Squirted.com: Squirter CoCo Gets Spanked (2021)

by - July 15, 2021

 Starring: CoCo Lovelock // Toni Ribas
Directed by: Toni Ribas
Runtime: 33 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
Foreplay kicks off the scene right from the beginning, as we see Toni Ribas stick his thumb into CoCo Lovelock's supple mouth, as she suck on it seductively, and as she playfully gaze into the camera's lens. After this, Toni would briefly apply a chokehold to her before quickly, his attention turns to the perky tits, and pink nipples of CoCo. He giving them a curious pinch, prior to CoCo going on to tease the camera with her little round bubble butt. This, as she bend over, and it pops out from underneath her little blue schoolgirl skirt. It's from here, that she would go on to move aside her pink thong to give her pussy a minor spread, prior to asking Toni if he likes her pussy. Toni would then shove CoCo down on the couch, as she would be in a seated position. It would be from this position, that she would proceed to spread her legs, as she follows up by touching herself. Spreading her pink, and additionally rubbing at her clit. It's to follow up, that Toni, would then have CoCo come from the couch to get on her knees. Here, he would instruct she to close her eyes. This, as he goes on to slowly place his hard cock into her mouth to fuck it. Thus, giving a start to the remainder of the scene. One that of course would have a keen interest in the act of squirting.
Positions Seen //
- reverse cowgirl (x2)
- missionary (x3)
- upright doggy
- doggy
- spoon
- piledriver

The Review //