HardX.com: Lily's Anal Pounding (2022)

by - April 09, 2022

 Starring: Lily Lou // Mick Blue
Directed by: Mason
Runtime: 28 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
To begin the scene, we find ourselves in the backyard of the house. We are with Lily Lou, as she strikes a natural pose. One that showcases her bountiful booty, as she effectively supports it with both hands. This, as the booty, just spills out of the bottom of her cutoff denim shorts. The director Mason, who talks to Lily from behind the camera, is just amazed by both her pose, and especially her booty. Lily says that she likes her booty as well, as Mason, would go on to ask about it further. Lily says that that she has had said ass since around the age of 19. This, as the Washington DC native, jokingly says that it was made in both the gym, as well as the kitchen. However, then in a more serious tone, Lily says that she is half Cuban. Mason, seems to believe that that is the cause. Lily says that most of her family don't have big butts, but they do have big thighs. As for Lily? She was blessed with both of these attributes. Mason goes on to ask Lily, what it is exactly that she likes about her big butt? Lily says that jiggling it is fun, and as far as sex goes, she does not mind if someone grabs, spanks, or bites it. And as far as anal sex goes: she loves it. Mason would next inquire about the time that she first had anal sex. Lily would then surprise the director, by saying that the first time that she ever had anal, happens to have been at the age of 13. Mason is then in shock, as Lily goes on to explain that ever since she hit puberty, as well as when she discovered porn, she has been going at it. She said that initially she thought to herself that she better "prepare" herself for sex. Of course, she first tried her pussy, but found it to be too difficult, and so she switched to her ass. She says that it's was an experience that she found to be amazing. She was hooked on the act, saying that her first, first-hand experience came about when she asked a neighbor kid, if he wanted to "fuck her butt". Lily says that it was a short, but memorable time. Just to be sure, Mason then asks if she did in fact have vaginal sex prior to anal? Lily's answer is yes. When asked if she has a preference, Lily says that she likes both. She says the anal is more intense, but says vaginal is still good. In addition to this, Lily seems to be a big fan of double penetration, which she says that she hopes is on the horizon in her porn future.

Positions Seen //
- doggy (x2)
- reverse cowgirl (x2)
- cowgirl
- missionary
- spoon

The Review // 
First off, I would like to say that this is my first review in about three months, and I am happy to be back. I also have to say that I probably could not have picked a better scene to make my comeback with, than this scene from HARD X, and it's talented director, Mason. It's a scene, featuring a girl that I have been quite taken by ever since first reviewing her in a scene for another studio. Well, that scene for me featuring Lily Lou, was just mediocre in my opinion, luckily, this scene turned out to be quite the opposite. 

Lily Lou is a young performer, who happens to just relish in the act of having her butt fucked. She has been putting things in her butt for quite some time now(ever since 13 years of age, to be exact), and what better way to further that tradition, than to offer up the talented penis of one, Mick Blue? A guy who is of course, more than capable of delivering exactly what she wants.

The scene begins in the basic of ways, as we have an interview segment, intending to have us get to know the featured performer, Lily Lou better. This is decent. However, I will say that, if you have seen that previous scene that I alluded to above, then most of the information that we are given here in this segment, is simply repeated. With that said, I have since been fascinated by the tale, of just how Lily came to discover sex. This girl was sticking things in all of her holes, as soon as she were able!

