October #DPofTheMonth: Kataina Kyle DP Debut (Jules Jordan Video)

by - November 30, 2021

 October #DPofTheMonth Recap:
So October was one of those months that brought us some pretty big exclusives. Two major players, TushyRAW and Jules Jordan Video unleashed some first-time double penetration scenes in the same month. I saw this as a great opportunity to create another poll based on studio choice. Jules Jordan Video released Katalina Kyle's first-ever double penetration on October 14th for the member site. She takes on Steve Holmes and Jules himself for that scene. To my knowledge, she also exclusively performs for his brand so that counts as a doubly exclusive release. Earlier Destiny Cruz's first-time double penetration with TushyRAW also dropped in October, on the 6th. She has Oliver Flynn and Mick Blue to fill her up for that DP. I then decided to make the poll based on the choice of those two particular studios rather than mention the performer’s name in the polling.

Compared to other studios that churn out DP scenes constantly it is rare to get a DP on TushyRAW, a primarily anal-focused site. It is a huge deal when they do release one for their members. Jules Jordan has entire movies based on the act but doesn't release them as frequently as say Evil Angel Video or AnalVids/PornBox, the label formerly known as Legal Porno. It now goes to the PornBox application if you’re a member of the European anal and DP-focused network. The poll dictated that I review the Jules Jordan exclusive with the higher percentage of 32 tallied votes for a two-day poll. So here we are with Katalina Kyle's first DP to be reviewed on Black Halo Adult reviews for October's #DpofTheMonth.

Scene Breakdown:

The 41-minute scene starts with Jules Jordan’s camera investigating Katalina’s super hot body. She’s in
a brightly colored bikini barely containing her lovely-lady lumps. Her screamingly sexy booty is spilling out the back of her accentuating outfit. She juggles her big boobs in front of the camera before she spins back around to squat her ass out for the camera. You'll hear Jules Jordan appropriately utter "god damn" as Katalina arches in such artistry. Some sweet booty jiggles accompany this spectacle of sexiness. Her pussy is shown next for some close-up shots of the sweetness as she pulls the bottoms of her bikini apart. She scoots her thong up and down her ass next for more hypnotic maneuvers during this tease intro with no music. Katalina even licks her breasts as she stares into the camera while Jules is verbally impressed.

The impressiveness continues to some mouth-watering cheek spreads as Katalina is arched and pulling her booty cheeks apart. She then explains why she is even here that day as Jules asks her, it is to get "extra naughty" which translates to the start of the sex scene with Jules Jordan and Steve Holmes.

Both pairs of the male talent's hands reach for her lovely rump that is ready to be wrestled with. Steve Holmes yanks down her bikini bottom to feast on her ass. This also gives Jules a chance to stuff his face down there. Steve is already poking his dick into Katalina's mouth as Jules massages and plays with her booty. The double blowjob starts up shortly after as her titties drop out while being given access to these two penises. She gets spun around so that Jules can jump into her pussy as she is arched in doggy. Steve has her face in his hand to make out with her as Jules is pumping her. He'll stand up to feed his cock to her as she is getting fucked by Jules in doggy. Steve Holmes starts to rim her after he has his blasts into her pussy. Jules’s dick is in her mouth as she is getting her asshole eaten. Next, she is stood up so that Jules can stuff his face between her butt cheeks.

She's being banged in standing doggy as she is jacking Steve's dick off. She is then laid to spread on the bed so that Steve Holmes can eat her out and finger her butt hole. Steve then slides into her vagina for some thrusting in missionary. Jules gets his turn to jump in some missionary slams as he trades places with Steve. Katalina crawls over to Steve to give him some top as Jules sneaks behind her to get more action in doggy. While she is down there she licks Steve's asshole as he jerks himself off. She gets up on Steve to start riding him in cowgirl so she can bounce on top of him with his dick in her pussy.

The DP starts as Jules gets his spot in Katalina Kyel's butthole as Steve anchors her pussy. Once Jules is in there they start their respective pumps to get the DP going. Katalina expresses her glee with constant moaning and verbally approving the double pumping. You'll even see her suck on Jules's toe as she is getting double penetrated. She pulls out of the DP to "clean those cocks off" in another bout of a double blowjob. Reverse cowgirl is next as they all lean back on the bed to set it up. Steve is now anchoring in the asshole as Katalina lays back on him. Jules gets the pussy to fully initiate the DP in reverse cowgirl. Out of reverse cowgirl, they go into Jules getting Katalina on top of him for a cowgirl ride while she inhales Steve's cock. They swap spots as Steve gets her on top of him for a cowgirl ride in the pussy. Jules Jordan is getting head during this. Katalina gets down for another blowjob as both Jules and Steve prepare to launch their loads on her face. Jules is first with his plastering, Steve steps up next to slime Katalina's mouth by pumping her mouth with cum. This concludes this scorcher of a first DP scene with the insanely hot Katalina Kyle.

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