Naughty Roommate Knows How to Have Fun (2021)

by - November 24, 2021

 Starring: Madi Collins // Ricky Johnson
Directed by:
Runtime: 41 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene opens up with Madi Collins going into the bathroom to start her morning routine, which consist of a shower and masturbation by dildo. We watch as Madi disrobes and steps into the shower. she stands under the water, as she proceeds to massage herself down. Eventually, much emphasis is put upon her ample backside. Meanwhile, her roommate Ricky Johnson makes his way into the bathroom, after a few knocks go unheard. This, before Madi finally goes on to utilize a blue dildo that she has affixed to the shower door. She continues, and it is as she goes on to throw her ass back on the dildo. As a result, her pussy takes the whole thing down to its base, as she moves it in and out of her orifice. This, as Ricky watches on with curious eyes. He would become even more surprised, when he hears his roommate utter his name in the midst of pleasure. Ricky just cannot believe it, but he continues to watch on as Madi goes on to wash herself down, before returning to the toy a second time. It's during this time, that Ricky has made his way into the bathroom to retrieve his toothbrush. Unfortunately for him however, he just is a little too close to the action, as he goes on to startle Madi, when he just so happens to spit his toothpaste against the glass. Having been seen by her roommate, Madi steps from the shower and she is quite upset that her privacy has been invaded. However, things calm down, once Ricky admits to seeing it all, saying that he happened to enjoy it as well. Ricky says that it was actually sexy. This, prompting Madi to ask Ricky, if she may do it again, only this time she means for real. Of course, this is something that Ricky readily agrees to, as a sexual encounter between the two roommates quickly gets its start.

Positions Seen //

- doggy
-standing side fuck
- standing cowgirl (x3)
- missionary (x2)
- cowgirl
- reverse cowgirl

The Review //

From BRAZZERS comes this scene that I review today. A scene titled "Naughty Roommate Knows How to Have Fun." It's in this scene that the naughty roommate in question, is portrayed by one Madi Collins, the spunky redhead with a big booty. In this scene, she has her morning routine that she does not fail to perform every morning. A routine of a shower and a dildo fuck. But it is on this particular morning, that something unimaginable happens to her. This is when her roommate, Ricky Johnson, just so happens to walk in on her while she is in the bathroom doing the deed. To make things worse for her, Ricky comes to know that Madi secretly has a crush on him, when she mistakenly yells out his name, while she is getting off. As it turns out, Ricky himself is not opposed by this, in fact, he thinks that it is pretty hot. When he proceeds to get his toothbrush, and brush his teeth while Madi's session is continuing, he happens to get far too close, eventually making his presence known to Madi. Madi, is not only surprised, she is indeed embarrassed. Especially, when she finds out that Ricky happened to hear everything while she was masturbating. When Madi and Ricky are confronted by the situation head on, things cool down, when Ricky lets it be known, that he actually thought that the whole thing with the dildo was pretty damn sexy. It's with that, that Madi's nerves are calmed. It also giving her the courage to proceed with Ricky, as she says that she would like to do it again, except, this time she wants to do it with him. This sending the two into a quickly moving sexual whirlwind, taking place in the bathroom, right then and there. On this, I would like to talk about the display in the shower put on by Madi Collins, involving the dildo on the shower door. This was so hot. The camera even preparing us for the moment that she would back into the toy, by giving us great looking shots of her ass, before and after, she enter the shower. Although Madi is a pretty petite girl, she surprisingly and definitely has much ass to throw at us! I love the way that also her pussy swallowed essentially, all of the dildo, as she moved back and forth on it. It's definitely a fun time for our eyes. Ricky also made the sequence funny with the way that he enters the situation. I also really like the way in which the sex between the two of them began with he grabbing Madi's pussy, as he pulled her in for a kiss. Not to mention he also pulled at her hair as well. So sexy!

