May #DPofTheMonth: Little Alex De La Flor's First Double Penetration

by - June 17, 2021


 #DPofTheMonth May Recap:

May brought forth some major DP firsts from some of the top studios in the porn game. It is something worth celebrating when Hard X, Jules Jordan Video, and Evil Angel all throw their hats in the “First Time DP” ring. That is exactly what May’s #DPofTheMonth poll was all about.  It started with the explosive performer showcase from Jonni Darkko and Evil Angel called Alexis Tae's Anal Fantasy released in early May. I had the opportunity to review it as a full movie with one other DP scene (Alexis Tae’s first airtight DP with John Strong Rob Piper, and Jax Slayher) next to Alexis’ standard-first DP (with just two male talents which include Rob Piper and Jax Slayher). I described it as “required viewing if you call yourself a fan of hardcore porn and deserving of every award it will ever earn in any category. I adored Alexis Tae's Anal Fantasy!”

The Hard X brand had its own first DP on the XEmpire network as a May update. This was alerted to me by members of the #DPBattle when word of Vanessa Skye’s first DP landed there. She starts the pre-scene interview explaining how she is excited to cross double penetration off her "to-do" list in porn.  She also explains to Mason that the idea of sharing her first DP with her fans, which they have been begging for, is part of the excitement. If you are one of those Vanessa Skye fans that have been hungering for her first DP then be ready to be extremely satisfied since the scene is a scorcher the minute the introduction phase is complete and the double penetrating begins.  She has Ramon Nomar and Mick Blue as her two swords to treat herself with.

The next studio that unleashed a huge first for the porn-watching masses was the one and only, Jules Jordan Video.  Alex De La Flor found her way to one of porn's most recognized brands to gift this active fan group with her first DP scene. The #DPBattle mentioned their excitement of this double-hole jammer that needed attention and I listened to their calls by having it represented by the Jules Jordan Video banner in the poll. This brings us to the nomination process that had the poll focus on the three major studios to be voted on rather than any of the performers' names. The poll was put up on Twitter (as usual) for voters that wanted to see a certain studio's exclusive be reviewed. Not mentioning the performers was a part of the experiment regarding exclusives or DP-firsts. It was one of the variables that I needed to determine what I was to review here on Black Halo Adult Reviews.

The poll was actually close between Hard X and Jules Jordan Video until the very end and I have a theory on why Evil Angel received a lower percentage of votes. The #DPBattle were wanting to watch something new as we already deservedly gooned our brains out to Alexis Tae's new DP scenes. The polls reflect what the fans are watching at the moment while scenes like Alexis Tae's first DP will be etched into DP history books they needed more exclusives to watch. I myself watched all three scenes, and all three are worthy of your attention, but thanks to the poll results I'm here to discuss  Alexis De La Flor's foray into the world of double penetration. Let's watch the scene!

Scene Breakdown:

Alex adorably enters the view with a thumping beat vibing with her cute stares into the camera taking her in. Close-up shots of her rubbing her pussy through skimpy lingerie take up the screen. She flips around to display her tight booty and wags it as the camera records these beautiful moments during the tease that is about to end. She moves on a bed to prowl towards Jules Jordan and Steve Holmes. Both of them wearing business attire that will soon be disrobed for this hungry sex kitten named Alex De La Flor. Jules Jordan has his dick already out by the time Alex makes her way back to him. She gives his dick a kiss as she lightly strokes it. Jules even admits that she is teasing his cock as she jumps up on top of him. Jules gets a few sucks on her tits while she is up there.

When she crawls over to Steve Holmes again she has spun around so that he can rim her asshole. Jules gets Alex De La Flor to crawl back so that a proper blowjob can start. Steve Holmes from his view notes that he can see Alex's asshole wink as she inhales Jules' dick in her throat. When Steve is getting his cock sucked the camera goes right to Alex De La Flor's asshole to get a direct shot of this winking butt. They all stand up as Alex goes skiing with both dicks in her hand. Both male talents exude their excitement as the double blowjob occurs with Alex dropping down to suck more dick.

Alex's mascara is dripping down her face as a result of that double blowjob with those two flesh swords she was swallowing. Jules gets down to play with Alex's pussy as she gets more man-meat handed to her. Before this, you'll see Steve finger her butt-hole a bit before she is leaned back into a side-saddle spoon in anal with him. Jules is laying down to feed his dick to Alex while Steve pokes her butt-hole with this penis. The pussy stimulation is continual as Steve is playing with it as he pumps Alex's butt.

Alex is then lifted into reverse-cowgirl in a seamless motion by Steve Holmes to be impaled in the asshole as she is again fed Jules Jordan's cock. Jules jumps in missionary for a few pumps as Steve pulls out to hoist her up.  Jules finally jumps in the vagina as Steve is anchoring the asshole to start a DP in reverse cowgirl.  The steady motion of DP pumping in reverse cowgirl occurs as the camera pans from the penetration to Alex De La Flor's orgasmic face.  As she is peeled open a great angle of her watching her holes get filled is shown during the action-packed DP. During the flurry of fucking you'll see the anchor put his hand around her neck while Jules is slamming away in her pussy in constant penetration. A double blowjob is the next position transfer with a touch of rimming as Steve Holmes gets his asshole licked by Alex. Jules jumps behind her to get her in doggy as she moves to swallow Steve's cock in this impromptu spit roast.

While back there Jules is jamming his rod into Alex's asshole for some anal gaping. The camera moves in close to this opened orifice during the throes of butt fucking.  Alex then moves to ride Steve in regular cowgirl with him anchoring the pussy this time.  Regular cowgirl DP explodes into view once Jules joins in by bashing into Alex's asshole. Expect some nice gapes out of this as he pulls out to show the camera.  An interesting form of spit roast is set up with Alex hanging off the bed with Steve pumping puss while Jules has his Javelin in her mouth.  Anal is switched into as Alex now has a gaped butt that is being spat into and fucked. While in this pretzel formation Alex will have Jules in her asshole too.  With Alex now arched she has two dicks pumping into her as they return to more forms of double penetration.  As some queefs fire off Alex is lifted up in a quick stance of standing cowgirl in reverse before her treat of cum is to be blasted on her. Both the seasoned studs jack their loads all over Alex De La Flor's cute face.

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