My Sister's Hot Friend - Dharma Jones (2022)

by - September 20, 2022

 Starring: Dharma Jones // Nick Strokes
Directed by: 
Runtime: 56 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
Our scene begins with Dharma Jones, as she is preparing to take a bath. She turns on the water for the bathtub, as she otherwise prepares. It seems that seeing herself in the mirror, has she feeling herself figuratively. This, as begins a pre-bath tease by she. She moves, and sways in front of the mirror. She wears a brown top, and some fringed, black, cut-off shorts. She feeling herself from over them, with much being made about her ass. Eventually, her shorts would come off, leaving nothing but her top, lace panties and a pair of black and blue socks. Dharma continues to check the water temperature, as things from here, would continue with the teasing. It's before her clothes come off, that the camera gives us a close-up view of Dharma's tits, as her nipples are poking through her top, as well as a look at her dark shaved pubes, barely visible, through her white panties.

Next, the panties remain on, as the top does not. Dharma checks the water one final time, prior to stepping in. However, there would be yet another delay. This is because, as it turns out, Dharma isn't alone. Watching her from the doorway is Nick Strokes, her friend's brother, who seems to definitely like what he sees. In fact, he's aroused by it. She being bent over at the tub is an irresistible sight for him. So much so, That Nick decides to get a better look. He comes into the bathroom, something that obviously startles Dharma. Nick is quick to ask her what she is doing there, as he says that this is his parents' bathroom. Dharma explains, that Nick's sister had said that it was ok for she and her boyfriend to use the bathroom as well as the bedroom, when their parents are away, and that when Dharma's parents are away that Nick's sister can do the same. It seems to be a good enough explanation for Nick, who goes on to ask Dharma, if she was planning to use the tub with someone? Dharma says that she was. Her boyfriend "Joe". But unfortunately for her, he has stood her up, she says. She adds that Joe has a tendency to stand her up, and so she thought that she'd take the opportunity to use the bathroom and bedroom, by herself. That is when Nick makes a rather strange proposal, when he asks if he may take a bath with her instead? To Dharma, it's a little weird, as Nick is her best friend's brother. However, she would soon find herself agreeing to it, as Nick promises not to touch. Dharma then removes her panties, and steps into the tub. But not before having Nick turn around, as not to see her. Nick, who still peeks anyway, soon gets undressed himself. The two then find themselves in the tub, front to back. However, as they sit in the warm bath, the "no touch" rule, would not last for long. First, Nick would be massaging Dharma's shoulders, but soon enough, his hands would journey further, as he rubs, and lightly squeeze her perky tits. This, would get Nick's curiosity flowing, as he asks Dharma, if she has ever thought about the two of them being together? Of course, she hasn't. Because - once again, he is her best friend's brother. She then goes on to ask he the same question. His answer being the opposite. In fact, he has indeed thought about being with Dharma. Dharma then asks Nick if he wants to have sex with her? When the answer is yes, Dharma sees no harm in it. After all, the two of them are already naked, and in the tub together. It would lead to the two of them hooking up. In the bathtub, and out.

Positions Seen //
- missionary
- doggy
- spoon
- reverse cowgirl
- cowgirl

The Review // 
NAUGHTY AMERICA, is once again the subject of review, as I take a look at a scene from their series "My Sister's Hot Friend". The scene starring Dharma Jones, as she is looking to enjoy a nice, warm bath by herself. However, seeing as, she's at her best friend's house, she would find herself interrupted by her friend's brother Nick Strokes. When he finds that Dharma's boyfriend is a no-show, he would seize the opportunity to close in on Dharma, on whom he has had a long-lasting crush. Long story short, the two of them eventually end up in the bath together, and subsequently having sex.

This scene from NAUGHTY AMERICA, has a long, drawn-out storyline. One that I felt was a little too long. First, things begin with a tease segment involving Dharma. I felt that it should have been cut out altogether. It feels out of place. Secondly, it takes far too long to go from bathtub, to sex. Like, why do we need to show them, each drying themselves off with towels? Or have a part with Nick saying that he is going to use the towel to dry his face, prior to placing it on the floor for he and Dharma to lie on? It's just annoying excess, and it makes me laugh.

