December 2021 #DPofTheMonth: Tommy King Fucked Airtight by Three Big Cocks (Perv City)

by - March 04, 2022

December #DPofTheMonth Recap:
The year 2021 was great for double penetration and Perv City was at the forefront of that. Unleashing a string of updates throughout last year with a nice chunk of them being reviewed right here on Black Halo Adult Reviews. Some of them were DP debuts like the one I'm about to review. Tommy King is one of those instances where you thank the porn gods that she decided to work for studios like Perv City. It is a match made in double penetration heaven and why I picked it to be reviewed for December's #DPofTheMonth. I thought it would be a great year to close out with a performer like her and what better place than Perv City? It represents what 2021 was all about, new faces and a continuing brand that acted as a beacon of hardcore porn when we needed it the most.

The poll itself in December's #DPofTheMonth campaign had nothing to do with the scene. It was more of an "end-of-the-year" poll that asked voters what drew them in to watch a DP scene. Was it the studio? The performer? Or the types of double penetration in the scene itself? Mirroring the mission statement of the #DPBattle of supporting the performers, the choice that took the most votes was the “performer” option. Very close in the count was the “type of DP”, Double anal or double vaginal for instance. This poll’s turnout was another house vote with only 38 votes being tallied but every one of them counted in what revealed the main drawing point of a scene.

Scene breakdown:
The scene starts with Mike Stefano interviewing Tommy King and focusing right away on her immaculate booty. He then finds out this is her first DP and it is right here with Perv City. He wastes no time reaching in to grab a hold of Tommy’s ass. He’ll stuff his face between her cheeks and grab handfuls of her booty to jiggle. His face is completely buried in her butt during this ass worship he is partaking in. They start making out when he spins the chair she’s sitting on to face him. He spins her back around to further feast between her cheeks. Mike pulls his cock out so that Tommy King can start sucking on it. He’ll pump her mouth during the face fucking that goes on. Mike licks the drool off of her face as the result of her mouth being fucked.

Mike then helps to strip her down so he can get to her feet, even asking what size her feet are showing how much of a "foot-man" he is. He sucks on them once he gains access by removing her stockings and heels. Mike will even finger her butt while sucking on her toes. After the foot-play, Tommy is laid on the famous Perv City pool table to be fucked in the ass. He slides in with her massive naked booty hanging off the edge of the pool table. He dips his dick into her pussy before going back in her asshole to fuck for a few blasts. As he grabs her foot to suck on she opens up for missionary in anal while she fingers her pussy. She gets down to give more head to Mike as he attaches a leash to her collar. She claims she wants more dick and Mike will lead her to what she wishes for by that very leash.

She is then handed over to John Strong and Tommy Pistol to get more cocks to play with. John is already jabbing his dick into her butt hole in doggy style while Tommy Pistol is getting a blowjob from Tommy King. Tommy Pistol gets a turn to fuck some butt as he inserts himself in doggy. He leaps between her pussy and anus as he pounds her in doggy style. John Strong is impressed as he gets his dick sucked in this spit roast of Tommy King. She then mounts John Strong in cowgirl so he can anchor her pussy while Tommy Pistol moves in the butt to get the DP going. She gets flipped in reverse where John Strong will anchor her asshole while Tommy is locked into the vagina. Mike Stefano sneaks in to start sucking on Tommy King's feet while this reverse cowgirl DP is occurring.

She then gets lowered to suck the trio of dicks in a mini blowbang for the searing starlet. She deep throats Tommy Pistol's "balls and all" as he accurately describes. Next, she gets all three dicks in her mouth for this blowjob buffet. Strings of spit are pouring out her mouth as she inhales the dicks surrounding her. John Strong makes sure to get his asshole rimmed as Tommy King's feet and pussy are played with. It is time for Tommy King to get fucked again as she gets on top of John Strong to start up some more DP. This time she has Mike in her asshole as John anchors her pussy. Tommy Pistol is getting his cock sucked while Tommy King is getting double penetrated. Tommy Pistol puts his hands in her mouth to fish out more stringers of saliva. They break off DP so that Tommy King can suck more cock. Tommy Pistol doesn't want to stop fucking her so he jumps into her pussy in doggy as she is sucking both John and Mike's dicks.

She's back in reverse cowgirl as John Strong is banging her asshole, this will start up another DP. Tommy Pistol is sliding into her pussy for a reverse cowgirl DP. Mike Stefano leaps in to get a blowjob while this is happening. They rotate positions as Tommy Pistol is now getting head while Mike Stefano is flying full speed into Tommy King’s pussy. John is still the anchor during this rotating reverse cowgirl DP. Some double vaginal fires off when Tommy King is lifted back into reverse cowgirl. Both Mike and John share her vaginal cavity as Tommy Pistol rubs his dick on her foot. Tommy Pistol gets to share her pussy with John Strong during this double vaginal segment. Mike Stefano is sucking on her foot as she is getting double plowed in the vagina. They double fill her mouth next as she gets banged in the butt by Mike Stefano.

A rimming segment starts up briefly before Tommy King gets set up for a standing DP by John Strong. Mike joins him in this DP lift by getting his dick slid into Tommy King's butt hole. After that, she gets angled in pile driver to have Tommy slam into her butt hole. While she is down there John Strong will stick his mouth in her foot while Mike Stefano sucks on her's. Tommy does the signature ball stuffing maneuver as he drops his testicles into Tommy King's asshole. They take turns banging out her ass while she is in pile driver still. Tommy Pistol takes more attempts at stuffing his balls in Tommy King's orifices before he pounds her in pile driver even more. They DP her in pile driver during this action-packed scene. She gets one more round of blowjobs before the cum starts to fly. Mike is the first to launch and he glazes her face before John Strong fills her ass with cum for an anal creampie. Tommy Pistol adds to the load pool by spilling his seed in Tommy King's mouth to finish things off.

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