After the interview segment, we then go straight into the staged sexual encounter between Lily Lou, and her scene partner, Mick Blue. It all begins with Mick positioning Lily on the couch. She's on all fours, as Mick who goes on, wastes no time, as he bury his face into Lily's ass. I really love the way that Lily would proceed to push Mick's head down at times. So that he may get deeply in there. So hot! Mick would eventually follow up tonguing the ass, by fingering it, as he inserts his thumb. Again, this was sexy as well, especially due to the fact that, as the act occurs, Lily could be heard telling Mick that it would feel better if it was his cock instead of his thumb. Well soon enough, she would get her wish, but not before Mick does a little teasing, by rubbing his cock in between Lily's butt cheeks, as she remains in doggy, now facing in a different direction. Mick next, puts his cock into her ass, and continues with a steady, increasing pace. He would really go deep when he decides to pull back on Lily's nice, dark hair. This being encouraged by she. In fact, as it would continue, she would have he pull back and choke her while he is fucking her. This was just great stuff. You just like to see he get deep into that asshole! Especially, if a girl enjoys it as much as Lily Lou seems to! Before the doggy position would finish, Lily would find herself with her face down and ass up in the air, as Mick continue, with a much improved pace. One that is both fast and hard. Next up, the action would move over to the reverse cowgirl position, as Mick simply lies back and allows Lily to take control. Lily would bounce, especially upright. A formation that I have to say, looks really good on camera. Just watching Lily bounce straight up and down on the cock is a treat to witness. For a further treat, we would see Mick, eventually pull back on her hair, and just give it to her deep. Immediately following this, we would have our first instance of ass to mouth, it's a moment that sees Lily just not care. This, as she take's Mick's cock, balls deep down her throat, doing it with ease. The next position that they would find themselves in, would be reverse cowgirl. It's here that we would see Lily Lou's legs and sneakered feet are spread, as she take the dick. As I am a person who pays attention to the very close details, I really enjoyed the fact that we can see Lily both finger her pussy and rub her clit, at the same time, while this happens. While watching, if you look closely, one can see that Lily is actually rubbing her clit with her thumb. This, as her other four fingers were obviously busy. This reverse cowgirl position was also beneficial in that it gave us a full, clear view of Lily's dark bush for the first time during the scene. Following another time of ATM(because she just loves it!), Lily would next, sit upright on Mick's lap, as she has he suck on her tits, prior to slapping them. This would also move on to choking as she requests it. This is pretty simple, however. During this, we can see she grinding on Mick's lap a little, and it's just so hot. Especially with that bush! Next, Mick, essentially manhandles Lily, as she is back on the couch. He flips her to her back, and then into a piledriver position, as he eat her pussy, for a short time. This, before things go to missionary. The true highlight being that Mick eventually would take to a half- straddle from the front. It's with this one, that he not only plunge his cock deep into the ass, it would also be hard as well. Good views would also be ahead, when Mick would also go on to feed Lily his cock. He fucks her face well. So good that Lily would soon be cumming, while also actively rubbing her pussy. The next position would be that of spoon. The position that is basically one of Mick Blue's signatures. It's here, that he usually just plows whatever hole he's going at, and here, Lily's butthole is no exception, as he just goes for it all. Going hard and fast, as he gives Lily's asshole all it can handle. It would continue with he also choking her, and lasting until the two of them nearly fall off of the couch. However, no worries, because it is during this time, that Mick has reached his point of climax. This, as he would hover over Lily's face to tug at his cock, until he blasts her face with his hot, white load. But, that would not be the end just yet. This, as Mick would reward Lily with one last anal orgasm, as they would return to the couch, briefly for doggy.

It was nice to see Lily Lou once again. This time, in a much better scene. One that is better accomplished in showcasing her craving for sex. Nice communication between the two performers, as well as energy and chemistry! A rousing finish that was also too, fitting.

This was a great scene. Just a solid round of anal sex, featuring a legend, paired up with a hot, promising up and comer. Needless to say, I enjoyed Lily's enjoyment of it all. This girl simply loves, and craves anal sex, and here, her energy, and determination, really shows that here, as it brightly shines through. We hear, and see Lily tell Mick, exactly how she wants it several times through out the scene. You just have to love a girl who knows  exactly what she wants, and how she wants it! Again, a great scene. It's rough. It's fast paced, and it's somewhat thorough.  The only thing missing are gape reveals(Which I would have loved to have seen from Lily Lou!). However, yes I'm aware that HARD X, aren't exactly about being graphic. But, as for the scene as is, and in my opinion, I say "see it!".

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