College babe Blake Blossom has revenge sex with friend's brother (2021)

by - June 02, 2021

 Starring: Blake Blossom // Nathan Bronson
Directed by:
Runtime: 37 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene opens up with Blake Blossom being quite surprised to find Nathan Bronson, her long-time best friend's brother on campus. However, Nathan goes on to say that, he has come to do a little reading. Blake is curious as to what he is reading. Nathan says that he is reading "The Red Screen" by William Burke. It's with this, that the two of them find common ground, as Blake says that she has recently just read "The Cement Pillow" by Burke, last semester in her English class. Blake then goes on to reminisce about her time with Nathan sister, as she says that she knew that once the two of them went off to separate colleges, that they would no longer be as close as they once were. Nathan says that she has not been home in quite sometime. That she seems to be enjoying living on campus. Nathan, would then go on to shoot his shot, saying that he is surprised to have found Blake here. This, as he goes on to ask her if she would like to go get a cup of coffee, or a drink sometime? Blake is quite surprised that Nathan would ask her out on a date. This, as she says that the two of them have tried it before. Nathan says that, that was then, and this is now. That back then, they had a teacher that was purposely trying to sabotage them. Blake responds by saying that she is dating someone. However, it's to this, that Nathan replies, saying that he heard that the two of them broke up. Blake admits that the two of them are having trouble, as she says that she believes that he has been cheating on her. Nathan says that he in fact has a buddy who told him that they saw Blake's boyfriend with someone else in the parking lot. This makes sense to Blake, as she says that she heard this as well. In fact, she says that she asked him about it too. Blake says that her boyfriend basically denied it until he was blue in the face. It's then that Nathan, ever the opportunist, seizes the opportunity to then propose to Blake that the two of them spend a little time together, as a way to get revenge on her cheating boyfriend. It's then that Blake reasons with Nathan, saying that the two of them always have a good time together, and that he can always make her laugh. She then goes on to recall a time that Nathans sister painted her face for the football game once, but unfortunately the paint happened to be house paint. Meaning that, she was unfortunately unable to remove it for 3 days. It's an occasion that Nathan happens to remember vividly, as he goes on to confess that he was the one who switched out the face paint. After getting a laugh out of Blake, and thus rekindling that old time feeling, Nathan edges even a little closer, as he go on to invite Blake to his new apartment, which is about three blocks away from campus. It's then with almost no hesitation, that Blake takes Nathan up on his offer. This, as she says that she has about a couple hours before her Biology class, and so she agrees to it.
It's once there, that Nathan is quick to apologize for the place being messy, as he says that he has just moved in. However, Blake says that it is nice, as she says that she'd like to move out of her parents' house. This, as she goes on to join Nathan on the bed. It's from there, that the topic of conversation would still be Blake's ex, as Blake says that Nathan's sister once told her ex boyfriend that she and Nathan used to be a thing. Blake says that every time she would bring Nathan up, that the old boyfriend would just go ballistic. Nathan has a little laugh concerning the boyfriend's jealousy, as he states that insecurity ruins relationships. It's after this, that the two of them sit in silence. That's until Blake makes the first move. This, as she goes on to ask Nathan if he wants to kiss her? He does. And they do. This, as things get underway with a very passionate exchange of kisses between the two of them.

Positions Seen //
- titty fucking
- side fuck
- missionary
- doggy
- reverse cowgirl
- cowgirl

The Review //
"Reunited and it feels so good". Or at least, it does for the two characters occupied by Blake Blossom, and Nathan Bronson, in this scripted scene from NAUGHTY AMERICA's "My Sister's Hot Friend". In this scene, two old passerbys, become reacquainted in the nicest way at the local college campus. Blake Blossom finds herself reunited with Nathan Bronson, her old best friend's brother, during a chance meeting on campus. Nathan's sister has since gone on to college out of town. Thus separating herself from Blake. However, once Blake and Nathan become reacquainted, they hit it off. They come to realize that old memories are not too far behind. Especially, when it comes to memories of the loving kind. You see, it seems as though Nathan has always had feelings for Blake. On the opposite side, Blake has had them too. Though she tries her best to hide it. Luckily, for Nathan, it would be around this time that Blake just so happens to have been having trouble in her relationship, after she suspects her boyfriend has been cheating on her. Nathan takes a shot, and he scores, as he eventually has Blake join him back at his apartment nearby. It's of course, once they are there, the two of them become extra curious in the moment, as one thing leads to another, in a classic build to a sexual encounter. When it comes to this scripted storyline, I actually thought that it was one that was well-versed, and well-staged, in the way that it was both written and then performed by it's players. Blake and Nathan. In fact, I felt that when it came to the acting performances, these two pretty much delivered on what was needed. They actually performed quite well, acting-wise Better than I could've imagined. It's believable for what it is, and serves as a direct catalyst for the sex scene that would follow. It is also the script which sees the performers remaining in character during the sex itself. It's always nice when the performers have a mind for the scripted scenario at all times.

