Tommy's Anal Talents (2021)

by - November 17, 2021

 Starring: Tommy King // Logan Long
Directed by:Logan Long
Runtime: 1 hr. 4 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene opens up with Logan Long, welcoming Tommy King, who says that she is excited to be there today. And the reason that she is so excited, is that today, she is going to get fucked in the ass for ANAL ONLY. Logan then goes on to ask Tommy about her name, and why she chose it. Tommy simply says that she likes gender-neutral names, and the fact that it is a name that people will remember. Tommy next goes on to say how she got into doing the act of anal sex. Tommy says that she feels like she is such a slut, that she must use all of her holes. She even says that she forgets that she has a pussy sometimes. She loves anal, and says that she can only cum from anal, pretty much. She says that she needs it in her life, and that she does it about three times a week. A number that impresses Logan, who agrees that it is a good number. They then go over how big Tommy believes that her gapes will be today, as well as her favorite positions to receive anal. Those positions being missionary in doggy. Two positions that Logan says that they are definitely going to do today. They then touch upon the fact that, Tommy loves to suck cock. She says that she likes to be used, as well as to please others. She says that when she gives a blowjob, that it must be sloppy. That she just cannot help it. Logan then has Tommy stand up, to show herself off. He has her dirty talk the camera. This, as she says that she cannot wait to have her ass filled with Logan's cock. Logan then would have Tommy to tease the camera, as she unbuttoned her shorts and slightly pull them down, revealing partially, the front of her black thong. Next up he would have she lift up her shirt to reveal her small, but perky tits, on which she has her spit quickly. It's after this, as he would have she to pose a bit for the camera especially, when displaying her backside. Soon enough, he has she peel her white shorts from her nice round ass. This leaving her only in the black thong as Logan would have she,  spread and wink her asshole for the camera. He would also have her flex her butt for the camera, which she proves to be quite good at. After, he would have her also then pull down her panties half way to cup and jiggle the bottom of her ass. This, prior to he having she remove the panties altogether. After they are removed, he would then have she spread both her pussy and ass for the camera to very nice effect. Logan would also have her lie back on the couch with her legs spread, as she pose. However, it is just far too good a view for him to resist, as he opts to dive into her ass with his tongue. In fact, he would also briefly alternate between the pussy and the ass. She would next be up on her knees, as she shake and jiggle her ass. However, Logan once again interferes, as he wants she to sit on his face from said position. That she does, for quite a while, as she wiggling as her ass, as it is making contact with Logan's outstretched tongue. She would then be in the doggy position, as it is another view that Logan says that he must see. It's from there, that he once again goes on to tongue punch her asshole. This, as she also twerk on his face, at a really quick pace. Logan would next have her wipe her ass on his face essentially, as he would continue to tongue at the ass. However, with that said next up, comes something that Logan seemed to be looking forward to, and that is having Tommy walk on a treadmill, in order to further show off her big, beautiful ass. On the treadmill Tommy would walk it at a steady pace, while her butt would jiggle about, as the camera watch with a close view. It's again, something that Logan cannot resist, as he go back to tongue punching the ass for a brief time. Prior to they going onto the next step, Logan would have a moment of twerking from Tommy, and it looks very nice. But it would be after this, that things would officially get underway, as Logan asked, if she is ready to suck some cock.

Positions Seen //
- rimming (x4)
- cowgirl (anal)
- doggy (anal) (x2)
- missionary (anal) (x2)

The Review //
Today, I am taking a look at another scene from the site, ANAL ONLY. Particularly, a scene involving a hot young newcomer, named Tommy King. Someone I have had my eye on for a little while now. This, after I happened to catch one of her cam shows. It was from there, that I noticed that performing came naturally to her, and so I could not wait to see her in a professional porn setting. Well, in this scene, we have her doing one of her favorite things, which is participating in anal sex. As it turns out, I probably could not have picked a better scene to begin with!

The scene itself begins with of course the typical interview, and teasing segments. Now, these are usually hit and miss, when it comes to overall substance and effectiveness. A lot of the time, you can take or leave them. But then again, there are some times where both are really good, especially when talking about the teasing aspect. In the case of this scene, its for sure the latter. The buildup to the sex here, is absolutely fantastic. That's because Tommy's big, beautiful ass, is right at the forefront of all the teasing. Tommy has such a pretty butt, and the way that she moves it is just so sexy and hot, for the lack of better words. Logan Long, her scene partner for the day, is so lucky that he got to eat that ass in the manner in which he did. not only do we have the great rimming, we also have Tommy walking on the treadmill for a bit. It's just amazing! I will leave it at that.

