Spizoo.com: Summer Vixen Squirts Hard While Fucking Her Trainer (2022)

by - October 19, 2022

Starring: Summer Vixen // Robby Echo
Directed by: Alan X
Runtime: 30 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
As she explains, Summer Vixen, never thought that she would ever have an interest in boxing. However, upon signing up for a boxing class at the local gym, she found more than enough reason, falling head over heels for the instructor, Robby Echo. For Summer, Robby's rippling muscles, and great smile, were enough to catch her attention. So much so, that, as she says, she has not missed a private session with him yet, and it's in the time spent with him, that she has been waiting for the perfect moment to make her move. She says that she happened to find that particular moment one day, after a long, hard and sweaty workout between the two of them. As she worked up the courage to tell Robby how she felt about him, it would be much to her surprise, and relief, that he himself actually felt the same way about she. Summer further explains, how things got hot and sweaty between them once again, back at her place. It is then, that we are treated to the details in visual form.

Positions Seen //
- missionary
- standing cowgirl
- standard cowgirl
- reverse cowgirl
- doggy
- spoon

The Review // 
For this review, I take a look at a story-driven scene from SPIZOO, and their resident Director, Alan X. In the scene, they tell the story of Summer Vixen, a young female boxing trainee, who would get more than she bargained for, when she signed up for a boxing class at her gym. That being because the class is overseen by one hunk of a man in Robby Echo. Or at least, in her opinion anyway. The scene's story, which is told in flashback, has Summer remembering their meeting, and how she couldn't get enough of the instructor. She logging as many private hours as she could with him, until she got up enough guts, to make her all-important move. Of course, it was beneficial to her. as it paid off. This, as he feels the same, and they ultimately get it on!

I mean, how fun is this storyline. Yes, the truth about it is that it is very short. Like less than a minute. However, with this in mind, I have to admit that it somehow worked well as the flashback type of setup. We have the brief introduction with voiceover from Summer, as we watch things initially unfold, and then we soon enough have the sexual happenings playing out before us after. I really liked it. The explanation both vivid and colorful(like the workout clothes, worn by Echo), and also well-voiced, and performed.

When we go into the sexual encounter between student and instructor, they are back at Summer's place. Her bedroom to be exact, and it's where they begin things, by sharing passionate kisses. They would lead to Summer taking Robby deep into her throat next. He's also finger her pussy and fuck her face. This, all prior to going down on her.

After this, we would have our first sign of penetration. It being from the missionary position. It would be a position which Robby would maintain a steady pace, prior to picking up speed. I loved this really. Some good hard penetration, and Summer absolutely relishing it. Not to mention that she squirted a ton, once Robby pulled out, and slapped his dick against her clit. Just glorious stuff! Robby after the fact, would suck up the squirt, and so Summer would reward him by putting his dick back into her mouth.

The next position, would be that of standing cowgirl. We would see the two performers here, stare into each other's eyes, as Robby bounces Summer down onto his cock, prior to machine-gunning her, drilling that pussy fast and hard. I always like when I get to see some standing cowgirl like this. Especially when the receiver is fucked hard!

The two of them would take to the bed next, as things would go to standard cowgirl, as Summer eagerly climbs on top, facing Robby. From this position, Summer bounces steadily for a time, before Robby takes over at his quick pace of fucking, driving Summer wild, who encourages him to pound her pussy. During this I also really liked the fact that Robby plays with, and and fingers Summer's butthole. It's so hot. Kudos to the camera for giving us a close up view, as it was happening. This would be followed by she reversing herself, as reverse cowgirl is next. Summer's legs are initially spread wide as she bounce on it. However, Robby would really give it to her, as she lean back on him to take it hard.

Doggy would soon continue the action, as Summer is on all fours. Robby maintains a steady pace of in and out from here. We also see Summer, nicely throw that ass back on her own, and it looks nice. To follow this up, Summer would return to sucking Robby's cock very briefly, before they head to the next position, that being spoon.

This is a position that starts nice and heavy, with a close-up of the penetration as well, the camera is right there, as Robby bangs away at Summer's pussy. On multiple occasions things would slow down, only to get fast and hard again, as Summer tells Robby to "fuck her like a little whore", and as she makes mention that he is "rearranging her insides". It would be action that lasts until Robby must cum. This, as the scene comes to a close, with Robby jerking it to sling his hot gravy it to Summer's mouth, and onto her face.

This entry from SPIZOO is nice and hard. Just the way that I like it! First, we have a fun storyline to set it all up, before going into a sexual tryst, that I have to say, is a surprising one. I didn't exactly expect it to be as rough as it actually is. However here, both Summer Vixen and Robby Echo, really go for it, as it is apparent that the two of them were in a quest to get each other off - and that they do! Especially Summer, who cums several times. And you just have to enjoy her sharp--tongued dirty talk! I mean wow. I think her in-sex dialogue, would make any man cum! Anyway, this was a scene that I really enjoyed, and do recommend. A Good job by Alan X, who directs this fairly expertly!


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