Tiny4K.com: Tiny Temptation (2022)

by - September 19, 2022

Starring: Dakota Tyler // Brock Cooper
Directed by: 
Runtime: 27 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
We begin the scene with a tease segment, involving the petite cutie, Dakota Tyler. She is wearing a skimpy little blue top and underwear set, which has white fluffy clouds printed on them. During the tease, we see the young Dakota, clutching a stuffed unicorn, as she dances around, teasing us with her tight body. Eventually, she would lift up her top to reveal her perky tits. However, she'd soon remove it all to go nude. The camera would give us a close view of her tits, as well as, go in between her legs, to show her pussy. One that bares some short stubble on it's mound. She would then go on to show off her body in various positions on the floor, prior to we being taken to the next phase, which is a solo masturbation session involving Dakota.

Next, Dakota is spread on the floor, and fully nude, except for her blue, knee-high socks. She has a small white dildo with a purple/pink swirl design on it. She uses a toy to first tease at her clit, prior to deciding be put it in. Here, we would see she go in and out with it, as well as. further tease herself, by pulling out, and placing it back in, in quick concession. This would bring her on the verge of cumming, as the camera would then offer an extreme close up of the penetration of her wet, pink opening. It would be brief. as the focus would be next her face, as she comes closer and closer to achieving climax. Eventually she does, as we watch her reaction as it is drawn upon her face at the time. Dakota would continue things with a smile on her face. However, she would readily admit to needing some dick. So, then we would be taken next, to the scene involving, both she and her male scene partner, Brock Cooper.

Positions Seen //
- missionary (x2)
- doggy
- cowgirl
- reverse cowgirl

The Review // 
For today's review, it's been a long time, but I take a look at a scene from the website, TINY 4K. The site that specializes in the more petite performers. In this scene, titled "Tiny Temptation", the focus is on the bubbly Dakota Tyler.

The set up is rather simple, as obviously the sex is our main course, and it wants to get to it, as quickly as possible. We begin with a light tease from Dakota, as she frolics around in skimpy lounge wear, holding her stuffed animal. However, it isn't long before the aforementioned clothes come off. Dakota then in the buff, gladly continues to show off her body, as we see the camera inspect the essentials; tits, ass and pussy. And speaking of pussy. That would next be the focus, as we move into a brief masturbatory scene, involving Dakota, and only her dildo. She would be able to cum. However, for her, it's just not enough. She needs the real thing!

She gets just that, in the form of Brock Cooper's fat cock. A cock that she would take into her mouth. The camera does a good job of staying close, as well as going overhead. We watch as she slurp and suck, as well as deepthroat it as far as she can. Brock, would even try to face fuck her. It all before the action points to missionary, next. The position would see Dakota with her legs spread wide. This, as Brock, consecutively, thrusts his cock in and out at a steady pace. In between, there would be a brief pause, before Brock would pick it up again, but at a much quicker pace than before. The views would be from the side, overhead, as well as close up. The next position would be doggy, and let me tell you, before this particular position is over, it looks beautiful. Brock takes Dakota from behind, and he's super consistent through out, as he plugs away at the pussy. First, we have a straightaway standard view of the proceedings, before the camera switches to that of a more lower take, and it's great. From the close view, we are able to see Dakota's young pussy stretch around the cock, as it moves in and out of her. We would also go to an overhead view as well. During, Dakota would urge Brock to go even harder. However, she would next climb on for cowgirl. Brock stays consistent as he plows, stuffing her with dick. Dakota herself would also additionally bounce, and twerk on it as well. Just another good looking position. I loved watching Dakota's ass bounce, and her pussy stretch! and it was all fast-paced too. She got stuffed! With that in mind, it would be pretty much the same caliber, for the next position, which would be reverse cowgirl. Here, Dakota would steadily bounce for an extended period, as her tiny pussy take the majority of the fat cock. Also, on two separate occasions, we would also see Brock slam her down hard. It would all soon enough lead to the end of things. Brock would have Dakota stroke him at a quick pace. It would be during this, that Dakota would beg for the cum. He would soon give her exactly what she wants, as he jerks his cock over her, to shower Dakota's face with a nice big load for the finish!

Short n' sweet. That's what this scene was. Just like it's tiny featured starlet Dakota Tyler. Truth be told, at the beginning of the sexual material, I felt that things were pretty much routine and average. However, once the action went into the doggy position, that is when things began to pick up. The fucking from Brock Cooper got harder, and the pace quickened. It would then carry over to the next positions, they being first standard cowgirl, and then the reverse variation of the position. A position, with which the scene would come to it's end, eventually. But yeah, heavy banging in the scene's final three positions. Little Dakota took the dick well! It was fun to see, therefore, it's a scene that I would definitely recommend, without hesitation. I personally can't wait to see more of Dakota. Especially in more broader scenarios.


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