#DPofTheMonth Newsletter Issue 3

by - September 14, 2022


September greets us with so much new porn to watch and naturally the third issue of the #DPofTheMonth Newsletter is here on Black Halo Adult Reviews. Aside from covering staples in the industry like the Maestro Claudio and his sites, we have some new movies to watch in the form of scorching hot showcases from Evil Angel being dropped.  The third issue of the newsletter coming out right on time for awards season! 

June #DPofTheMonth recap:

If you think about it there should be more websites entirely dedicated to double penetration. One thing is for certain, we have Maestro Claudio throwing his hat into the ring of the #DPBattle as DPDiva.com is the “the only site in the world exclusively about double penetration”. Another certain thing, the Maestro (also the mastermind behind Perv City) is prolific enough to live up to a formula that exclusively unleashes DPs on one platform. If there ever was a place where double penetration runs rampant it is a place where Divas roam, that place is DPDiva.com. This new site will feed us DP content for a very long time to cum. The new tart Katrina Colt enters the world of the DP Diva! Her fresh scene was ready for harvest back on June 7th on the member site. She juggles Mike Stefano and Ramon Nomar’s cocks in 38 minutes scene of pure porn. You'll see a slobber-filled double blowjob kicking things off as part of this porno purity. They sail into a spit roast where Ramon will pound Katrina in doggy as she sucks off Mike Stefano. That organic flow continues as they slide into different variations of different sex positions as DP fills the screen. Maestro’s scenes have that natural feeling as he doesn’t cut during the filming of these sexual escapades in front of his camera.

You’ll see this organic flow that I mentioned earlier when Mike’s cock flops out of Katrina’s hole and slams right into the camera lens. A slight edit is noticeable but understandable in this case as the flow of sex is hardly interrupted as all the performers continue to sexually erupt for the camera. When Katrina mounts Ramon in cowgirl this will allow Mike Stefano to slide in her ass to start up the DP in this scene. Katrina is "welcomed to heaven" as Ramon states about eighteen minutes into this scorching scene. At one point both dicks are stuffed into her mouth and even her face is double penetrated!

A great scene from Katrina Colt with some foot stuff popping up during the pile driver segment. Maestro film's this position very well as his camera fills the screen brilliantly while Katrina is peeled open to be penetrated. The scene sails all the way through with hot action-packed fucking, consider this a MUST-WATCH!

Twitter has been on a mad tear lately suspending adult accounts!

Katrina Colt's Twitter page woes have been temporarily resolved as her Twitter was wrongfully suspended in this crusade by senseless algorithms on the blue bird app, the same thing happened with Maestro Claudio's Twitter for some time now, they both can be found at these respective Twitter handles below:

Maestro Claudio: @TheTweetOfMC
Katrina Colt: @K_trinaColt

July #DPofTheMonth Recap:

For July’s #DPofTheMonth poll I asked the denizens of the #DPBattle movement if they preferred new faces over the more familiar, and welcome, talents you normally see in DP scenes. The results were closer than you would have thought regarding the 27 in-house votes. 59% of the votes went to a new face being preferred in a scene versus patronizing an established name. The familiar faces brought in the remaining 40% of the votes in this poll. Despite a peek into this preference I picked a performer that I believe is a household name in the mind of proper porno pervs, Lydia Black. She shot a Perv City DP scene with the Maestro for his flagship site. The scene with Lydia came out 
back on the 21
st of July. She gets to have all kinds of cool tools to fill up her orifices for this update on the site. Mike Stefano is joined by fellow Italians Romeo Mancini and Tommy Pistol to plug up Lydia Black for this double anal extravaganza within the city limits of Perv. Lydia will have some massive dildos to add to all the cock she's taking in front of Maestro's camera during this quaking DP session.

Before you know it (almost 20 mins into the scene) Lydia is already being fed her share of phallic objects in her mouth. It’s time for all of Lydia’s holes to get some love and that indeed does happen in this speedy sleaze scene. Right to the double anal as Lydia is locked into this rapid ride during a DP-cowgirl stance. Tommy Pistol attempts to slide a toy into her asshole during the throes of the double anal. This hot spontaneity is that fiery flow of the undeniable Perv City style.

September #DPSelects:

April Olsen/ April Knows Best - April Olsen just unleashed her Evil Angel showcase this month with not one, not two, but three DP scenes total to watch in the film. One of the DP scenes is her first double anal in this fully loaded showcase. Directed by Jonni Darkko, this movie has the hype behind it to send ripples beyond the #DPBattle as one of the year's hottest porn releases. We're just lucky in our little XXX-watching world to have performers like April Olsen and this hot new showcase is evidence of that.

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