Sex with My Specs (2022)

by - April 13, 2022

 Starring: Octavia Red // Joshua Lewis
Directed by:
Runtime: 38 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene takes place on an afternoon where Joshua Lewis, is with Octavia Red in her bedroom, as they are doing their algebra homework, and they are having a rather tough time doing so. Octavia finds it rather tedious, the more Ns and Ys that are thrown in, saying that it is much easier to solve for X. Joshua on the other hand, replies that he doesn't even understand X, and that he thought that math was numbers not letters. All that the two of them can do, is joke around. However, that does not change one thing, that there homework is extremely boring. This of course, causes their focus to wander. Especially when it comes to Joshua, who has a tough time keeping his eyes on homework, as he would much rather have them on Octavia herself, who happens to be wearing some rather revealing clothing. This, including a crop top, tied at the midriff. One, that just so happens to reveal her big breast with something as simple as the raising of her arms. This being something that Joshua is quick to notice, of course. Joshua finds it more and more difficult himself during such moments, as she leaning over to retrieve a glass of water brought to them by Octavia's mother, which is on the nightstand. It's a position which puts Octavia's ass, right there in Joshua's face. But things really take a turn, once Octavia, just so happens to unfortunately spill a little of said water on her top. It's then without hesitation, that Octavia would cut to the chase, quickly removing her crop top, much to her study partner's shock. Octavia however, is not too shy at all, because she says that she happened to notice just how Joshua was looking at her. And besides, she says that the homework is just far too boring. This, as she would much rather be doing something else anyway. They would do just that, as it would be the start of a sexual encounter between the two, bored study buddies.

Positions Seen //
- missionary
- cowgirl
- reverse cowgirl
- doggy (x2)
- standing side fuck

The Review //
Today, I'm back with another review. This time, I'm taking one from BRAZZERS, as they present to us, this story that is rather classic in two forms. First, we have the scenario of two young people coming together to study. And then to top it off, one of them happens to be a hot girl. The type of girl you just cannot keep your eyes off of. Especially, if she somehow appears to be in any sort of undress. That's the type of situation that the respectable Joshua Lewis is in, when he finds himself the recipient of many a titty flash from his study partner, the red-hot, bespectacled Octavia Red, it's the most predictable of setups. Initially, it appears as though the flash was on accident. However, as the situation grows, as well as their boredom, it's more than apparent that Octavia knows exactly what she's doing. It making for an overall, very fun outcome, and it leading to a sexual encounter that would be equally as pleasing.

