Sweet Honey (2021)

by - June 08, 2021

 Starring: Honey Hayes // Tyler Steel
Directed by:
Runtime: 54 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with Honey Hayes, who greets us by saying that she has been waiting for us. She says that she has dressed up all for us. Honey, additionally goes on to say that she has also brought some toys, and that after she plays with them a little bit, that we're going to watch her get fucked in the ass. Honey says that she can't wait for us to see everything. After this, she asks us if we are ready to get started? We are quickly taken to a tease montage which, is accompanied by a backing bass track. Here, Honey turns, sways and dances, and as things continue, her clothes slowly come off. Eventually, she is just left in her panties and sneakers, prior to the mentioned panties coming off as well. Now with her panties removed, we see Honey briefly spread her ass with one hand for the camera, as she continue to dance. This, as she otherwise show off her beautiful, full bush. The setting then changes to a bedroom, where she would continue to tease and pose on a bed. The teasing, lasting until Honey declares that it is time for she to warm up her ass.

From here, Honey says that she is excited, as she show us her toys. She's excited, because she says that she has never had this many toys lined up before. With that said, she decides to go with a metallic, and beaded buttplug. She says that she makes this choice, based on the fact that it is one that starts off small. She clarifies that she herself, is still new to the act of anal. After she lube up the toy, we watch as she then positions herself on her back, with her legs, and bare feet kicked up in the air. This, as her butthole is front and center for the camera. It would be then that Honey would proceed to penetrate her ass with the toy. Mentioning that the toy is cold, she starts off slowly, as she ease the toy in, one metallic bead at a time. Eventually, she gets each level in, as the jeweled, orange stopper keeps it firmly in place. But with that, Honey then slowly pulls it out. This, as she quickly reinsert it again. After which, she says that the biggest, and final bead of the toy, is one that you can really feel. After a few repetitions with the toy, it of course, becomes easier for Honey to go all the way with it. The occasional closeup view really details just how much her ass is stretching around the toy. Following the work with the metallic buttplug, Honey, would then move on to the next toy. A bigger, pink, mechanical dildo. As Honey lubes it up, she says that she is excited about the toy, while still being a little nervous, saying that it's more intense. But Honey continues, as she then go on to insert the toy, slowly moving it in and out, prior to she managing to get the slender part of the toy, all the way down to the ribbed base. This, as the vibrating action of the toy is initiated. She handles it quite well. However, she says that she is still nervous to try the toy's mechanical "in and out" action. However, it would be soon enough that she goes for it. With the motion now activated, we see it move in and out of Honey's tight butthole. Before long, it's absolutely pumping her ass, and Honey likes it. Momentarily, the camera once again gives us priceless footage of the proceedings, in extreme close-up view. Before long, Honey becomes used to the sensation of the pumping toy, as her ass takes it well. She also additionally working the toy with her hand. Soon, she would also insert the toy deeply, and then pull it out several times, so that we get a good look of her pink butthole. From this, it's a short time later that Honey would find herself joined by her scene partner for the day, Tyler Steel. He comes up from behind her as she continue to masturbate. It would be then, that Tyler would lend her a hand literally, as his hand would go on the toy. This, as he would quickly work it, in and out of Honey's ass, while the toy itself continues to pump. After this, we would see Honey, assume the position in doggy, where we would get an even better view, as Tyler would use the toy on her ass. After he adding some spit, Tyler inserts the toy, as it move in and out. He eventually going on to add some muscle to it, slamming it in nice and hard at a quick pace. In between, he would pull it out to show us Honey's growing gape, as it pucker for the camera. He would continue with the hard in and out, prior to several more reveals. It's after this, that we'd then move on to the next portion of the scene.This, as Honey goes on to crawl in between Tyler's legs, as he lie on his back, as it faces the camera. It would be here, that she would then proceed to suck his cock, as things between them get underway.
Positions Seen //

- doggy
- missionary
- missionary (anal)
- doggy (anal)
- reverse cowgirl (anal)
- spoon (anal)

