Facials4K.com: Facialed In Detention (2020)

by - November 22, 2021

 Starring: Sera Ryder // David Lee // Oliver Faze
Directed by: Fat Matt
Runtime: 34 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with a teacher, welcoming three very different individuals to detention. He singles them out, one by one. First David Lee says that he is just there, simply to study. Secondly, Oliver Faze, happens to be there, because he corrected a teacher. While on the other hand, Sera Ryder, the hot cheerleader type, is there because she just so happens to be a distraction to her fellow students. The teacher says that the three of them will be there for one hour today, and that he isn't going to take any crap from either of them. To prove this, he has set up a camera on his desk, as he needs to leave the room. However, he says, should they do anything inappropriate, the camera will be rolling. Almost immediately after he leaves the room, Sera of course become super rebellious. She makes it known that she believes that it is bullshit, as well as an insult that the teacher would record them. It does not take her long to decide that she would give him something to get mad about on purpose. This, as Sera approaches the camera, and proceeds to flip it off, prior to she hiking up her cheerleader skirt to flash her ass. The two guys, David and Oliver, are absolutely shocked by what they see. However, the two of them, would be even more so, once Sera makes her next proposal. The proposal being that she wants the two of them to assist her in stripping for the camera. It's obvious that, initially the guys want no part in doing this. But then again, Sera being a sexy cheerleader - it does not take her long to convince them, when she makes it clear that she is indeed insinuating that she wants to fuck them both. It's then, that they are quick to join her in the front of the room, before the camera. The first incident begins with Sera placing their hands on her breasts from over her uniform, But, that is very brief. That's because she quickly has them remove her uniform altogether. Underneath, which she is already topless. It would be from there that they would go on to feel up her bare chest, prior to instructing the boys to remove her panties, as well. It's from there, that the two of them are quite amazed by Sera's bushy pussy, as they likewise go to touch, and rub upon it. This would lead to Sera sitting atop a desk, with her legs spread wide for the  teacher's camera, as she addresses him directly. It isn't long after this, that Sera would go on to advance the trio's afternoon of sexual exploration to much more, when she proposes that she give her two guys blowjobs. David and Oliver her both hesitant to act upon this. But just like before, Sera finds that she does not have much trouble when it comes to her persuasion. Because soon enough both of them have their dicks out, ready for she to handle. The sexual encounter between the three of them would get underway once Sera would go to work on both of the hard cocks of her classmates.

Positions Seen //
- reverse cowgirl (x2)
- missionary (x2)
- doggy (x2)

The Review // 
For today's review, I return with a review for a scene from a brand-new website from PORN PROS, the people who already bring you websites such as; TINY 4K, GIRL CUM, and BBC PIE. The new site is called FACIALS 4K, and yes, as you might have guessed, its primary focus is indeed the act of giving a girl a facial at the end of a scene. More in particularly, this is a site that happens to focus on boy/boy/girl threesome match ups specifically. Thus, of course adding more cum to the mix. An idea that is intriguing from the start.

For this scene, we have a scenario in which Sera Ryder; a young hot and horny cheerleader, along with two guys David Lee and Oliver Faze, have been forced to serve out a detention session, as given by their teacher. However,
there is but one discrepancy, and that is although the session was given by their teacher, he would not exactly be there to oversee it. No, in fact he instead leaves the three alone, under the watchful TV eye of a video camera. Long story short, a rebellious Sera is quite offended by this, and decides to give the camera a show for the ages. She of course is first to tease, but soon enough, she is able to get the boys involved, as the three of them have a fucking good time literally. Soon enough, we see the three of them sucking and fucking before the teacher's camera, with no reservations whatsoever.