After Logan has a good time as he buries his face into Tommy's ass, the sexual encounter between the two really begins with Tommy finally taking the cock into her mouth. It's here, that she show some tremendous skill in sucking dick. This, as she slurp and suck on the shaft. She would also go on to employ some stroking, in between getting her face fucked good by Logan. Her face here is fucked thoroughly I gotta say. I just loved hearing the "glucking" sound made throughout by Tommy. Also enjoyed by me, is the camera change to an overhead point of view, as Tommy continue to go to work on the cock. Not only do we see her take up a two-handed stroking approach as she suck, it truly gives us a sense of just how girthy Logan's cock is. It all would continue nicely from the couch next, as the two of them would be in a 69-like position. It would be from there that Logan would go on to fuck Tommy's face hard. But, as we see, she is more than ready for it. As it would seem that, having her fuck machine fuck her face on a regular basis during her cam shows, has more than prepared her for a stiff face fucking. It's great. It's after this, that Tommy says that she is ready to have some dick in her ass. But first, we would see her go down on Logan, as she service his ass. It's from here, as she buries her face into his ass, that Tommy looks super cute, as she lie flat on her stomach, while doing so. Her ass from this viewpoint, just looks so cute! It would be after this of course, that she would finally get what she craves, which is a hard dick in her ass, and it comes by way of the position of standard cowgirl as she rides the dick, right off the bat! The beginning view here, is just glorious. This, as we see Tommy plant her feet, in order to bounce down hard on the dick. Her positioning making her ass look extra round, as she slam down on the cock, with the pace being increasing. The bouncing would continue, with Tommy coming off of her feet and onto her knees instead. The pacing is quick, only getting faster over time. Things just look great. Following this, it would be a moment of ass to mouth, as she is back to briefly sucking cock. It also be another instance in which we see Logan fuck her face too. After this, they pick up the  anal next in doggy. One of Tommy's favorite positions, of course. It's from this position, that we see Tommy's well tested ass catch the big dick of Logan nicely. This, as he proceeds a steady pace of in and out. Tommy just loves it. However soon enough, Logan would begin to pull out to reveal Tommy's ever-growing gape to the camera. It would seem that with every reveal, Logan comes back, only to fuck the hole harder and faster than before. It even eventually making her achieve an anal orgasm, right ob the dick, as Logan fucks her deeply. Next up, Tommy would be on her back with her legs spread wide, and held high, as she is well-lubed by Logan, prior to things going to the missionary position, as Tommy continues to get her ass filled by cock. Logan maintains a steady pace, while giving us several gape reveals during. It's of course with each, that he would continue to go faster and harder. They would then make a return to the doggy position next, and I have to tell you that there is great stuff seen here. Not only do we have Logan going hard into Tommy's great ass, an overhead POV look, is a fantastic looking angle for us. I just love the way that Logan kept pulling his cock out, only to put it back in. This giving us a look at Tommy's gaping butthole with each repetition. I also liked the popping-like sound we'd hear with every pull out! We would also see this in and out used, as again the camera would go back to a side view from the doggy style, as fucking continues. It would be after this however, that more ass to mouth would be witnessed. It's from there, that Tommy would have her face fucked, as well as she taking it upon herself to deepthroat Logan, all the way down to the base, without so much as to gag! After a brief time there, Logan says that he is ready to fuck Tommy until he cums. This setting up for what is possibly the most beautiful looking setup of the entire scene. Tommy would be on her back, all the way to the edge of the couch, as Logan would go on to fully straddle her from the front. From here, the camera would give us a view from underneath, and it is nothing short of amazing looking. It's from this position, that we see Logan go on to fuck the ass deeply. It's here, that would see Tommy's ass just swallow all of the dick with ease, and she quite enjoys it. It's in between, that would see Logan pull out show the gape, as well as to fuck Tommy's face. However, his agenda still remains for him to cum. After a steady pace of in and out, he would finally do so, letting loose a load deep inside of Tommy's ass. It's after the fact, that she would go on to push it out of her ass, as it drip down her butt crack. She would even get a little taste of it by fingering her asshole. It's after the fact, that Tommy would be very happy. However, not before shaking her ass one last time for the camera. This wrapping up the scene with much energy, and obvious pleasure for the performers. The action here from them being nonstop. I really enjoyed what I saw here, to tell the truth. The action here is very solid. Very thorough in every aspect.

What an incredible fucking scene this is! As I said above, my only exposure to Tommy before this, was me stopping by her Chaturbate show, one weekend. I was impressed with her then, however nothing could have prepared me for how good she would be in this scene! The whole thing from start to finish, is just great. Usually when it comes to one of the Mike Adriano site scenes, I see the interview segment, as well as everything else that applies, as being simply filler. I see it as something that drags along, until we finally reach the point of the actual scene getting started. However, in this case, with the scene involving Tommy. I found that just about everything is worthwhile and entertaining. It was definitely a turn on. Tommy has one of the most beautiful asses that you will ever seen. The good thing about it, is that she can manipulate it in ways that will drive you nuts! Here, the way she shakes, and jiggles her ass pre-scene, is just mind blowing. In fact, I even enjoyed watching Logan Long get some, as he tongue punch the ass. The way that Tommy was just smacking her big ass hard against Logan's bearded face, was just great stuff indeed. I was so envious for sure. However, when it comes to the actual scene, the same energy from the beginning, carries over. It's nonstop from beginning to end. Of course, we first see Tommy going on to suck cock and she does it with vigor and great effect, it's awesome. As for the technical aspects, I felt that everything here was just art. All of the camera angles, as well as the approach to every position seen here, is top notch. Everything is just visually appealing. I couldn't help but to be turned on at just about every turn here. Tommy's ass just looks absolutely amazing at all times during the scene! With that said, all I can say is I really enjoyed this scene. I would even go as far as to say that it is one of the best scenes that I have seen this year. If not the best. It's that amazing. From the pre-scene tease, to the actual sexual material, this stuff is on fire. Tommy is an amazing performer with a great presence, and enormous attributes, if you know what I mean! What a great performance, and what a great personality she has. She is definitely one performer that you should keep an eye on. She is one to watch. As for this scene, I highly recommend it. See it as soon as you can!

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