Tiny4K.com: Tiny Ballerina (2022)

by - October 11, 2022

 Starring: Chanel Camryn // Ryan Driller
Directed by:
Runtime: 41 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with a tease segment involving the petite Chanel Camryn. Chanel says that she loves to dance. That it makes her feel; cute, fun and sexy. Chanel can't wait to hang out with us today, as she asks us to come play with her. We shall!

We then have a piece involving Chanel, showing her dancing and otherwise exercising. All of which, being accompanied by bouncy music. It's during this, that we see Chanel thrust her body, and move for the camera. She props her leg up on a pink balance beam, bends over, and shakes her ass. Chanel, while looking really cute.

After the tease segment, the dancing Chanel, would then treat us to a masturbatory session involving she and a clear, purple dildo. A toy which she squats over, as it is suctioned to the floor. It's here, that Chanel steadily bounces on the dildo, as we hear how wet her pussy is. She works herself up to cum. However, she doesn't stop. In fact, we see she reverse herself next. She would do the same as before, only this time, she would cum on two separate occasions for us. It would be following this, that we find ourselves taken directly into a sexual encounter between Chanel Camryn, and Ryan Driller, who can already be seen eating her pussy.

Positions Seen //
- reverse cowgirl
- piledriver
- missionary
- doggy
- spoon

The Review // 
For today's review, I take a look at another scene from TINY 4K, and again, it's a young new performer that I have been meaning to check out, after becoming a fan of her on social media. That performer in question, being of course, the lively, and undeniable, Chanel Camryn. Chanel is a performer who I knew was different from the beginning, after I saw a clip from one of her very first scenes. She has a tendency to shake and tremble upon climaxing. A behavior that had me dubbing her "The Electric Lady". I don't think it stuck. But, I guess that it's the thought that counts!

On to the scene itself. It's a scene that of course, begins with a teasing segment. The idea here, is that Chanel loves to dance. The scene is titled "Tiny Ballerina". However, Chanel's attire here, seems more better suited for aerobics. It truly has me wondering if the people at PORN PROS even watch their own product?? Well anyway. We are given a segment with music, as Chanel does things such as thrust her bare pussy toward the camera, as well as shake her ass. If I am being honest, I have to say that I found the segment to be kind of cheesy. It felt like one of those '80s workout videos. Especially with the music. But with that being said, I did like the shots of Chanel's, here bald pussy. Truth be told, her pussy is really pretty. At the time that I am writing this, she sports a dark, well-kept bush, which makes it even more so. The tease would have some nice, but brief dildo play, before then wasting no time, as we immediately go into the sex. 

For the scene, Chanel has been paired with porn's Superman himself, Ryan Driller. Right off the bat, Ryan is eating her pussy, and Chanel is really loving it. I mean really loving it. He absolutely kills her pussy with his mouth, tongue and fingers. The tongue and finger combo, makes Chanel cum multiple times, as she yells out, and squirms in pleasure. After, she would return the favor, by going on to suck Ryan's cock. She would mention how big it is, and how good it looks, saying that she can't wait to put it in her mouth. But first, she would tease it with her's, and also suck his balls.

She would however, next resort to sucking cock, eventually taking it down, as deep as she can. She would even continue to suck the balls, while also stroking with her hands. Ryan would lightly fuck her face, as well. This, prior to he being on his back, The shot being from POV, with Chanel facing, as Ryan spreads his legs, This, as Chanel continues to work his cock, and talk about it's size. This would be seen prior to the scene's first position. That being reverse cowgirl.

It would be during this position that initially, bouncing would be seen. However, for the most part, Ryan would slam his cock in, as he simultaneously slam Chanel down onto it. She'd lean back to take it, reaching multiple orgasms from here. Most of them being visually apparent, seeing as Chanel shakes in pleasure, at the peak of her delight. This would happen multiple times, as the camera would eventually  switch from the straightaway view to one that's overhead.

And in keeping overheard in mind, an overhead view would be next used. This, as the action goes to piledriver. Here, Chanel is bent over backwards, and we have the overhead camera, as Ryan continues to fuck her. Ryan continues at a steady pace of in and out. This, as we see Chanel's eyes roll back into her head, as she screams out. The view from overhead. would next be directly over the performers, and reversed. The action continuing to show Chanel orgasm, as her legs tremble. It would be then that the position would go to missionary with Chanel lying flat. We would again see her legs shake from here. It wouldn't be long before the position of missionary would see another camera change, to more of a side view to finish it out.

The position would then switch to that of doggy, as we first see Ryan continue to plug from the overhead. I really liked the way that Chanel talked about how big Ryan is, as he keep pumping into her. as well as how she held onto his arm. The doggy would be more standard from then on with the camera angle, as Ryan maintain his pacing, as Chanel looks back at him, as she take the dick.

She continues to take it next in spoon. This, is just Ryan continuing a good job of consistently fucking the pussy. It takes some time, but he would drive Chanel crazy again with his cock, as he rams it in.

It would be then, nearly time for Ryan to cum. However first, Chanel would once again treat the cock well with her mouth. All of which, soon enough would make Ryan pop. It's with that, that our scene would come to an end with Ryan, shooting his load into Chanel's happy mouth. It's a nice load, which she happily swallows down. In the end, Chanel leaving with a very nice smile on her face! Good stuff indeed!

After a tease segment, that I could have pretty much done away with and be fine, this scene actually turned out to be quite a good one. I feel that this has to do with much the chemistry between the performers. Both Chanel Camryn and Ryan Driller, appeared to be really into what they were doing together. I have to say that I am really impressed with Chanel. She is a performer who is ultra-passionate. Her reaction, the way that she gets into things, keeps the viewers eyes glued to the screen. Here, Ryan brought her to cum so many times, and she let us know it too! She is so animated when she has sex. I will definitely be reviewing her much more soon! For now, this is a scene that I would highly recommend checking out for sure! Ryan Driller is a legend in his own right, while Chanel Camryn is a young, up-and-coming starlet that you should keep your eye on! ​


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