HookupHotshot.com: Episode 255 - Mia Kay (2021)

by - November 29, 2021

 Starring: Mia Kay // Bryan Gozzling
Directed by: Bryan Gozzling
Runtime: 1 hr. 28 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with Bryan Gozzling receiving a knock at the door. It's Mia Kay, a lovely 22 year old, that he just so happened to meet on the dating website, Hookup Hotshot.com. Almost immediately, As he opens the door, Bryan finds himself taken aback by what Mia happens to be wearing. He asking her if she always goes out looking like this? Mia says that today she is. She says with a little bit of spunkiness. The outfit consisting of a button up, white crop top, shiny, blue tight booty shorts - complete with a yellow thong over-riding them, in addition to some rainbow colored platform boots, and even a collar and body chain, has Bryan saying that he can practically see everything. He likes it. This as Bryan would follow up by asking Mia, if she happens to be aware of what people do when meeting from HookupHotshot.com. Mia seems to know full well what they do, because she says it is what the two of them are about to do today. Bryan agrees, saying that they are only going to do that if she is able to behave and follow his instructions. Bryan, would then have Mia do a turn in the doorway, so that he may get another look at her outfit ensemble. It's with this look, that he continues to be amazed by what he sees. He then would go on to ask Mia, if she would like to come inside. To which she answers with a "yes, Mr. Gozzling". He has she close the door behind her as she makes her way inside. She ending this with a prompt, "yes, Sir!". After this, he has she come inside, and to go stand in front of a nearby couch. This, she does so obediently. As she faces forward, Bryan goes on to ask Mia if she will be able to follow instructions and do as she's told? Mia answers quickly, and with confidence, saying that she indeed can. Again, she calling Bryan "Sir". It's after this answer, that Bryan says that he actually believes her. After surveying her outfit once again, Bryan says that with Mia dressed like that, he could probably do pretty much anything that he wants to her. It's then, that Mia would agree with him, saying that he is correct. An answer from she, which seems to excite Gozzling. He would go on to complement Mia on her beauty, saying that she is pretty. She would look into the camera with her pretty green eyes. Eyes that are decorated with a rainbow-colored eyeshadow, as she would go on to thank him. This prior to he having she once again, spin around. This happening to effectively showcase Mia's nicely round ass. As Mia completes the turnaround, Bryan, comes to notice that her really tight shorts practically show off Mia's pussy as well. He asks Mia if she happens to be aware of that. She is. However, it is something that she does not seem to be worried about. Bryan goes on to thank Mia for such, saying that the guys on the street, as well as the guys watching at home and jerking off to her, thank her as well. Mia, the nice girl that she is, would go on to thank everyone herself for doing so. Bryan would follow this up by elaborating, saying that by the looks of her outfit, one can tell that Mia would allow him to do anything that he wants to do with her. Mia would once again confirm this. Bryan would then go over a few things that he might do, saying what if he put his cock, balls deep into Mia's mouth? Would that be ok, he asks? It's after, that we see Mia's eyes quickly and briefly become big as she answers with an excited "yes, Sir!". Bryan says, but what if she ends up puking up around his cock during it? This is something that Mia says that she happens to like. An answer that Bryan is somewhat surprised by it would appear. This, as he goes on to call Mia a "puke slut". A title that Mia would agree with, saying that she is a "dirty, filthy puke slut". It's with Mia's quick and confident answer, that Bryan believes that she is going to do just fine today. Bryan, would go on to have a quick look at Mia's small, perky titties, saying that he can see them through her shirt. A fact that Mia seems to not mind. The camera would once again zoom out, as Bryan would go on to say matter-of-factually that with a girl this pretty, there is nothing left for him to do. but to make her his own "personal toilet" for today. Mia likes that, saying that today, she will be Bryan's "personal little, puke slut, toilet". This, as she does so with a giggle. It's a particular answer that has Bryan saying that today, they have hit the jackpot. Bryan would ask Mia how she feels about all of the guys around the country jacking off to her. It seems to be something that Mia happens to enjoy a whole lot, saying that it makes her really wet. Bryan then revisits the topic of Mia following instructions saying that today, she is going to be a good puke whore. This, as she keeps impressing Bryan with her respect, as she once again answers with a "yes, Sir". He then would give her basic instruction, as he would once again have she perform another turn for him. It's with this, that she again answers with "yes, Sir". Bryan says that Mia is obedient. So obedient, that he says that she is practically a walking sex doll. Having no brain; just an obedient circuit board in there, that says what to do. Mia would agree to this. Next up, Bryan would give her another instruction, and that is to close her eyes. She does just that, as Bryan would go on to complement she even further. He saying that she is even pretty with her eyes closed. He would then say that he bets that Mia gets these compliments all the time; her pretty eyes, her pretty titties, amazing hips, and ass, as well as her meaty pussy, that he says is hanging out of her shorts. When asked if she does indeed receive compliments on all of the above, she answers yes. Also, without Bryan telling her to follow up with a "thank you, Sir".