The Review //
For today's review, I check out another scene from the website, ANAL 4K. It's a no nonsense, no storyline type, involving the cute and sexy newcomer to the industry, Miss Honey Hayes. Honey, begins the scene by teasing to please. This is as she dances for the camera showing off her sexy outfit. Which, she says was picked out especially for us. The colorful ensemble featuring a cut half-shirt decorated with stars. One that hugs round her shoulders. She's also wearing a bikini top along with a short skirt. However with that said, it doesn't take long for her teasing to find her out of every bit of it. But it is after this tease segment, that would come something great, once Honey moves herself to the bedroom. That's because she soon gets out her toys, and with them, she would put on quite the show for us. I absolutely loved this part of the opening. Just watching the buildup, as Honey fuck her ass, was and is, very sexy. She chooses the beaded dildo, one whose beads get bigger and bigger with each level. Honey said she had picked the toy, as it started off small. However, we would find Honey would have no problem at all, handling each and every bead of the metallic and jeweled toy. I liked the way that she would talk about the biggest bead, the final on the toy, and just how different it felt to her, as it stretch out her asshole. We know this due to some awesome closeup footage. And speaking of that, there are several of these instances throughout the scene, and they are all great. We see the same type of stuff, as Honey would decide to switch toys. The second toy of choice, a bigger one. I had never seen a toy quite like this, prior to this scene. It's a big one, complete with vibration, as well as automatic thrusting, sure the vibration is nice, which is what Honey starts with here. However, the real fun starts once Honey activates the toy's thrusting capability. The way that this toy, just pumped away at Honey's tight little ass, was just so fucking hot! What's even better is that, by the look on her face, as this was happening, she seemed to quite like what she was feeling. Things would then go to the next level, the moment that Honey's scene partner approached her from behind. After getting a feel of Honey's natural tits, which are complete with a pair of piercings, Tyler takes over control of the toy, as it continue to pump away. He would go on to aid in fucking her hard with it. This was so good, just watching her butt get rammed. It would be even better once Honey would assume the position in doggy on all fours. Tyler behind her once again, as he would shove the toy in and out at a quick rate. This, as he occasionally pull it out to show the gape in progress. However, this would not last long, as we would go into the main area of the scene. 
It would begin with a blowjob administered by Honey. Her technique would be first, to lick the shaft before taking it into her mouth. We would see instances of she stroking the cock with one hand, as Tyler guides her, telling her to keep eye contact with him, as she does so. She would eventually alternate between the one-handed stroke, as well as, work with no hands at all. It would be this, that lasts for a time, until we go to the very first position. That would be doggy, and no Tyler does not begin things by fucking Honey's ass. He actually opts to first fuck her pussy. The action from here would escalate quickly, as Tyler would go on to work up his pace, hitting the pussy hard. Especially, after taking things from behind, as he has a half-straddle approach. It would be after this, that we would be treated to a very nice view. This, as things go to missionary next. Initially, Tyler keeps with fucking Honey's pussy. It would be at an increasing pace, as he plug away at it. He is consistent with his fucking. However, he would go much harder, as he has Honey suck on his finger simultaneously. Almost as if it encourages him. The end result would be he going hard, up until the point where he must climax. He does so, as he go on to deposit a load into Honey's pussy, for an oozing creampie. However, for Tyler it doesn't end there. This, as he would go on to sort of use the pushed out jizz, for his very own lube. It would be after this, that he would go on to steadily fuck Honey's ass. We see him from the current angle, until the camera itself would change to one of an overhead view. I liked this view in particular, as it let us see the full body of the stunner Honey Hayes, as she is being butt fucked. She is just incredible to look at, and even more incredible when she is getting fucked in the ass, such as this. Here, from every angle, Tyler puts in great work, as we watch him, while he's straight pumping that ass. He would finish things off from here, with pulling out, and then reinserting himself. This lasting for several times,in an effort to reveal Honey's gape. One that is growing quite nicely. Next up, we would once again see doggy, only this time, Honey is on her knees, with her ass pushed out. This, as Tyler goes on to once again claim her asshole, fucking her from behind. It's here, that his efforts are nice and steady for a time. However, after instructing Honey to reach back to spread apart her ass, is when he becomes quite encouraged to go harder into it. By the end of things here, we get several more gape reveals, showing Honey's great progress from here. Following this, Tyler would once again start up fully, as he again take Honey from behind. Only this time we have an overhead POV look from behind. Again, I was happy to see this view, simply because it shows everything from a unique vantage point. No matter the angle, Tyler was still doing the plowing to nice effect. However, with this said, what would come next is what I believe to be the scene's best sequence. It's when the action takes up the position of reverse cowgirl. The camera giving us a unique viewpoint, as the action is the center focus. It's from here that Honey has her long legs spread wide, as she sit on the cock, quite literally, as it goes deep into her asshole. To start, we see Honey rocking back and forth, as the dick goes deeper and deeper inside of her. But it is not long until Tyler himself takes control, by briefly slamming her down on it, good and hard. He would briefly pull out to show the gape to the camera. However, he would go on to continue things, going much harder than before. Here, we see Honey slammed down harder, as the camera move in closer to offer us a closeup view of the penetration. This will last for a time, with the camera getting even more closer, right on Honey's pussy and ass. This would be followed up by she once again taking over to rock back and forth hard, and at a fast pace. It would even be enough to have Tyler build up to his explosion, as he would here let loose another load into Honey's ass. He pulls out to show, but the scene keeps rolling. What we would see next, his Tyler standing over Honey and her open mouth, which ultimately ends with Tyler shooting a load directly into her mouth. But even after this, we would find that they were not quite finished. This, as the two of them take to the bed once again, for one final position. That position being spoon. Likewise, here Tyler would continue by digging his cock in deep, nice and slowly. Only to later increase his pace, going quicker and harder. He keeps this up, until he once again has the urge to cum. This, as he continues to fill up Honey, as the cum easily leaks, and drips out from her well used orifice. The scene would them, soon come to an end following this, as it is edited rather hastily in the end, as it simply, and abruptly comes to an end. As for the finish, it was ok, compared to the otherwise great scene. Simply put, I could just do without the fake creampies. They just look so bad on camera. Do they really think that we are THAT stupid?

