TaoFantasy.com Diary of a Slutty Princess (2022)

by - September 15, 2022

 Starring: Jessica Starling // Tao of Tyler
Directed by: Tao of Tyler
Runtime: 1 hr. 10 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
The scene opens up as Jessica Starling, quickly and eagerly introduces herself. She says that she is a 27-year-old, slutty princess from Canada, prior to listing her measurements for us. Those measurements being: 34-23-34, with 32DDD tits. Jessica, holding a diary, says that today, she is here to write all her fantasies with "Tao of Tyler". The room is decorated fit for a little slutty princess, as Jessica is dressed the part as well. Her wardrobe being of bright, pastel colors. She wears a crop top, reading the words, "Cuter Than U, that wouldn't be complete without bows, rainbows and stars. The rest of the look, consisting of a necklace, rainbow-shaped earrings, anime character panties, white fishnet stockings, and a fresh pair of white sneakers. She's a combination of both cute and sexy. Next, we'd go into a tease montage, accompanied by an original track from Tyler. Jessica bounces her ass, before her tits, quickly take center stage. We see her bounce and shake them. This before she opens up her diary, as a look of amazement, animates her face. The word slut, then flashes on the screen, before the tease continues. It would be appropriate, as the second portion would kick off with Jessica pulling her panties to the side to show off her pussy. It being prior to seeing her twerk. Also, during this, Tyler himself makes several appearances, as he both feels, and sucks on Jessica's tits. He even gets to tongue-punch her asshole before it's all over!

Jessica would then continue to tease us, when reading from her slutty little diary gets her extra hot. She rubs her pussy, first from over her panties, as she says that her pussy gets so wet when she thinks about having her pussy and asshole licked at the same time. She follows up by saying that, maybe a cute guy could lick her ass, while a sexy girl eats her pussy? She then pulls her panties aside to rub her pussy, saying that she needs to be stretched and filled with cum. Better yet she wants to be covered with it. She wants to be a dirty little fucking slut, she says, as she wants someone to use all of her dirty holes. Stretch them out, and ruin them. She wants to be all theirs, Jessica promises. She says that she'd be their obedient little slut, as they put her in her place. This continues with Jessica rubbing her clit, as she says that it's as if her pussy is screaming to be filled up, This, as she'd get her tits out as well. Jessica cannot stop rubbing her pussy, as she begins to dream about a big cock. Well, fortunately for Jessica, she's one slutty little princess, who will get exactly what she wants, when next would be the start of an encounter between she and Tyler.

Positions Seen //
- missionary (x3)
- side fuck
- doggy (x2)

The Review // 
For this review, I make a return to TAO FANTASY, to check out another scene from Tao of Tyler, who had promised me that he had been up to big things, as of late. As it turns out, he is now recruited the help of Sam Styxxx, not only as his production assistant, but also as the person operating the camera when he is in the thick of the action. This alone being enough to intrigue me, as his product was already good enough. But yes, anything has a means to improve. Honestly, I went into this scene very curious and wide-eyed, wondering what I would find.

For the scene, Tyler welcomes to the Bay, the incredibly sexy Canadian Jessica Starling, for some artistically perverted play. The theme to the scene? A rather sweet one. Jessica is all rainbows and unicorns, as she is a glittery princess, with her secret diary in hand. At the beginning, the hot Jessica proclaims that she is here to scribble down, yet another dirty fantasy in her book. All thanks to the Tao of Tyler. The opening presentation is really nice, I have to say. Jessica's look for the scene is definitely one that demands your attention, as she gives us her details, and then teases us. And speaking of the tease - wow. What a fucking beautiful body that Jessica has. Holy shit! She bouncing and shaking to another nice beat orchestrated by Tyler. For as brief as it was, it's fire! And it is all just primer, for what would follow.