Bryan then comes over to join her, as he says that he is going to feel her up. To him it is obvious that Mia is excited to be there. This, as he would go on to give her ass a little spank, as Mia continues to giggle in nervous excitement. Bryan would then have Mia then thank him, for bringing her to his house for him to piss on her. He proceeds to feel up her body a little, while giving her a spank. Bryan would eventually go on to worship Mia's ass. But before that, he would call Mia, his little "show puppy", saying that he cannot wait to show everybody what he caught. After this, turning her around, the camera would then zoom in on Mia's ass, as he spank, and get a nice, good grip on it. As he does this, Bryan would then ask Mia who her ass belongs to? To which, Mia would say that it belongs to him. This, as she calls him "Mr. Gozzling". He liking her response so much, that he has she repeat it even louder. Bryan would continue to squeeze, and pinch Mia's ass, as he is amazed by it. He would go on to pull it up, as he attempts to reveal Mia's butthole, asking her, if she enjoys showing it to everyone. He would then turn her around, quickly shifting the focus to Mia's fat pussy next. A pussy that he says, is almost as fat as her ass. This, as her tight, skimpy shorts, barely contain it. After Bryan pulls at both the shorts, as well as Mia's thong, he would resume feeling her up. It would be during this, That he would ask if she likes being felt up like a whore? She does, saying that she is a "puke whore", as well as his toilet. This answer making Bryan very happy. Following this, we would see Bryan proceed to unbutton Mia's top. Unbuttoning the rainbow-colored buttons, to finally reveal her tits. after this, he would have a hold of the string of her yellow thong, as he pull it tight, in between her pussy. He would happily assist by pulling the other string, thus giving herself a full, frontal wedgy. Bryan would inquire with her, asking if she can in fact, feel it on her clit. She can. Bryan then says that today, he's going to turn her clit into jelly. This is as he would have she maintain this, while he go on to feel up her chest. This would be brief however, because he would soon have Mia turn around once again. This time to show off her butthole. Here, he would pull her thong aside to spread her ass wide, to fully expose her asshole. It would be then that he would ask Mia what she says to him for showing everyone her butthole? She would respond by thanking he once more. Bryan would then complement Mia, saying that she turned into the perfect little sex doll, and it only took a few hours. Because as he says, she was made for this. This being as he gives her a kiss on the side of the head, while telling her how pretty she is. This would be followed by Bryan backing away for a minute, as he says that he doesn't exactly know where to start. However, he would do just that by starting down at her pussy, where he would kiss, making his way up, until he reaches her tits, on which she would suck upon. He follow this up by going down on her next, to put his mouth fully on her pussy. From here, he would suck, as Mia stand still and obedient, as she take it all in. After some time of sucking and tonguing at her pussy, Bryan would have her spin around, where his next project would be Mia's ass. He would pull aside her thong, as he would have Mia assist him in spreading her ass. This, as her rainbow-painted fingernails, show brightly against her sun-kissed complexion. From here, he has Mia spreading wide, as he would begin, by kissing her opening. Shortly before fully placing his face into it, as he really go at it with his mouth and tongue. Much to the delightful pleasure of Mia. The camera would even come around the front, to gauge her response to the rimming, prior to returning to the site of the action. After this, Mia faces front, as Bryan goes off to get a drink of water. However, when he returns to Mia, who still has her eyes closed, he gives her a little spank, before instructing her to squat down, as he pulls down her shorts. He has she spread her legs wide as she rests her elbows against the couch, thus pushing her pussy out towards the camera. It would be from there, that he would once again, go down on her. He briefly go down to her pussy, before again making his way up. Bryan would go on to tease Mia, by telling her that today he's not going to touch her pussy. This would have Mia begging for it, and since she asked nicely, Bryan would oblige. But he still says that she may not cum, unless he gives her permission to. It would be then that Bryan would go on to retrieve a bottle of lube, before he would go down on Mia with his mouth briefly, prior to he would saturate her pussy with the lube. It would be after this, that Bryan would both rub her oiled pussy, as well as deeply finger it. This would see Bryan going knuckle-deep into her hole. It being so tight and small, that Bryan would compare it to the fitting of a baseball glove. His concentration would then turn to the massaging of her clit, as he'd refer back to what he said about turning Mia's clit into jelly"(Mia mistakenly says Jell-o. She's forgiven! :) ). The rubbing of the clit, would soon graduate to deep fingering of the pussy. Fingering, that would push Mia over the edge, when she begins to cum and squirt. This, much to the disappointment of Bryan who says that he did not give her permission to do so. He would stress this, as he would continue. Mia would go on to beg him to let her cum, and he soon does, telling her to just get it over with, so that he can fuck her. From here, he would increase his fingering, as he goes deep into her, and it is quick to cause her to squirt hard. After this, Bryan still has Mia in the squatted position, as he continues to lightly rub at her clit, as well as check out her butthole from the position. However, he would not allow her to open her eyes just yet. Not until he positions Mia directly in front of his crotch. It's from here, that Bryan massages himself, in order to get hard, as he instructs Mia to keep her eyes on his cock, the entire time. That, shortly before he asking her if she wants to see it? She answering with a "yes, Sir!". It would be then that he would slowly unbutton and unzip his shorts, and proceed to get his cock out. Once he does, Mia seems mesmerized by it, by the look on her face. Just as he instructed her to do, Mia's eyes never leave the dick, even as Bryan rubs it against her face. He says that she will only be sucking when he says that she can. he would then go on to tease her some more, as he would instruct her to stick her tongue out, and also open her mouth. He would then go on to rest his cock, on Mia's raspberry-colored tongue, first not making a move. However, eventually Bryan would begin to slowly work it in and out of the side of Mia's mouth. This, as the sex between the two of them would eventually commence, after much preparation.