When it comes to the sexual encounter itself, Boy, is it a good one! So, with that said, let's take a look at it. It all gets its start with Blake's character, shyly asking Nathan's is he wants to kiss her. He of course does. This is as they both lean in for it. It would be just one kiss out of many, as from here, the two of them engage in a whole round of deeply passionate making out. It would be during, that we could see Nathan's hand get a little curious, as he go on to feel up Blake's body. More in particular, her great natural breasts. They would also be Nathan's focus, as Blake's shirt comes off, and then does her half-cupped bra. Nathan would be behind her then, as he continue to kiss down her neck. Prior to he getting a good handful of Blake's now bare tits. This, as he shake and bounce them. After this, they would kiss some more. However, it would seem as though Blake was eager to return the favor. This, as she goes on to get Nathan's cock out of his jeans. Blake would here, go at the cock briefly, slurping and sucking along the shaft. We would also see her stroke it, as well as cup Nathan's balls with her other hand, on the underhand. It's after this, that the two of them go into kissing once more, prior to Nathan going at Blake's tits with his mouth. It would also be from here, that he would rub at Blake's pussy from over her lacy thong. Blake would however, return to sucking cock soon after. It's this time around that she makes things extra sloppy, as she wet the shaft with lots of spit, as she go on to devour it. This, as she takes Nathan deep down her throat, all while testing out her gag reflex. As far as stroking effort is concerned, we see her not only overhand stroking, but also underhanded, as she keeps her hands quite busy, while her mouth is also. Following this, Blake breaks away from the action to in character, think of something that the two of them have never done. What's that you may ask?. Well it's the act of titty fucking, that's what! From here, Nathan would slip his hard dick in between Blake's tits to steady fuck them. It would be during this that Blake, would also add more spit to the already wet cock by spitting. It's from this position that we would see Nathan improve his pacing to a more quicker one. There would also be a time which sees Blake fuck the dick back. However, Nathan would continue once again, for one last go. This before he has Blake get on her back, so that he can go in between her legs to eat her out. It would be here that he would use both his mouth and tongue, as he stimulate Blake's clit. It would be very briefly that he additionally jammed fingers deep inside. However, this cunnilingus, is simply the set up for the first position of the scene. The positioning being side fuck. It's both in side fuck, and missionary, that the two would spend a lot of time. This, as Nathan would go on to fuck her good. Nathan beginning at a steady pace, only to increase, as things progress. Especially, when he seems to find himself encouraged by Blake. It would be here, that he would work up a pace that is nice and very hard. This, as he in turn, absolutely drills Blake's pussy. This opening position was very impressive due to the work put forth by Nathan, It's true that Nathan fucks Blake's pussy deep and hard. Almost relentlessly slamming his cock in. I just took it as Nathan's character taking the "revenge" sex quite literally. Maybe the character wanted to give something to Blake, that she would never forget? Regardless of storyline or not, this is excellent consistency that Nathan would maintain throughout the rest of the scene. It's actually quite impressive, if you ask me. The missionary of the whole equation, simply just happens. This, as Blake just happens to naturally end up on her back, as Nathan continue. It's great stuff. We would see Nathan continue to go in and out, as he also stimulate the clit with his fingers. And then before it's all over, we see Nathan playfully jump up and down on the bed from his position, as he keep his cock going in and out of Blake. After this, would be another brief round of cocksucking by Blake. Which then would lead to doggy. A position that, Blake in-character says used to be their favorite. Once again, it's here that Nathan owns an increasing pace, as he fuck Blake from behind. It becoming faster and harder over time. We would even see Blake very briefly, throw her ass back on the dick. But it only be briefly, because Nathan would once again regain control, fucking her at a quick and hard pace. Blake would also then go on to once more suck the cock, as Nathan stand. It's again that she would slurp and suck, as the cock makes it's way down her throat. By the end of it, Blake has Nathan's cock covered with saliva. It would be directly after this, that she would keep her hands stroking the cock, as the two return to kissing. This just prior to Nathan then position himself on his back, as Blake continue with the blowjob. However, it would not be long until they move on to the next position. A position which sees Blake sit on the cock, as she straddle it for reverse cowgirl. It would begin with Blake planting her feet as her legs are spread wide. She would initially remain stationary. This, as Nathan would fire back, fucking her as hard, and as fast as he possibly can. We would see Blake after this take up bouncing on the cock. However, it would be once again that eventually, Nathan would take control, continuing to pound the pussy. From here, it would actually be back in forth. Blake would bounce/be slammed down, and then Nathan returning to fucking hard and fast. This would happen several times over, and in between there somewhere, we would also see Blake grind her pussy on the dick, as the camera treat us to some even more delicious closeup views. There is also some brief cocksucking seen after this position. However, it would all pick up again from the position of cowgirl, as Blake's back faces the camera. In the beginning of the position, Blake can be seen sitting upright. This, as she bounce, and otherwise get fucked by Nathan. I just love Blake's positioning from here. Especially, during the point in time, which she reached back with her hands to spread her ass cheeks apart, as her pussy is plowed. There was just something so sexy about her well manicured nails appearing against her skin as she do this. so fucking hot! From this position, we would see Nathan just continue being consistent. This would be as Blake would also go on to lean forward after some time, as she take the dick. Nathan stays with hard fucking throughout it all. At one point it's like Blake just does not believe it, as she can be seen kissing on Nathan's arm, as she lean upward. The position would then see Blake return to form however. This, as she is once again in that upright position. Things again looking good, as we see she arch her back, as she looks back at the dick, as it fucks her. She would also once again, as previously, grind on the dick for a short time. We would see Nathan go on to give it back some more. This, as Blake says that she wants he to cum on her tits. it's all but a short time later, that Nathan would work himself up to climax, as he would do just that. This seeing Blake racing to get underneath, as Nathan stand. The scene would come to an end with Nathan jerking his cock until he finally cum. Shooting his load all over Blake's beautiful, natural tits for the finish. This was, in my opinion, such a great finish to a very energetic scene.

