Underwater Boobs (2021)

by - October 28, 2021

 Starring: Gracie Gates // Peter Green
Directed by: Big J
Runtime: 41 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene opens up outdoors, as we find Gracie Gates and Peter Green, along with director Big J, gathered by the pool on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. The fact that the two performers have the luxury of working in the pool today, is something that the director thinks that the two performers should thank BANG BROS for. And so, he has Gracie first give her thanks, followed by Peter. Both of them are quite thankful for what BANG BROS have afforded them. It's after this, that they follow up by having the focus turned on Gracie. On her great looking tits, to be exact. Big J definitely likes what he sees, as he asks Gracie how long she has had them, making a joke that she's had them all her life. Something that she disputes, going on to agree that she indeed grew into them. We then speak to Peter, and as it turns out, this will not be the first time that he has worked with Gracie. Because he has actually had a scene with her before, so they are well acquainted. Gracie agrees that they have a good time together. Something that Peter attributes to great chemistry. Big J would comment on just how great Gracie's tits are. This, as the gentleman Peter would also complement she on her soft skin. It would come time for Gracie to show said titties off next, as Peter would go on to assist her in popping the left one out of her tank top. It's followed by she removing the other one herself. The guys are truly amazed by her double D sized boobs. Big J has she of course, first shake them, and bounce them. He would follow this, by asking Gracie if she can do the "helicopter". The helicopter being something that she isn't aware of. Because of this, the director has Peter demonstrate by doing it with his dick. He would then go on to stand behind her as he pull down his swim shorts, and then, spin his cock around in a quick circular motion. It's after the fact, that Gracie tries to replicate him using her breasts. It's a spectacle that is quite funny, and one that gets a laugh by all. Gracie then puts her boobs away. However, Big J isn't quite done with them just yet. This, as he would have Peter, pull up her top to attempt a titty drop. But it's one not too successful, as Gracie's top happens to be just too tight to accommodate it. It's from there, that he would just have her leave the tits out, as oil, would next come into play. It would appear that Gracie quite enjoys this, as we see her rub down and massage her tits with it. Next, they would get Gracie into the pool. She says that she enjoys the feeling, although it is a little cool. It's during this, that Big J happens to discover just how well Gracie's natural boobies float underwater. It would be a vision that would go on to inspire him to break out the underwater camera. He does just that, and what follows is something truly unique. This is as he captures footage underwater, of Gracie bouncing her boobs, and then removing her bikini bottoms to show off her ass, and pussy. Complete with pubes that are well kept, and shaved into the shape of a heart. It's during this underwater footage, that we would see Peter go on to join Gracie, as he get a grip and a spread of her ass, thus showing off her butthole to us, he also cradle her legs and hold her, as we get a view of things from the underwater point of view. Things would continue, as we'd see Peter hike up her leg, only to proceed to steadily rub at her clit. After, Gracie returns the favor by sucking cock, as well as slipping it in between her tits to fuck them. This, before things get serious.

Positions Seen //

- doggy (x2)
- sidesaddle
- cowgirl
- missionary
- spoon
- reverse cowgirl

The Review // 
Today, I am back with a review for another scene for BANG BROS, as I just had to check out this newcomer by the name of Gracie Gates. I recently found her on Twitter, and have been absolutely blown away by her beauty, as well as her attributes, if you know what I mean! When I saw that she had a regular one on one scene with male talent, Peter Green available on BANG BROS, I just had to give it a look. However, little did I know just how unique the scene would be in itself. That's because, not only is this a standard one on one, boy/girl pairing. It has a unique feature in that the director Big J, at one point in the scene, decides to break out a different type of camera. A camera capable of capturing underwater footage, to be exact. This happened to come about, when Big J and Peter, just so happened to realize how glorious it was to see Gracie's big natural tits float in the water. On Big J's part, I have to admit that it was a very wise decision to do this. This, as the footage he was able to capture is absolutely amazingly fantastic. Not only do we get to see the big titties floating. We also get to see her pussy and ass, as well as she getting fucked. All underwater! I really liked this stuff. I think they should make an entire series of this type of footage. I think that it would be rather rad!