Luckily, the sex between them though, is where it's at! The sex is indeed hot. Mostly because of Dharma, but Nick brings it too. It begins in the bath. Nick rubbing at Dharma's pussy, and she tugging at his cock. This was hot in itself, and it was just a precursor! When they step out of the tub. Nick would be quick to eat that pussy. And what a pussy it is! Dharma has an absolutely beautiful vagina. I love, love, love her closely-shaven full bush. Oh my! Nick munches on it, slurping and sucking on the clit. full-on mouthing it. Dharma would then return the favor, as she would be on her knees to suck Nick's cock. She first strokes it to get it hard, prior to she putting her mouth on it. Dharma, definitely has some fellatio skills. By the end, she is fucking her own mouth with it!

Dharma, would then be back on the counter once again. This time for missionary. From here, she has her right leg up, and Nick works his cock, deep into her pussy. As things progress however, he would plug it in deeper and harder, as he pounds it. Next, the position would be doggy, as Dharma is bent over and fucked. This would go on at a varying pace, as Dharma is soon standing spread-legged, and bent over, as she begs Nick to fuck her good. What a girl! The next position would be spoon, as they lay towels on the floor. Initially, the penetration would be nice and steady from Nick. But of course, as it would continue, the pace quickens a little. He even taking his dick as deep as he can, into her pussy, much to Dharma's liking. The penetration looks great here. In fact, the camera gives us some very nice close-up footage of Dharma's great looking pussy, to emphasize it. After this, Dharma would be back to sucking cock, showing her tremendous skill, as she wraps her lips around the dick. Some fantastic deepthroating is seen here. But it would be after this, that Dharma would go on to climb on top for some reverse cowgirl. First, she leans forward with her legs spread wide and her feet planted firmly, to bounce up and down on it. However, it would continue with she leaning back. Nick would soon guide her body down onto his dick, as it's driven deep. We would even see some very nice grinding on it as well from Dharma. Grinding that looks very sexy, I might add! Next would be standard cowgirl, as Dharma reverses herself, for what would be the scene's final position. It's also a position that puts heavy focus on Dharma's nice butt, as well. The position begins with she upright to bounce. But it would change briefly, after Nick repositions himself to be more flat. She leans in more to take the dick steadily, prior to she being upright again briefly. It would bring her to leaning all the way forward to rest on Nick, allowing him to pump her pussy. It lasting until he has to cum. The scene would come to a close, with Dharma getting to her knees, as Nick pulls on his cock to cum. He does so, as he aims for her mouth. However, he sprays a big load, One that partially blasts her in the face, as the rest sprinkles down on the floor.

Well, this is a scene that definitely surprised me. Because to tell the truth, I honestly did not like the set up all that much. The tease at the beginning, was just not needed in my opinion, and the whole bathtub storyline involving the best friend's brother, is just awkward and cheesy as hell. Who asks someone if they can take a bath with them? Only in porn, I guess! These are my thoughts on the story alone. I do say this because, when it comes to the sexual material involving Dharma Jones and Nick Strokes, it's absolutely golden. Its perhaps, one of the most solid sexual performances that I've seen all year! I was a bit iffy about this scene too at first, because it remains in the bathroom for its entirety. I had hoped that this wouldn't hinder the sex in any way. Luckily it didn't, as Dharma and Nick were able to use it to their advantage. With other things, I will say that one thing kind of annoyed me. As the two of them would change positions, Nick would verbally call things out, before they happen. Kind of like he was directing or whatever. For instance. He wanted Dharma on the bathroom counter. "Get on the counter!!" He'd say out loud. Or before he wanted to fuck Dharma in doggy from behind. "Bend over!!". "Lay down!!" My advice? Dude, stop doing that!! Unless, you are in fact, directing and performing at the same time, let the Director call the shots from off camera. Geez! Otherwise, you are a great performer! And another thing, it seems as though, the Director/camera operator, whoever, has the exact same fondness for Dharma Jones' pussy as I do. Because there are many divine close ups of it through out. This is not a complaint! Again, aside from the storyline setup, the sex is fucking great, so it would be remiss of me, not to recommend this scene for that reason alone. But also, there is one Dharma Jones. Although she is new to the industry, she is definitely one that you should get to know! ​


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