Positions Seen //
- rimming (x2)
- missionary
- doggy (x2)
- reverse cowgirl
- lazy dog

The Review //
For today's review, I chose to take a look at a scene from the website HOOKUP HOTSHOT, and it is a scene that I have been meaning to check out for some time now. It's a scene that sees 22-year-old starlet, Mia Kay, show up on the doorstep of the hotshot himself, Bryan Gozzling. She has come to his residence, as a result of the two matching on a dating site of the same name. Mia reports, and she knows exactly what she's in for when Bryan finally invites her inside. Once inside the house, she fully submits to the man she calls, "Mr. Gozzling". From there, she is to be at his every command, and to follow his instructions to the letter. As we would see, Mia would do just that, as she is a good little obedient "puke slut", as she would later call herself. Not only does she take on that specific title, she also opts to become Bryan's human toilet as well.

The sex between the two would begin with Mia having Bryan's cock in her mouth. He would first place it on her tongue, awaiting for him to decide for more to happen. Eventually, he would begin to ease it, in and out of her mouth, as his hard cock fill up her cheek. During this, she would also lightly slurp around the side of the shaft. Bryan then asks Mia to go on to wrap her lips tightly around his cock. This would be the start of he essentially jerking off his cock with her mouth. This consisting primarily of Bryan fucking her face hard, as he grab onto, and pull on her hair for leverage. Mia does great work here, showing much endurance. It's also during this, that much spit would accumulate. It's spit that Bryan just lets fly, as he has Mia let it go down on her tits, as well as her pussy, the rest of it is seen smeared upon Mia's face by Bryan. However, if you thought that this was messy, it would be even more so, next, as Mia is pissed on for the first time ever. Bryan, hands her a plastic bowl to prepare. It takes Bryan a moment to settle in, in order to relieve himself. However, soon enough, he lets it go, as it streams directly into Mia's mouth, as she swallows it down quick. It would be from there that Bryan would do it several times, with the same result occurring. The pee going into Mia's mouth, as she swallows. Bryan is amazed by her eagerness, soon having she repeating the words, that she wants a stomach full of piss. When it comes to this, I have to say that I enjoyed this as well. Although this was her first time getting pissed on, Mia was unfazed, as she swallowed it right down without even flinching. In the end, Bryan is spent, and Mia's bowl is empty. She didn't even need it. Good Job, Baby! After this, there would be another brief moment of Mia sucking cock, nice and good, before Bryan next takes to his back, as Mia continues to deepthroat him. For Bryan, it becomes a test, as he wants to see how far Mia can take it. She gags, but Bryan wishes to see her puke. Unfortunately though, Mia is unsuccessful in doing so by throating the dick. So because of this, she triggers it by using her fingers, placing them down her throat. Using this method, she is successful in puking a number of times on Bryan's cock. Something that would not stop Mia, as she would then continue to suck the cock with enthusiasm. This would continue on for some time, that she would do it a few more times. One time even losing the right gauge out of her ear, having to put it back in. This showing pure dedication. It's after this, before they get to the actual sex, that Mia must have a pee break herself, and so, she goes, by squatting over the plastic bowl from previously. She has no trouble getting ready, as the camera would quickly zoom in as she begins to pee, leaving a pretty big amount. I just have to say that this was hot, enough said! After this, she would put her bowl aside, as the two of them would take to the couch. Mia is be on her back, and things would begin from the missionary position. It would be here that Bryan would go on to occupy an increasing pace, starting off slow, and gradually working himself up to a faster pace, that is harder, this