The underwater sexual encounter between the two performers, gets underway, once Peter Green gets a little hands-on with Gracie as he feel up her tits, and spread apart her butt cheeks, for our underwater viewing pleasure. The first actual position would come by way of the doggy position, as Peter takes Gracie from behind to maintain a steady pace of in and out, as the water splashes about back and forth. The footage would switch to a view both underwater, as well as above water, as we get a chance to gauge Gracie's reaction to getting slammed by the cock. It's following this round of doggy, that Peter would go on to position himself, as he sit back on the edge of the pool to allow Gracie to suck him off. It's here that she has fun with the cock, as she suck it. This, as she does it slowly, making her way down to his balls as well. It would be from here that we would see she both, lick and suck on them. It all happening before Peter would once again return to the water. This time, being in a seated position, as he instruct Gracie to mount him in a sidesaddle position, as he puts it back in. It's from said position, that we would see Gracie steadily bounce up and down on the dick. And I have to say that the view that we are treated to here is amazing as well. Just seeing Gracie's fat ass bounce straight up and down on the cock, while the water splashes each time she slams down, is invaluable I'd say! It just looked fucking great. The sidesaddle position would then transition over to a more traditional one, in standard cowgirl. The camera would position itself in front of Gracie eventually, as we are first treated to an underwater view of the penetration, as it is ongoing. It would be from here, that the camera would be positioned in front of Gracie as she bounce upright on the dick, During this, we have the best view in the house, as we have a clear look at Gracie's big naturals, as they bounce and sway in natural motion. This is just a sight to see! It's following this however, that the two of them would finally get out of the pool where it would be the position of missionary as Peter stand to thrust his cock inside of Gracie. The position would have Peter maintaining a steady in and out, as he would go on to get harder and faster over time. It simply driving Gracie crazy. In the middle of the position, the camera would give us an overhead POV look at things, which is simply fantastic once again. Not only do we also see oil applied to Gracie, we also see as Peter resorts to giving her long and slow strokes, as he thrust every inch of him inside of Gracie that he possibly can. The next position would be spoon soon after, and it is a position that would see Peter go even harder than before. He would keep an increasing pace, as he starts off steady, but gets quicker and faster, as well as harder as time progresses. Before it is over he bangs Gracie nice and good. We would again see doggy after as it is a return to the position. Only this time Peter allows Gracie to have much more control as we see she throwing her ass back on the hard dick for a time. This was so hot in my opinion, because Gracie's ass looks so good here. So damn plump! Next up though, the doggy would continue, as Peter would hold Gracie up into an upright position to continue to slam into her as deep as he can. It's during this, that the motion causes Gracie's beautiful tits to once again bounce around, Again an eyeful for us! In between, Gracie would return to her knees, as she once again romance Peter's hard cock. This, as she tongue along the shaft, as well as throat it deep. This lasting for a brief time, for the action would go to the final position of the scene. That being the position of reverse cowgirl. For the position, Gracie would mount Peter with her legs spread wide and her feet planted, all while her hands her behind her back, thus making her boobs stick out, as they yes, again bounce ever so gloriously. From this position, Peter would maintain his quickest and hardest pace thus far, as he goes on to absolutely drill Gracie's tight pussy. In between this, yes we do see Gracie take over to bounce for a short time. However, it is back to Peter taking charge, and fucking deeply. It lasting, until Peter must finally drain his cock of it's load. It happening, as he would stand over Gracie, and her face, as she eagerly await. Soon enough things would come to an end here, with Peter exploding with a nice load that would mostly land upon Gracie's pretty face for the finish.

What a way to finish the scene altogether. It ending in a quick pace, not unlike the rest of the scene. This meaning that I felt that the overall scene on its own, was fairly consistent.which in turn, kept it really enjoyable.

Now, this was a very fun scene to take in! Not only was it a unique one, it was just simply a good time overall. Not only do we have a beautiful starlet in Gracie Gates front and center, we the viewers get to experience her with the use of underwater photography. Both, as she is underwater and bouncing around herself, and as she is getting bounced around by Peter Green, who fucks her. I have to admit that the underwater stuff is pretty cool, and if anything, it made the scene most memorable. And then there was when the two of them stepped out of the pool to continue their fun together. It's during this segment of the scene, that not only does Gracie's body look absolutely amazing, Peter Green, the male talent, puts on an absolute clinic. This, as he remain consistent, as he just drills her hard. It's just good stuff to see. I had a lot of fun, as I said, which makes it very easy for me to recommend this scene to you, for your viewing pleasure. In my opinion. It's pretty awesome, and different. But most of all, It's a scene that features some great sexual chemistry between two performers. I say check it out for sure!

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