It all beginning of course with a blowjob, as Madi takes Ricky's big cock into her mouth, as she both suck, and has her face fucked by Ricky. For an extended period of time, we see Ricky force her to take his dick all the way down. She would also take it on her own while also employing a double-handed, as well as the single-handed stroke approach. She would also have it shoved into the side of her mouth, and additionally slurp along the side of the shaft as well. But for the most part, what is showcased here, is Ricky very thoroughly fucking the face. You gotta love the way that Ricky grabbed her head during this. I like the moment which he put a hand on top of her head, as well as one under her chin.  After this, the two would then go into doggy, as Ricky bends Madi over, as it's basically a reenactment of what she had done in the shower with her dildo. This action is hot, as it quickly transforms to standup doggy, as Ricky pulls back on Madi's arms, and then graduating to her long red hair, It's here that we see Ricky straight pound Madi's pussy deep, and hard. This is a followed up with a quick concession of maneuvers. First beginning with the position of standing side fuck, as Ricky maintains his pacing. This would then go to he lifting her up for the position of standing cowgirl. After this is over he would quickly lift her up to his face to eat her pussy, and then trade passionate kisses with her. All of this, prior to she being back on his cock and sucking it. Talk about a great fucking sequence we have here, one position after the next, almost flawless in execution, it's great shit. Wow! the blowjob is one that would take them over to the tub. Ricky has one foot in and one foot out, as Madi continues to work on his dick. However, this would not last long as the two of them end up in an upright missionary position. Ricky is seated on the edge of the tub, while Madi  is on her back. It's from here, that things look fantastic, as Ricky would proceed by thrusting his cock forward into Madi steadily. This being prior to Madi eventually mounting Ricky in his seated position. It's here, that she ride at a quick pace, both bouncing and grinding. Personally, this was one of my favorite parts of the scene. I loved the missionary at the edge of the tub for sure, as well as the resulting upright cowgirl. But after this, we would once again see standing cowgirl, as the two of them are then into the tub. It lasting briefly, as they would end up on the edge of the tub on the opposite side, as they take to standard cowgirl, as Ricky is once again seated. It's here, that would see Madi up and down on the cock. I really liked how the camera here chose zooming in on the action. It would give us a nice look at Madi's tight pussy stretching around Ricky's dick as it plunged into her. After standard cowgirl, Madi would reverse herself, to take up reverse cowgirl next. It would start with her leaning forward only to thrust herself back. It lasting for a time, before Madi finds herself up on Ricky with her feet planted. It's here, that she would bounce up and down, as we have a clear view of her red pubic patch. It would continue with her leaning back, and Ricky pumping into her at a quick pace. After this, Ricky would take to the side of the tub. There, he would be seated to get his cock and balls sucked once again. This prior to Madi climbing on for a side mount, as she bounce in sidesaddle for a brief time. This again was a great looking spot in the scene. It ends up in a nice looking reverse cowgirl. This is before the next position is a standing doggy position, which soon Madi props her legs over, to open up for the camera. This, giving us a view of the penetration ongoing, as Ricky plugs away. More brief sucking takes place, and also cowgirl. This time, as Madi has her legs pinned back, as she is on them bouncing and grinding. It lasting for a time, until Ricky would pick her up for more standing cowgirl. What I like about this version of the position, is that Ricky kept Madi's legs bent while lifting her, giving the entire standing cowgirl thing a unique look. However, when this was over, he would grab a pillow from behind him, to place Madi on as they next go to missionary, from the side of the tub again. This was yet another nice transition to get here. The missionary would begin with Madi having her legs wide open for Ricky's taking. It continuing at a steady pace for some time. In the middle of the position he would lift up her legs and continue to fuck her in what is a modified piledriver-like position. It would continue on until we would see him suck on Madi's toes as he continue. But after this, he would continue on in the standard way, prior to finlly going on to really pound it in, as he is determined to reach climax. He would do just that, after some time, pounding away at Madi's pussy. It lasting until he must pull out to cum. The scene would come to an end with he spilling his load on Madi's stomach. A solid end, to what is a solid sex scene!

The storyline would also wrap itself up soon after. Ricky's character, who is Madi's roommate, goes on to ask her, if the two of them are now more than just roommates. Madi is hesitant to agree with him. This as she would quickly usher him out of the bathroom. Ricky is of course, confused by this, but Madi is then quick to explain to him, that she normally gets off three times every morning, and she wants to finish that off. This, as she shuts the bathroom door, and gets busy doing just that. It's pretty funny to go along with the rest of the story, and it all works out making for an enjoyable watch storyline-wise as well.

Overall, I felt that this was a pretty good scene. In my opinion, the opening storyline involving Madi Collins doing her morning routine, a routine involving a suction cup dildo, is lighthearted and funny. Especially, when Ricky Johnson became involved, as he portray Madi's roommate, who just so happens to come to find that she has the hots for him. The way that Ricky brushed his teeth and then eventually got within inches of the shower door with his face, as he just wanted to get close to the action happening in the shower, was just hilariously great. And then there is the sexual material involving Madi and Ricky, and for that I cannot say enough good things about it. It's great stuff on its own. Fluid, and solid. Again, I am saying "fluid", because most of what we see here between them, it is just one position after the other, and it is nearly seamlessly. We see Madi fucked, lifted, slammed, reversed and so on, one after the other. And of course Ricky, the pro that he is, delivers the dick with authority, with each and every position that he and Madi land. It's simply enjoyable to see. Not only are the positions well utilized, so are the surroundings. The scene taking place in the bathroom, we find the performers in and around the bathtub, as they fuck, and fuck some more. The scene consists of great performances by both Collins and Johnson, A scene, that I would not hesitate to recommend for your own viewing pleasure. I definitely had fun with it myself. Madi Collins individually does a great job to stand out. Especially, during the beginning of the scene where she is seen fucking the dildo. I loved that, as well as the fact that she can be heard calling Ricky by his name so many times throughout the scene. But maybe that is simply because that is my name is well??

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