Brazzers: Catch Me While I Cam (2021)

by - June 28, 2021

 Starring: Lily Larimar // Mick Blue
Directed by:
Runtime: 40 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with Lily Larimar, pulling her car into the driveway, when she happens to spot the landscape guy, Mick Blue in the distance, as he attends to the garden. Lily would do anything to get the attention of the older man. She even goes as far as to stand seductively at his feet, after walking up the driveway. Despite she looking quite stunning in a blue halter top, which is covered by a yellow jacket, accompanied by a pair of blue denims, and shoes which complete her look, Lily is still unsuccessful in capturing Mick's attention. He is just far too concerned with the job that needs to be done. After her failed attempt, Lily heads into the house. However, she is not discouraged. Because soon enough, she comes up with another plan, in hopes of grabbing Mick's attention. It is then that she goes into her bedroom and quickly changes into another outfit. An outfit, consisting of a matching set of black lacy lingerie. This, complete with a pair of fishnet stockings, and heels. From there, she goes on to grab her laptop, as well as a few toys. This, before she return back to the kitchen. It's there, that she would set up shop on the kitchen counter, engaging in a live Web cam broadcast. It's a broadcast during which, she makes it known that she is very horny, making it loud enough for Mick to hear. He, who is again at a distance, just outside the kitchen window. She purposely lets it be known that she could use a big cock to suck. All with the intention of Mick hearing her declaration. It takes some time for Mick to catch on. But, he would do just that, shortly after Lily puts on a very nice blowjob show, using a purple dildo. Yes, Lily slurping and sucking on the toy, as much spit stream down the artificial shaft, is more than enough to get his attention. When it happens, Lily is pretty much startled, going on to quickly retreat to her bedroom. It would be there, that Mick would soon follow behind, as the desired sexual encounter between Lily and Mick, ensues fairly quickly.

Positions Seen //
- spoon
- doggy
- cowgirl (X2)
- reverse cowgirl
- front facing spoon
- missionary

The Review //
For this review, I take a look at a scene from the BRAZZERS brand. The scene titled, "Catch Me While I Cam", features rising starlet in the industry, Lily Larimar. In the scene, Lily is young and hot, and will do just about anything to get into her landscaper's pants. Yes, when Mick Blue pays no Mind to her attempts at flirting with him, she puts on a show for him. Literally. A web cam show that is. A storyline seeing Larimar return to her true life roots. It's during this, that Lily goes on to display some nice cocksucking skills on a dildo. It's just enough to get the attention from Mick, which she so desired. That's because before she knows it, she has the older man in Mick, following she into the bedroom. This, as of course, a sexual fling between them would quickly come to commence.

