stance of doggy is where the first marks of anal happen. It fills up your screen as John Strong pierces Erin's butthole while she sucks two dicks.

 Maestro's camera stays close to the penetration while also keeping the cock sucking part of the active shot. Erin is flipped so that now her arch is facing Ramon while John Strong is now the one getting his dick sucked. This is a spit roast that is effectively being rotated.  Rimming ignites as John Strong sticks his ass in Erin Everheart’s face. He goes back to fucking her mouth while Ramon is reaming her ass in the spit roast again. Now Mike Stefano is doing his duties of banging the girlfriend of his son in the ass. While this is happening to Erin she is inhaling Ramon's dong in her mouth while she is arched into Mike.  We peek into a gape as Mike pulls out briefly before the next major position change occurs.

 The DP is right in our faces next as the lightning-fast editing will entail. Ramon and John are double stuffing Erin as she is sucking off Mike Stefano.  Ramon is anchoring the pussy while John Strong is pounding ass in the regular cowgirl DP ride. She is then positioned in reverse cowgirl DP with Ramon anchoring ass this time as John will slide into the vagina.  She is airtight as Mike is stuffing her mouth with cock while she is being DP’d by the other two.  Proper rotations happen during the reverse cowgirl version of the double penetrating. Mike for instance is in long enough where he’ll pull out of pussy and jump right into ass mid-DP-rhythm.

 Erin’s facial expressions are amazing as she is double plowed by the active studs in the heat of their rotations. You’ll even see Mike Stefano sucks on Erin’s toes. They pull her legs together as her hair is used to be put around her eyes in the throes of this heated fucking. All the while a constant flow of double penetrating fills the action-packed screen.  They go from Erin Everheart stuffing her mouth with three cocks to her getting thrown up into standing DP. They finally all stand over her to drop their loads on her ready and receiving face. Mike starts with his salvo first as it is dropped on Erin’s forehead. John Strong jacks his load into Erin’s mouth while Ramon adds his semen deposit on her face. The cum-covered girlfriend is told to wait for Jack as she lays on the couch for him to eventually walk through the door to bust her. With pizza in hand, he voices is his disdain for yet another GF being banged out by his father and co.                   

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