June #DPOfThemonth Perv City: Three's A Charm For Rebecca Vanguard

by - July 18, 2021

#DPofTheMonth June Recap:
As always, I'm trying something different with each #DPofTheMonth polling process. Back in June, I decided to make it an international effort, if you will. This poll revolved around different countries represented by the nationality of the performer and/or studio nominated. I decided to do that all behind the scenes. The poll choices were "Brazil", "Czech Republic", and "The United States of America".

None of the voters were aware of the studio or performer I had filed under each nationality per vote. It goes to show you that double penetration is an international affair as well as a celebratory one. Very close to the holiday celebrating the birth of this nation, Independence Day, the Twitter poll was taken by a larger percentage of votes going to the USA. I had two scenes lined up for a potential U.S. win in June's poll. The first was the Tushy DP with Kenna James but a colleague beat me to that review for another site. That scene was released back on June 27th for Tushy's site. This worked out because the other scene that I had my eye on was Rebecca Vanguard's for the familiar town of Perv City! Both American studios and have scenes that will be reviewed by passionate writers. Of course, you can find Rebecca's review here on Black Halo Adult Reviews.
The Maestro alerted it to me on Twitter and it has been on my mind ever since. Rebecca is a perfect fit for the American-based City of Perv and this DP scene were the very fireworks that we needed! In case you have been living under a rock the Maestro and his municipality have been filming tons of double penetration for the brand recently. This latest Perv City DP with Rebecca Vanguard answers the #DPBattle’s call as yet another American double penetration scene enters our viewing circles. Time to take a look at this MUST SEE Perv City DP scene!

Scene breakdown:
The theme of three renegade dads is returned to in this latest DP release from PC. You can also count on it being Mike Stefano again with his buddies John Strong and Ramon Nomar. BTS Jack's girlfriend this time around is played by the tall beauty Rebecca Vanguard. He leaves her alone at the house before he jets off to work. Next, it shows Mike Stefano in a car being driven after being picked up by his buddies from the airport. As they traverse back to the house where Rebecca is staying you can only guess what is going to happen.
After Mike calls his son while he is at work the plan is already being devised. The three men arrive at the house and it is already too late for yet another girlfriend of BTS Jack’s falling into the clutches of three horny dads. This works out well for us citizens of Perv City because a DP with Rebecca will ensue. She gets three gifts for “Women’s Day” immediately starting the double blowjob as Ramon and Mike are fellated by Rebecca. Mike Stefano works his way down to suck on a boob while playing with Rebecca's pussy. This is happening while she has Ramon's dick in her mouth during the continual double BJ segment. It becomes a triple blowjob when Rebecca Vanguard stuffs all three of them in her slobber-coated mouth. As she is stuffing her mouth with cock Mike realizes they never asked her name, she gladly tells them with her mouth full. As both Ramon and Mike start to rub their dicks on the bottom of her feet you'll see John Strong steps in to get his asshole licked. Mike then starts to eat out Rebecca as John Strong pumps her mouth. She agrees to stuff all three dicks in her face again before they agree to start fucking her.
Rebecca gets turned around in doggy so that John can start jabbing her in the pussy. While this is happening she is still sucking off Ramon in this impromptu spit roast on the couch. After a few pokes into her puss, John jumps into her ass as he pushes the head of his penis into it after spilling some lube on top. He'll comment on how tight her asshole is as he thrusts into it. While she is being banged into in a side saddle of spooning she is handling both Mike and Ramon's wieners into her mouth. Mike gets a turn in her ass in the same position while she sucks off John and Ramon this time. Mike sucks on her toes as he fucks the tight asshole he is penetrating. She then is urged to mount Ramon Nomar in reverse cowgirl. John Strong slides into her pussy as Ramon anchors her ass in the first motions of double penetration for this scene. More foot stuff happens during the rotations in reverse cowgirl DP. Even allowing Ramon to lift Rebecca's butt so John can jump in the gaping orifice. She gets her pussy played with during all of this action in reverse cowgirl too. While this occurs Mike Stefano is licking and sucking on Rebecca's toes. While his dick is being rubbed against her foot her leg starts to vibrate since she is still being slammed in reverse cowgirl. Her orgasmic twitches in effect cause Mike's penis to vibrate causing him to be impressed. A true sight to see if you're watching this scene unfold before your eyes. And with Rebecca's eyes, you'll see that is overly apparent as she is "busting a nut" during this segment.
They spin around into a regular cowgirl transfer as Rebecca is now airtight with cock in DP. She's rubbing John Strong's balls while she blows him. Ramon is anchoring pussy while Mike is above him in the anal cavity during the regular cowgirl DP. Rebecca Vanguard is now screaming at the top of her lungs in pure ecstasy during the rampant hole fillings. Mike is now facing her getting sucked off as John trades spots with him into Rebecca's butt. John Strong spins around to get his ass licked while the other two are still pumping away at Rebecca in DP. Rebecca dismounts it to sidle saddle cowgirl ride with, this is in the pussy setting up DP in a fell swoop. John is in the asshole for this version with Mike spinning around in front again to keep getting his cock blown. Some gapes pop out in the next moves of hot fucking that you will see. Rebecca Vanguard is arched out in doggy while John fucks her butt open. She is also busy giving a double blowjob to the other two studs during the rotations.
Rebecca finally shows concern about her boyfriend during all of this as she mentions. But Mike quickly reminds her that BTS Jack is used to it by now. The butt banging continues as Mike Stefano himself gets to pop open a few gapes. Rebecca is lifted by a standing Ramon to institute a standing DP with Mike stepping into plow her butthole while Ramon is in the pussy during this horny hoisting. John jumps in as he switches places with Mike in the standing DP. They lower Rebecca to launch their loads on her. Fast forward to later in the day when Jack finally comes back from work to find his girlfriend with a cum-coated face waiting for him. After inquiring about the sticky substance on her face Jack immediately realizes what happens after hearing what Rebecca had to say.

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