Overall, I have to say that this scene was just fantastic! From a scene that was laid out as logically as possible, in terms of its storyline. Both being interesting, while at the same time, being well acted by the performers themselves. This good setup would eventually lead to a sex scene that was even better. And speaking of the sex scene itself. As I said above, this was one that started with some great passion between the performers. The chemistry was definitely there, and the viewer could tell. Blake seems to immediately take to Nathan. And as for Nathan, I can say a lot about him, when it comes to the scene in particular. That's because his performance here was just so damn good. It was the definition of consistency over the course of an entire scene. From beginning to end, he kept a pace that was both fast and hard, and yes it made things very interesting. That's because in each and every position, Blake basically found her pussy good and plowed. It was almost as if it was on automatic for Nathan. It was(and is) just good shit, and Blake took it like a fuckin' champ. Often with her face baring a smile, and with her titties bouncing. The camera definitely making sure we caught a glance of the latter. I say that this scene is a job well done by both performers. Blake Blossom herself, being just amazing. She is truly one of the most beautiful women that I have ever seen in porn, and in life. She's just beautiful from head to toe. Not only that, she is a genuine sweetheart. A fact that should never be omitted. And oh yes, she is not Hispanic(As one of her fans seemed to believe)! I'll close this out by saying that I was quite amazed by the performance given here by Nathan Bronson. I have reviewed him a few times now, and this is without a doubt one of his finest performances. The guy just went for broke, and he never stopped. Not until he blew his load, that is! This is a scene that I would definitely recommend, as it has a lot of strong points, with the sexual performance being its strongest. Right where it matters! If you are even the least bit curious about checking out this scene, do yourself a favor, and head on over to Naughty America. This is definitely a scene that deserves to be seen!

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