It's a threesome encounter that gets well underway, as Sera goes on to show off her tremendous cocksucking skill. This, as we see her handle both of the cocks with equal measure. Both sucking and stroking as she trade-off between them, one by one. She would eventually add spit to the proceedings. The amount to which that would only multiply over time, as it just continues to pile on. the blowjobs would even continue as the two guys lie flat on their backs, and side-by-side. However, no matter the formation, Sera doesn't skip a beat. In fact, she begins this, by spitting a big wad of saliva into her hand, prior to going on to stroke. All of this would happen for an extended period of time. In my opinion, I did feel that this particular part of the scene might have went on a little bit long. However, for fans of extremely sloppy blowjobs, the footage offers a whole lot to enjoy. After the opening oral sex, we would go straight into fucking, as it is the position of reverse cowgirl for Sera. To start things off, Sera would find herself straddling, and spread on David, as she bounce on his cock. It's here that we would see David slam her down at a steady pace, with her pussy nicely taking dick. We would have an even better view of it once Sera, would lean back a little, giving us a much more open view of the penetration, as it occur. From here, we would also see her grind a little bit on the dick, as well. As this occurs, she would have her mouth filled with Oliver's cock, as she suck on it at the same time. After this, it's followed up by the two men switching positions. Oliver would next take up the reverse cowgirl, as we see more of the same. Only with Oliver, he seems to go at a slightly quicker pace. Also unlike the first go around with David the camera would switch to a lower close-up view of the penetration, one that looks from the bottom up. I have to say that I quite enjoyed this viewpoint, as it gave a unique, and different perspective view of the penetration ongoing. Also from here, we would see she handle David's cock simultaneously. Technically, it's just a very nice visual overall. In my opinion, the scene would only get better from there, as it would continue to serve up good looks for the viewer to feast their eyes upon. After both sets of the reverse cowgirl, we would then go on to the position of missionary, starting with an overhead POV view of things. Sera would be on her back as she take the dick, as she first take it from Oliver, as he continues the pace from the reverse cowgirl of before. From the position, he maintains his steady pace of in and out. This being, as Sera work on David's cock, who is located at the other end of the desk. The camera would later have a low, side view. Repeating the sequence, eventually we would see David and Oliver switch sides, as they trade fist bumps with one another in agreeance. David from here would come along to maintain a steady pace, until the positioning would change once again. This change would be a great one in my opinion. It would be a version of doggy that would see Sera on her stomach, laid upon the top of a desk. The great thing visually here, is that she is pulled to the edge of the desk, to where her pussy and ass, hang over the top, as both of the boys have a go at her love hole. I felt that this particular view was one that was very awarding, and very appealing to the eye. It gave us a clean, clear cut view of the penetration at hand, and overall, it just looked good. For the position, the camera would also give us two viewpoints one that was full frame, and of course one that would be more up close to the penetration. Oliver would be the first to go at it, as he maintain a nice and steady pace of in and out, as he grip and spank Sera's ass through out. It would continue on for a moment, until course, David would switch places with Oliver, He would come around the back to fuck, while Oliver, of course to the front to have his dick sucked. David would carry over the steady pacing, as Sera would then go to work on Oliver. It would be after some time though, that Oliver must cum. This making way for the scene's very first facial, and it is a big one, and it is a big one for good reason. And I will tell you what that reason is. It is a big, huge cumshot delivered by Oliver, as it is no real cumshot at all. Going into this scene, I knew what the PORN PROS people were known for. They are known for faking both cumshots and creampies on their sites, CUM 4K and BBC PIE. So from the very beginning, I had wondered if they would somehow fake something here, and sure enough they do, with the very first "facial" seen here. The truth being that when it happens Oliver Faze is not in full view of the camera. We simply just see the head and partial shaft of a cock, with the rest of it being cut off. There is a good reason as to why it is cut off. It's simply not an error by the camera operator. It is to conceal a trick. That trick being that they use a fake, ejaculating dildo. First of all, the color of the "dick" does not match that of Oliver. And secondly the way in which he hold it and shake it as it ejaculates, just does not look natural at all. Then after that comes the product. The ejaculate. The cum that shoots from this dick, is super stringy, and super thick, with it having an unnatural consistency to it. Not only that, the amount of it was just far too much. Not even Peter North could produce this amount of jizz. So with that, you guys aren't fooling Rik Graves, and like always, I am here to inform my readers of the truth of the matter. The first cumshot here is indeed a fake. But with this in mind, luckily the scene somewhat redeems itself, as they chose to have two more facial cunshots. First one from David, and then a second one from Oliver. Only this time, no fake cocks or cum were used, as we actually have more of the performers in frame this time, and better yet, the amount of cum which they spout, is a lot less than what we have prior from the stunt cumshot. The difference is night and day, and definitely real, without question. So with that, I'll give the scene the benefit of a doubt. It ends on a somewhat good note.

When it comes to this scene, I felt that it was enjoyable to an extent. Part of the fun of it for me, was that, as I said, going in, I just knew that there would be some kind gimmick going on here, as PORN PROS are known for going over the top. And here they do so again by using a squirting dildo to simulate a huge facial. It's kind of silly, and to be honest I'm not a big fan of it(I especially dislike their website CUM 4K. Which is just beyond ridiculous) However, some like it. Personally, I'm just grateful for the fact that they have the two other cumsots to follow, which were normal(thank God). So the scene itself was okay, despite me knowing that it's big attraction was and is, a big fake. It intrigues me a little to review even more scenes from this site, just to see how well they pull off the "magic trick", if you will. But for now, to close out this review, I say that the scene was generally fine. I found some enjoyment in it, as I did enjoy all three performers and what they brought. This is especially true for Sera Ryder, who is hot, and is clearly a girl who loves to give a blowjob. The ones delivered here by her were very, very sloppy. The amount of spit used is just insane! I would still somewhat recommend this scene as there is some fun to be had, despite it's trickery. However, remember not to believe everything that you see. Even in porn. I have to say that my favorite thing here was indeed the camera work, especially some of the alternate angles used.

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