as Mia's legs are held up high and spread wide. He would also have Mia spread her pussy, and pull her clit out, as he would go on to touch it and rub it, and slap it with his cock. It being very sensitive, eventually taking her to hard orgasm. This being in between Bryan fucking the pussy and spitting on her. After this, Bryan would have Mia position herself, with her face down and ass in the air. He would first pull her yellow thong aside to scope out her asshole, as he spread her cheeks. He going on to say that the guys who will get to fuck it are lucky. However, he would next penetrate the pussy, as he go straight from there, while simultaneously having his thumb planted in her ass. It is here that like before, he would employ an increasing pace, going deeper and harder over time. He would for a time after this, stop to once again spread Mia's ass, while also having her push it out for show. This before he would resume. There would be other breaks, one seeing he also spreading the pussy, giving the camera a view of Mia's deepest pink. All before resuming. This time he pounding much harder than before. This is followed up by Mia still being on her knees positioned over the bowl, that is on the arm of the couch. Bryan from here, comes around the front, where he would then proceed to fuck Mia's face for a time. However, he would soon go back to the doggy position, fucking Mia hard from here, going deeply, as he pull back on her neck. I liked the whole doggy sequence, both sets, and especially the first go around. I really like the spreading of the butthole, as Mia has a pretty one! Although the last variation was pretty good. As it was good and hard, in its own right. Following that, Bryan would have Mia underhandedly stroke his cock, as they decide what to do next. Bryan asks Mia what position she would like to do next, but instead she leaves it in Bryan's hands. He would next choose the position of reverse cowgirl. This, as Mia would have her legs spread wide, and her feet planted firmly on the couch. It starts with Bryan massaging her clit, prior to she beginning to bounce on the dick. However, there would be several stops, during which, Bryan would rub her clit, to merely tease her. There was even one point where he would pry her mouth open, stretching it to a wide smile, as the camera zoom in. After this, we would see Mia once again, squat over her bowl and attempt to pee. However, at first, she has a little problem. Too much air has built up in her pussy, causing her to queef several times. It's actually pretty funny to be honest as Mia finds herself quite embarrassed by the episode. She giggling, exhibiting the laugh, that I have heard on many a night, during video calls. However, luckily for her, she would soon be successful in peeing a little bit. This is followed up by she going to once again suck cock, as Bryan stand. But, it would be next, that we would see one of my favorite positions. That being the position of lazy dog. This, as Mia, lie flat on her stomach, with her legs held tightly together, creating a tight squeeze. Bryan would then follow up by straddling the legs, and then proceeding to put his cock in. It would be from here, that he would begin to fuck the pussy. It would first be nice and slow, until he build up to a pounding pace, hitting the pussy hard. Soon after we see Bryan also spanking and feeling up Mia's ass, prior to the two of them moving on to the next stage of the scene. That would take place on the couch, as Mia would be back on the dick, once again. From there, she would suck it nice and good, once again spitting on it. But soon, her focus is on Bryan's ass. As she both lick and suck on it. This lasting for a time, as her good work, would eventually build Bryan up to cum. Bryan, even giving Mia the option of what would happen next. Does she want to be fucked some more? Or does she simply want Bryan to jerk off into her mouth. Mia surprisingly choosing the latter option. In the end, although she did choose for he to jerk off into her mouth, Bryan would instead let it go on her face, as he jerk off, to glaze it with his load for the scene's finish.