Things begin here in a  rather nice way, as Lily goes on to pull her black panties aside, in a very inviting manner. Mick would then take the cue, as he would be quick to bury his face into her pussy and ass with gusto. However, the panties prove to be too confining, so they soon come off completely. This would be followed by Lily dropping into a spread. A spread of her legs, as she remain on all fours. It is a spread that is not only cute, but downright sexy. She was just simply ready to go in that moment. It would be after this, as Mick eat her from behind that, he would have Lily change her positioning, as she is next on her back. It is like before, that she do this with obvious enthusiasm. From here, with her legs spread wide, Mick pulls Lily to the edge of the bed, where he would kiss her, prior to going down on her, and he does it well. So well, in fact, that Lily makes note of just how wet it is making her. This would be brief, because soon enough, we would have Lily working on Mick's cock. Further displaying her enthusiasm, she goes on to lick up the shaft like a lollipop. This, just prior to devouring it with her mouth, as she take it in. It's here, that we would see she grip the cock with her well manicured nails, as she continue to suck it down. Mick would however counter, by fucking her face. Lily though. would have her time again, as she once again resume sucking cock. Lily being one that is very spit oriented, when it comes to her work, gets back to work as she applies a nice helping to the cock. Mick would once again for a second time, take up fucking her face, prior to things going back to the bed. It is very brief from here, because next, Mick has Lily Lie back to play with herself, prior to he joining her on the bed, where he would go on to finger her wet pussy deeply. This, prior to taking things into the first position of the scene. The position that is spoon. As Lily makes note of here, her pussy is tight, and so we have Mick beginning with a pace that is slow and steady, as he go in and out of her slot. However, it is not long before Mick is able to improve his pace significantly, going faster and harder, and even following that up by going even harder than that. It's at this point, that we see Lily completely surrendering her pussy to him, as she happily encourage Mick along. The action would continue here, with Mick slowing down for a moment, prior to once again picking up the pace. I liked the fact that near the end of the position, the two performers locked eyes, staring passionately at one another. This, as Lily eventually cums on Mick's jackhammering cock. This moment in itself being so hot! It's just a moment of raw passion. This would be followed up by Mick, going to excitedly once again, eat Lily's pussy, as she is on her back. He would even go on to do so once again, as he has Lily next, resume the position on all fours. It would be from here, that he seamlessly transition that of doggy, fucking Lily from behind. From this position, Mick begins with a somewhat quick pace of in and out. One that eventually comes to rest, with Lily seen throwing her ass back against a prone, hard cock. However, once Lily would go on to mention just how good Mick's cock feels, it would only serve as fuel to the fire, for him to return to the races. Following up to fuck her harder than ever before. Lily, later mentioning that Mick is in deep. After this. and for a brief time, Lily would remain up on her knees, closing, and holding them tightly together, to push her ass out. Thus, allowing Mick to once again rim her from behind. It's soon after also, that the doggy would continue, with Lilly keeping her legs closed, and knees positioned closer together. It providing an even tighter space for Mick's cock to pummel. The fucking from behind would continue, as Lily position herself low, with her face down and ass up. It's from this setup, that we see Mick continue to fuck the pussy, as he thrust forward at a nice pace. Of course, this position would also see Lily again rock back on the cock at some point. But it's Mick that has the last piece of action here. Mick then asks Lily if she wants to suck his cock, and wouldn't you know it, she is down, indeed! She says that she wants to taste it, to be more specific. She does just that, as the camera then give us a very nice straightaway POV view, as Lily face us. It's from here that she would go on to once again work over the dick, of course adding a bit of her own natural lubricant, as she meet it with a combination of stroking and sucking. After this, we would see Lily then go on to climb on top to ride in cowgirl, as she remain facing the camera. She beginning things, by brilliantly going in full spread, as she plant her feet on the bed. However, Mick is quick to advise that she lean back. It would be then that he would go on to once more pound Lily's tight opening, with a pacing that is somewhat swift. Following this, things transition to Lily riding Mick's face, as he again go at her pussy with his tongue. Mick obviously does a good job here, as Lily is prompt to complement him on just how well he licks it. What I liked here, is that the camera maintained the POV view, so we have a very nice close-up view of Lily's front. But the thing is that, as Mick is busy working his tongue on Lily's clit. We ourselves, are only able to see the very top of the opening of Lily's vagina. It's a unique view, for sure. Something different, so it was welcome, in my eyes. It would be followed next, by a round of reverse cowgirl, as Mick turns himself around, allowing Lily to remain facing us. In this position, Mick is out of the gate, going hard, as he hammer it home. It's here that we see Lily's pussy take the hardest pounding of the entire scene. And better yet, during, she tells Mick to keep going! Holy shit! After Lily would once again reach her climax, she would then reverse herself for even more fun, coming from the standard cowgirl position soon after. Mick from here, would begin things by bringing Lily's ass down on the cock. Guiding it along with his hands, having one on each cheek, as her pussy swallow the slow, long strokes. But of course, it's just the calm before the storm, so to speak as, yes Mick would respond by going much harder and faster, soon following. Here, Lily's pussy takes an absolute pounding; both as she is upright, as well as when Mick pull her in tightly and hold her still, only to pound even harder. It's quite amazing to witness, I must say. It's after this, that things take an easy transition over to one of Mick Blue's signature positions. That being front facing spoon, and admittedly, it's the most beautiful looking position of the scene itself. The way that Lily's nice ass is both stretched out and spread, in appearance from this position, is just simply mouthwatering. Not to mention here, that we also have her pussy again being just drilled by Mick. While this position may consist of several times in which Mick was unable to stay in Lily, it all adds up to something really, and truly eye-catching, as Mick would fuck, and fuck hard. It would make way for the scene's final position. That being a shot at missionary. In this position, Mick positions himself on his knees, as he go on to again thrust his cock forward, and into Lily's pussy. He's steady with his pacing, prior to improving it. This would also include he leaning forward, to stare into Lily's bright eyes, as he give it to her good, as he Eventually work up his fastest pace, which would take him to his own climax, not too long after. The scene would finish up with Mick hovering over Lily's face. Mick would remain on his knees, while Lily on her back. This, as he goes to jerk his uncut cock, until dropping his load onto Lily's mouth and chin, as part of a rousing finish. In my opinion, this was a nice finish to a great scene. One that saw a huge combination of all things energy, excitement, and enthusiasm.

Overall, when it comes to this scene, it is one that is fairly solid, in my honest opinion. Sure, the setup of it all, may be is simple one. But, it is of course a very plausible Avenue to get us from point A to point B. "Point B", being where the scene delivers much exciting action. After setting things up here, we go straight into the action, as our two performers; Lily Larimar and Mick Blue, engage in a sexual encounter that does not let up, once things get started. This is definitely a scene with much fire, and energy. The enthusiasm of both is matched one to one.  Here, Mick puts in great work, and likewise, Lily is there, and present in the now, to eagerly endure it, I just love how energetic the whole thing was. Here, there are positions which may start off slow and steady, but each and every one of them end with Mick plugging away at Lily's tight and hungry pussy, at a pace of fast and hard. Mick definitely fucked Lily's hole with some velocity, all while Lily would encourage it with some dirty talk. She has definitely improved as an environmentally aware performer since I last saw her. The the only previous scene that I had seen and subsequently reviewed as well, happened to be one of her very first scenes. I had not seen her since. This, as I set out to tackle this scene. But I would say that she has come into her own, on account of the experience over time. As I said, the storyline is quite simple, and to the point. However, the good thing is that the proof is in the sex. The sex here was great. What a great sight it is, seeing an undeniable cutie like Lily having her asshole rimmed, and her pussy drilled hard, by a legend in the game. All while eventually leaving the scene with a smile on her face and cum on her chin! This is a scene that I definitely recommend seeing!

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