I come away from this, and to my surprise, it's a pretty great scene. This, despite what I expected going into it. Because for me personally, I always find that the scenes from the PORN PROS network, are all decent in the least. But when it comes to this scene from ANAL 4K, it's indeed something special. At least in my opinion, it is. The scene begins with a fantastic solo effort by Honey, as she tease and masturbate for the camera. This in particular was great stuff, as we got to see Honey warm up her butthole in real time. The graduation to a bigger toy was real here, but Honey took the size upgrade. I really did love the pink battery-operated toy with thrusting ability. It was just so hot, watching it pump Honey's expanding asshole. But then after all of the solo play, was of course, the main scene featuring Honey, along side Tyler Steel, and let me tell you, while the selection was amazing, the sexual encounter between the two performers was even that much greater! Not only due to the performance by both, but also on account to some incredible looking camerawork. The scene, as I said was such a visual treat for the eyes. The camera shot choices as well as angles, they were all on point. Sometimes the camera is up close, not allowing us to miss anything involving what was happening before us. Then there was the overhead POVs, as well as the full scope views. No matter what here, I'd say that we were never let down by the camera. I loved it. Again, I have to give it to both Honey Hayes and Tyler Steel. Here, we have some nice chemistry between the two, as we have some nice, and hard butt fucking. Honey took it well, while Tyler on the otherhand remained consistent throughout the scene, and speaking of ANAL 4K, yes it is a scene in particular that goes out of its way to remind us that it is about anal creampies. Truth be told, most of the scenes that the site presents, are filled with multiple FAKE creampies. The kind that are so obviously, and easily recognizable. You know like Cetaphil, or any other runny, white lotion? You can just tell that they are not authentic. The site's creampies are usually something that I try my best to overlook, although I really hate them with a passion. Well, that brings me back to the scene in question. Here we have about 5 pops by Tyler. Well, I'm happy to say that out of the five, I'm very convinced at least the first two seen, the creampies from the positions of missionary in reverse cowgirl, are very real. They have a different consistency, as well as color, when compared to the obvious fake ones. For me personally I'm just glad to see some real creampies. Sorry, if you want to kind of fake it, at least mix some instances of the real thing in there. So, not only did we have what appears to be authentic creampies, as Tyler fills up Honey's pussy. The fucking overall, is a beautiful mix of somewhat hard, and somewhat rough. It's definitely a great job by both performers and all involved, who worked together to make this scene as enjoyable as it is. This was a great, progressive anal scene. One that I highly recommend checking out, if you are a fan of the butt stuff!

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