Yes, from there, our sex scene gets underway fairly passionately. I loved the passionate kissing between the two. The deep stares into the respective eyes and all. Tyler, would of course take notice of her big natural tits. They are beautiful, so Tyler does what anyone would - he buries his face between them!  His next order of business would be her pussy - and its straight pussy worship. He bends her over, and its great looking stuff. The view, as he spread her ass, and pink pussy, just prior to fingering her deeply. And speaking of fingering, Tyler has she reposition a bit, before giving that pussy an all-out assault of the finger kind. This was one great finger-bang. The best one I've seen in a while. Who knew that finger fucking could be so sexy?? Things would continue to be sexy too, as Tyler would then slowly lick Jessica's asshole, before focusing on her pussy, as she's then on her back. You just gotta love the way that he also fingered the hole, and the same time that he licked the clit! It would be next that Jessica would be on her way to servicing Tyler. Returning the favor. The camera work from Sam would immediately come into play here. I really liked the way that the camera followed the action ever so closely. Not only do we have a view from overhead, as Jessica sucks cock, we have one at the female performer's side perspective, as she slurps and sucks, and has her face fucked. The sucking would then continue from the couch, and it would come to Tyler testing Jessica, as he sees just how much Jessica can deep throat.

The first act of penetration would come after, in the form of the missionary position. Another great instance of good camera work. The position looking great. But even more so, is Jessica. Again, what a body! Here, her big tits are in full view, and so is her fantastic bush, as her legs are spread wide for the taking of dick. Tyler would apply a chokehold, as he digs in deep. This, as Jessica looks deep into his eyes. She'd even encourage him to give it to her even harder. As a result, he of course, would absolutely plow her. Very nice shit! The missionary would continue after, with a camera view that is familiar, as it was used by Tyler previously, before he had a camera operator. It's the overhead POV view of the position, and it's a view that still looks great. I loved the look of Jessica's tits from here. In fact, she looked rather nice and sweet, as she begged for more cock like a good girl! The next position would see Tyler taking Jessica from behind, as he bends her over against a chair, and prop her leg over. This leaving her wide open for the camera. This, as the position makes way for a good look at the penetration. Tyler fucks the pussy nice and hard here. Especially, as the camera gets closer. Jessica loves it, and she'd seem to love it even more, once Tyler took her into straight doggy, with her shirt pulled up. Titties bouncing everywhere! After this, they would make a return to missionary once again. It would be a position, that I felt had a very nice touch, as during this action, also seen was a composite screen. The screen showing the overhead view simultaneously, with the full screen one. Here, it is used briefly. However, I thought it was a nice addition. This particular position continues with Jessica begging him to take it deeper, and Tyler would do so, as he soon fucked harder and harder, as things progressed. We would then have one final position. It would be once again doggy. Only this time, Jessica would be wearing her cute little princess glasses. Here, Tyler simply plows the pussy, until he can't anymore. In fact, he keeps it up just before he can barely restrain himself. The scene would come to an end with Jessica getting in position to allow Tyler to cum on her glasses. He does, leaving Jessica with only one thing left to do, and that is to lick it off. Jessica is an obedient little slutty princess, so of course she does! How sweet.

As I said, when I reviewed the scene a few months ago from TAO FANTASY, I really enjoyed it. The artistic flare, and the one-man production approach, was pretty much as solid as it could get. I did wonder though, how it would be if Tyler expanded? I knew he would - After all, he's an artist. Well, it did not take him long, and with this scene, it definitely shows. This operation is no longer a one-man show, as it were. He has enlisted the welcome help of model, and now production assistant, Sam Styxxx. the improvement to the quality is immediate. I absolutely love it. The scene is longer, and more detailed, thanks to the assist, and as mentioned, the camera work is great. Sam's presence is known. But, not just because her cute little sock-clad feet make a cameo, or that her voice can be heard in the closing seconds. Her work here, brings great value to an already great product. This is definitely a team to watch!

As for my opinion on the scene itself, it's just solid stuff. The overall presentation, from the aesthetics, etc. it's just great. Jessica Starling just so happens to make a cute little slutty princess! The sex scene between these two is awesome, in my opinion This time, we have much longer, drawn out positions, and Jessica's pretty pussy just gets nailed for the majority of them! When it comes to this one, It's hot. I highly recommend it!

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