November #DPofTheMonth: DP Devils

by - January 26, 2022


 #November DPofTheMonth Recap:
For as long as I have done this fan movement aptly titled "#DPBattle" I don't think I've ever nominated
an entire film for #DPofTheMonth. Well, not too long ago I wanted to do things differently with this supportive legion of fans that appreciate double penetration, that started with doing away with the
#DpofTheYear brackets. November’s poll is just another example of me moving away from the tournament I used to do (the tired performer vs performer polls had to go!). This time I asked the #DPBattle members if they wanted me to write a review of one scene or review a full movie of double penetration. The results were obvious as they dictated that I review a full movie and my choice was ‘DP Devils’ by Evil Angel, directed by Proxy Paige. This movie is a wallop of nearly four hours of double penetration with some of Europe’s most scorching adult talents. The cast is riddled with familiar names if you’re a fan of the overseas hard DP/Anal scene. The full release touts some behind-the-scenes and a cumshot gallery if you decide to spin the DVD. I’m reviewing these scenes digitally as I downloaded them from the Evil Angel member site. The cast consists of alternative-looking models with tattoos and piercings. You'll see the likes of Sasha Beart, Eden Ivy, Misha Maver, and Tabitha Poison as an example of fiery female talents. Damien Soup’s pierced shaft is here in all its glory for this devilish DP film. Let’s jump on board with these devils of double penetration to see what this large chunk of porno can offer.

Movie Breakdown:

The first scene I started with was Sasha Beart’s and it begins with the director, Proxy Paige, interviewing the tatted tart. She calls her a "Russian Superhero" because of the neat outfit that Sasha is wearing for today's scene. Proxy Paige jokingly asks "What turns you on?" and Sasha quips "big dick" as her answer. Sasha shows off her "Anal Slut" tattoo before she teases her ass for Proxy as she once again and rightfully calls her a "Russian Superhero". Sasha reveals that she is very new to the industry and Proxy couldn't be more excited to have her for Evil Angel. The interview leads to some anal stretching for the camera. Sasha starts to fist her ass, Proxy celebrates the sight of the anal stretching. Sasha is stripping herself as she plays with her pussy and ass. Proxy surprises Sasha with two dildos so that Sasha can further open herself up. Proxy helps out with the toys as she jabs one of the dildos in her ass while Sasha is slamming one in her pussy hole. A large black dildo is brought into play for an excited Sasha Beart as she crawls to it. She's sucking and drooling on the large device before the weapon of a sex toy is used to further open up the riled-up Russian talent. Sasha goes to town on herself with this missile of a black dildo. The result of this is a fountain of squirt and a prolapsed ass during the heated tease segment with Sasha and her butt blasting toys.

Now the cocks come into play with Damien Soup sliding into view first to get his dick sucked. Angelo Godshack jumps right into her butthole with his clothes still on to get the sex off the ground for this scene and movie. The DP Devils cover girl is getting her first slams of fornication in missionary as her mouth is being filled with Damien's dick. Angelo leaps back and forth between Sasha's pussy and butthole in the throes of his fast humping. Sasha thanks him for this before Angelo Godshack makes her squirt again.

By the time they get the double penetration rolling Sasha is ass-up-face-down on a couch. While down there she kindly requests for some double vaginal to be done. Sasha Beart's butt has some impressive gaping during all of this too. You’ll see some peak out before she is folded in reverse cowgirl to be double penetrated some more. More double vaginal occurs in Sasha’s explosive DP scene for this movie. By the time I heard Damien say "time for some soup" as he entered her ass in a doggy DP I got the vibe of how fun this movie was going to be. This is a great scene all around and makes sense why Sasha would best represent the film as a whole on the film's cover.

The adorable Eden Ivy begins her chapter with a conversation with Proxy. The director behind the camera does a good job of showing Eden's rocking look. She's wearing tight pants with a black and white checkered design. Similar to what you'd see on a racing flag coupled with a pink beanie that says "FUCK" on it. She strips down to start demonstrating some incredible toy play that even leaves Proxy breathless. You'll see Eden Ivy's ass swallow a whole double-sided dildo whole and then have it exit her ass without any hands. Some great gapes are in view because of these anal magic tricks.

Time for Eden to get her fresh meat in the form of Yanick Shaft and Damien Soup's dongs to be fed to her. Proxy Paige couldn't help but gush about the double-sided dildo being stuffed up her ass to the male talents now digging into Eden Ivy. Proxy describes her as a bottomless pit as Eden is keeping her mouth busy with a double blowjob. The DP starts with Eden arched in regular cowgirl as the men pump her rhythmically. Damien Soup is sliding in and out of her asshole as Yanick Shaft anchors the pussy at the bottom. In between the double penetrating you’ll see Eden Ivy being folded like a pretzel and banged in the butt. Both Damien and Yanick take turns warping Eden’s hole as her gaped butt is in full view. It was quite impressive to see her cute pink beanie stay on for as long as it did during the DP and hard anal fucking going on in his action-packed chapter. Even the director gets hands-on herself as you'll see Proxy Paige sneak a suck of some dick during the DP dust-up. Eden's scene is full of energy and started with impressive toy play so I enjoyed it a lot.

Misha Maver's scene starts with the standard introduction of Proxy studying the sexy starlet. Misha is wearing very nice purple lingerie which Proxy will admit purple is her favorite color. The eager studs enter the fray and dive into Misha Maver immediately. You'll see Damien Soup and Angelo Godshack again for this third chapter of DP Devils. Proxy calls them the dream team and you'll see why as they make Misha squirt early on in the scene living up to that title. The dynamic start to the scene leads right into Angelo and Damien spit-roasting Misha as she is bent over in doggy style. You’ll hear Proxy Paige being verbally impressed with Misha’s gapes as she claims they are much bigger than the last time she saw her. The DP starts in a cowgirl version with Angelo anchoring the bottom in the pussy and Damien in Misha Maver’s ass. They tumble into altering versions of DP like a reverse cowgirl setup where Angelo Godshack has Misha on top of him so he can anchor her butthole while Damien is plowing her puss. They switch up to a cowgirl ride as she mounts Damien while Angelo is standing over her to get his dick sucked. As she arches in doggy she gets a DP grapple going there with Damien on top of her in doggy anal and Angelo penetrating her vagina. The pops are pretty standard fare but the scene in its entirety is delightful. It was my first time seeing Misha Maver and I'm happy DP Devils allowed that.

The final scene with Tabitha Poison had a musical intro to start it off making it different from the previous three scenes in terms of the beginning part. A sultry tease occurs with the sleazy beats of music showing Tabitha stripping her clothes off. Proxy Paige then gets to talk to study and interview this specimen after the music ceases and Tabitha further teases the camera. Tabitha also gets her turn to play with some toys as Proxy laughs and jokes with her from behind the camera. You'll see Tabitha administer lube as she jabs the toys in her holes with legs spread wide open. Proxy asks her to gape in the doggy as she stuffs a purple dildo up her butt. By the time both male talents are humping her holes simultaneously, she's howling in approval as gapes accompany her wails of ecstasy. When she has flipped around in reverse cowgirl the-DP-caused gapes continue to pop out. Tabitha’s turn in this film is a gape-heavy affair thankfully. When she is laid out on her stomach on the floor both Damien and Angelo take turns plowing into her to get more gaping out of both of her holes. By the time it comes around to finish the scene Angelo fucks to pop on Tabitha Poison's stomach tattoo while Damien Soup drops his load down Tabitha's throat. This final scene rounds out the jammed-packed DP Devils film from Evil Angel and something any Gooner or DP-obsessed fan can appreciate. I recommend it for sure!

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