This was a nice finish to an otherwise well-rounded scene. It's one that is sloppy and messy, while at the same time it is equal parts rough and thorough, I enjoyed it. However I must say that there was one element of the scene, that I did not enjoy, and that is the fact that throughout the scene, Bryan Gozzling, happens to make several jokes toward Mia's grandmother. Now. I know that prior to the scene, that Mia probably gave the go-ahead. Gave the okay, to be able to use her grandmother during the scene. However even still, I have to say that I did not like it at all. If you ask me, it is just something that you just don't do. I don't think that you should bring a person's personal information into a porn scene. I know Mia's grandmother somewhat, and I personally find these several jokes to be tacky, unfunny and disrespectful. I understand that in the beginning, it was probably meant to be funny, but after the fifth or so time, I found myself really disappointed by the fact that they were included altogether. There were no real use for them, as the scene was already good by itself. That's all that I have to say about it, But, I did want to make sure that I touched upon it, as I really did not like it. It's odd. However, this is simply my opinion.

Overall, despite my minor disappointments, as noted above, I felt that this was a great scene. Here, we have a fantastic young performer in Mia Kay, who both works and performs well on screen, having a nice awareness overall. Not to mention that, when it comes to the performance here, she did a couple of "firsts". Those being, drinking piss, and puking on a dick. Both of them bold for a first timer, she owned both acts with a smile on her face the entire time. All while keeping contact with the camera. Meaning that she kept eye contact with us, the viewer. It was really nice. Her doing such things without hesitation, in stride. The overall sexual material seen here, is just excellent. When combined with the pee and puke content, the sexual action here is a little rough, and I liked it. The positions taken, are effective and suitable for the rough nature of the scene in its entirety. Mia took it well, and seemed to enjoy it overall, and that's what matters. It's also what makes for a very good scene. A scene that came to a close with a round of Mia's rimming of Bryan's ass. Rimming just so happens to be one of Mia's favorite things, and Baby always gets what she wants! As for my recommendation of the scene? I recommend it most definitely! It's a solid one, and Mia Kay, is a passionate performer, that one must see if they haven't. And if you have, she's one that you really should keep an eye on from now and into the near future. Because, she's definitely a rising star for sure. Not to mention, she is absolutely gorgeous!

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