The heated exchange begins with Joshua of course, targeting what he had so been mesmerized by: Octavia's boobs. He gives them a suck, prior to they engaging in a round of passionate kisses. However, it doesn't last long, as they discard of their textbooks, and Joshua is soon on his back. I really liked the way that Octavia here, took the initiative and straddled atop of him. I personally just found that to be hot. The two of them also exchange some pretty apt dialogue. Joshua would state that, he could not have picked a better study partner, with Octavia of course agreeing. Joshua, would also follow up, by saying that Octavia is better at sucking dick, than she is with math. This, as she sucks, and strokes his cock with skill. Octavia maintains a great-looking technique here, as she keeps one hand on Joshua's balls, and the other on his shaft, as she both strokes and sucks. It's during the act, that the camera switches to a POV view, that I felt was very nice, as well. Octavia would go on to spit on it, at the encouragement of Joshua. This, would lead to her having a double-handed stroke approach. very briefly. She also playfully hit her face, including her glasses with the dick. After this, we would have some titty-fucking, as Joshua would slip his cock in between the tits to fuck them. Though this was brief, have to say that it was great, it well captured by a flash close up. Again, it's breif. This is because Joshua would next go down on Octavia to return the favor. It would be then that we would see him go to town on Octavia's pussy. He would lap his tongue up and down her clit, much to the delight of she. He does a great job here at eating pussy, I must admit! After a job well done, he finds himself rewarded, as Octavia would say that she wants to feel him inside of her. Joshua would grant her wish, as we would see the missionary position. Joshua goes in deep, and then keeping a steady pace of in and out. Joshua goes on to mention just how much she enjoys it. He on the other hand, would mention just how wet she is. Very good communication here! The position would prove also good for the visuals. This is because during, we would of course be greeted by Octavia's beautiful bouncing boobs, and it is just a glorious sight. I actually loved the way that she would eventually arch her back a little, as things continued. Following the missionary, Octavia would go on to ride Joshua from the cowgirl position. It would begin with she sitting upright, to leaning back. However, she would soon she'd take a stance, as she plants her feet firmly on the bed. It's from here, that Joshua would fire back with a quick and steady pace. Octavia would eventually end up in the upright position once again, as she bounce on it. However, reverse cowgirl would be next. It's a position that Octavia tells Joshua that she will need help with. I liked hearing this! Because after all, as the saying goes, "teamwork makes the dream work. It's after a short time that Joshua Chase is the position for the two of them. This, as he would go on to nail the pussy hard, as the camera gives us many close ups of the ongoing penetration. Octavia would return to sucking cock soon after, However, Joshua would make sure that it didn't last too long, as he has other plans. These plans including, he taking Octavia from behind in the doggy position. From this position, we would see Joshua just nail the pussy. He going good and hard. You just have to loved the way that Octavia tried to maintain eye contact with him all the way through. We would see him later push her flat on her stomach, as he would just go harder, and harder at times. It's just so hot! And speaking of hot, next we have a good-looking position in standing side fuck. Joshua would here, maintain his hard-hitting pace. Octavia begs him not to stop, and stop he does not. The next position in my opinion, is one of the best looking positions of the scene. It would be a return to the doggy position, as Octavia would urge Joshua to "bend her over". This was good stuff, as he simply bents her over the bed, and then proceeds to give it to her good. Octavia aids in this, by saying that she wants to feel every inch of him, as well as mentioning just how good he is pounding her. In addition to this, she would also look back at Joshua, telling him just how hot and handsome, that she thinks that he is. Joshua continues his assault on the pussy, as he then, prop her leg over and continue to pound hard. It would be this very pace, that would soon have him in the need to cum.. The sex would finally come to an end, with Joshua going on to jerk his cock for an extended period. The result of this, would be he blasting Octavia in the face with a nice load. With some of it, most certainly getting on Octavia's glasses. The scene itself would wrap up the story with Octavia's mother returning to the room with the snacks that she had promised them earlier. Although she could not find beer, for the pair of 21-year-olds, she did find some potato chips. When she arrived to the room, Octavia and Joshua are on the bed, as they try their best to act normal. Although, they are a little disheveled. As we would draw to a close, the mother makes a remark that Octavia's glasses are always dirty, and that it is no wonder as to why she does badly in school(implying that she can't see properly).

Octavia Red, happens to be one of the performers that I gravitate towards. I just like her, and I like watching her perform. This occasion was no different. I had fun with it. Another thing is that, prior to this scene I had only seen Joshua Lewis on twitter, and of course in his personal clips, which he posts on there. But with that said, it was a good occasion to see him in a pro scene. Good kid. Good performer, all a part of a very good scene!
In a few words, this scene was simply a fun one. Yes, I really enjoyed it. From the two performers, to the proposed scenario, it all works together quite nicely. While the storyline itself is not all too detailed, it's enough to get by. Especially, seeing as it follows a path of a progress all-too warmly familiar. The hot girl. She knows that the boy is watching her. He believes that she doesn't. She just keeps pouring on the sexy, until the sexually tense situation, pops it's proverbial cork, if you will. It's classic stuff. As far as the sexual encounter between the two which it leads, it's one that flows very well. Not only do we have very nice sex shared between the two: from very nice camera work, as well as some healthy communication between the two performers, Octavia Red and Joshua Lewis, aids everything through, to make this a great outing of sex. Speaking of the communication between the two, I really liked this. From all appearances here, it seemed as though Octavia and Joshua were genuinely into each other. It definitely shows up on screen. From the the verbal communication throughout, to the fact that the two of them could not seem to take their eyes off of one another, it was just all fuel to the fire. I really enjoyed the scene, and believe that you will too, which is why I say that I highly recommend this. Be sure to check this one out!

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