#DPofTheMonth September: (Perv City) Lana Analise with Daddy Issues Gets Gang Banged

by - November 07, 2021

 September #DPofTheMonth recap:

Lana Analise started with a palindrome stage name in the industry, “Lana Anal” was her prior stage name which is a fitting match of the type of content she releases. It is double the anal in one name if you read it forwards and backward. Well, she gave us double the DP with all the fixings at the end of August and at the end of September to give us a nice sandwich of content. These two scenes came out almost a month apart, off by just one day according to their respective release dates. Lana Analise fit this polling cycle like a glove since I wanted to focus on one performer this time around. For both scenes, she was nominated she graced the #DPBattle with double anal per each outing. The first scene that caught me was for Chris Streams' Anal Investigation #04 with Evil Angel. In it, she tackled two veteran blades in the form of Mike Stefano and John Strong. The scene contained double anal and clocks in just shy of thirty-nine minutes high octane hole filling.
The Evil Angel scene went up against Maestro's municipality which of course always summons the rabidly supportive citizens of Perv City. Anytime one of these polls go up they show up in spades but this time around it was surprisingly close. The scene is aptly titled "Lana Analise With Daddy Issues Gets Gangbanged" and stars Ramon Nomar, Michael Stefano, and John Strong as the penises that fill her up. The scene is also a little over forty minutes of raunchy DP fucking and took the September #DpofTheMonth nomination to be reviewed here on Black Halo Adult Reviews.
Scene Breakdown: 
Lana Analise bursts onto the scene yelling for her stepfather's attention. Michael Stefano is sitting at the table with his phone as he puts the kill on Lana's requests. She's holding a dildo in one hand and lube in the other and is asking for Mike's help. He's rejecting this behavior from her as she explains it is for her
boyfriend coming later that she wants to prepare for. He finally agrees to help but only if this is the last time for this type of "hands-on" help from him. Soon enough Michael Stefano is pulling out her butt plug and inviting himself in to lick her asshole. He administers some lube before he reaches for the large toy she came in with. The Spunk lube is now coated all over the sex toy as it is stuffed into Lana’s asshole for this father-daughter practice session.
The scene is already in tow with hard toy play and with the little scene setup starting to string things along with these reoccurring characters. As Mike is stabbing Lana Analise’s asshole with the big dildo he is suddenly interrupted by Ramon Nomar and John Strong. They barge into the house looking for their buddy Mike. He quickly stuffs his stepdaughter underneath the table interrupting the sex toy testing they were having. This doesn’t happen without the evidence being left in plain view during the hurried rush to hide his stepdaughter. The dildo and lube are left out for John Strong to question their presence, he points this out to Mike. The hidden daughter is quickly blamed for the large sex toy. John Strong easily spots her as he lifts the table cloth aside to see her giving Mike Stefano head during the inquisitive interrupting. They all decide that Lana must be shared and she agrees as well. She leads the troupe to the famous Perv City white couch to get this DP scene rolling.
Lana is encouraged to demonstrate what she and Mike were practicing before their party was crashed by the boisterous buds. Mike then starts to stuff the dildo up her butt again as she starts sucking off Ramon on the couch. They notice her pussy is wet while she is getting her booty banged with the toy and a dick in her mouth. The wieners surround her with a double blowjob that occurs as she has Ramon and Mike Stefano being juggled between her lips. Mike brings the toy in her mouth before another live penis is added to the now triple blowjob.
With slobber coating her chin she is lifted to mount Ramon in cowgirl as Mike steps in to slide the dildo up her butt. This causes a DP with the toy in her ass and Ramon anchoring the vagina. They pull the toy out of her butt so she can slobber on it a little bit as she rides on top of Ramon. John Strong slides into Lana's anus to start up a proper DP. It becomes airtight as Mike Stefano stuffs his dick into Lana Analise's mouth. They rotate this steady flow of airtight double penetrating with Mike now in her butt hole and John Strong getting sucked off. Through these variations, Ramon remains the vaginal anchor as he pumps away. Mike Stefano joins Ramon as they pull off some double vaginal with Lana. The toy is even traded off into her butt hole during this "advanced training" Mike Stefano jokes as he jabs the dildo in her. The toy is also used for some double vaginal into Lana again. John Strong is getting a blowjob during all of this hole trading with toys and dicks into Lana.
With the toy joining Mike in Lana’s ass and Ramon in the pussy a display of triple penetration occurs in front of Maestro’s camera. Add John Strong’s dick in Lana’s mouth for an airtight variation of the “triple-pen” with the toy. After that, the phalluses drop out and gaped holes are the result of all the penetrating pounding. Lana is then flipped over for a reverse cowgirl positioning with Ramon going in the butt hole as the anchor and John Strong joining in the pussy after eagerly almost starting double anal (Lana wants to save that for later) for more double penetration with live meat. Mike Stefano is munching on Lana's feet as she is DP'd by John Strong and Ramon. Marathon hole trading occurs as Lana is prone boned in reverse. Mike and Ramon are taking turns punching into her butt hole as she warps open.
As Lana is getting double pounded in reverse cowgirl she shows appreciation to her stepfather for being shared with his friends. Double vaginal occurs as Lana is stretched out while having her mouth filled with John's javelin. With Ramon still anchoring the ass, Mike switches it up between the toy and his dong as Lana is thoroughly reamed. Finally, Lana is ready for double anal as John Strong slides in to join Ramon. Lana now has two dicks in her butt as she vocally reciprocates. Maestro's camera is there to catch the double cock stuffing into Lana Analise's butt.
Her booty gives a tiny rosebud as they trade-off between going double anal with her. Mike Stefano gives double anal a shot with Ramon this time as they squeeze their dicks in. Another rosebud peeks out after that double anal display. They roll right back into regular DP at full speed with it turning to airtight again. They break out of DP so that Lana can ride Ramon as she gets her butt fucked. This sets up another double anal position in regular cowgirl DP. They go back and forth between double anal and double vaginal. A deluge of squirting pours out of Lana's pussy during all of the double penetrating. A bout of fisting happens as Mike's hand is shoved into Lana's pussy. This goes back to reverse cowgirl DP once Mike slowly pulls his whole hand out of Lana Analise's stretched-out vaginal cavity. For the finale, Ramon gets a vaginal creampie as he pumps in cum. Next, an anal creampie is in order and John Strong is there to insert his seed into the sphincter. The stepdad secretes his semen right into his stepdaughter’s mouth for the last load of the scene.

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