That's a Good First BBC Anal (2022)

by - December 20, 2022

Starring: Rosalyn Sphinx // BlackPantherXXX
Directed by: BlackPantherXXX
Runtime: 53 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with Rosalyn Sphinx, who is wearing a rainbow-colored, long sleeved fishnet body suit, seen on all fours, as she both twerk and spread her ass for the camera. The editing, cutting between the two. We also see Rosalyn on her knees, and on her back, as she touch and rub her pussy. As the camera is briefly on her face, she smiles for us, as she massages her perky tits. There would then be more twerking, ass spreading, and clit rubbing. and some spit would be used also. However, this is briefly prior to the tease wrapping up, as Rosalyn would send us on our way, and on to the scene, by blowing us a kiss. One that would emit a smile big enough for we to fully scope out her cute braces! It would be then that we would then go into the encounter between she and BlackPantherXXX!

Positions Seen //
- missionary(x2)
- doggy
- cowgirl
- reverse cowgirl(anal)
- side fuck(anal)
- reverse side fuck(anal)
- doggy(anal)
- cowgirl (anal)
- lazy dog (anal)

The Review // 
Today, it is a new one for me. Today I review a selected scene from a website called SEXY MODERN BULL. On SEXY MODERN BULL. We follow the sexual escapades of French contract star, BlackPantherXXX, as he bangs some of the hottest chicks in a variety of scenes. And, I bet you are wondering just why the male performer is called BlackPantherXXX, am I right? Well, the answer is simple for the Frenchman dons a black mask that is eerily similar to that of the mask, worn by the late, great Chadwick Boseman, as the Black Panther character in the Marvel films. Yes, not a bull, but a panther.

Well, anyway the scene would get underway by beginning things with a teasing segment, involving the ever-so-cute Rosalyn Sphinx. I felt that this segment, was actually pretty good. It was really well done. The editing was stylish, and moved things along at a quicker pace, as it cut between various delicious views of Rosalyn, as she spread and touch herself here and there. Those views of her butthole, as well as her pink pussy, are very nice, I have to say. However, it does not last long, as we are soon in the midst of a very passionate session between Rosalyn and BlackPanther. These two definitely, do not waste any time, whatsoever.

The sex between them would begin with a round of passionate kissing. Lips touch and lots of tongue shared during this. BlackPanther, even fish hooks her mouth a little with his fingers. It all being prior to pulling aside Rosalyn's fishnet, and panties. as he massages her clit. It becoming more vigorous, and BlackPanther rubs her faster, causing Rosalyn to give us a couple of squirting orgasms. I do have to admit that Rosalyn squirting here, is super hot!

Next, things go straight in for missionary without the inclusion of a blowjob first, and I actually kinda like that. Something different for a change. Just before, Rosalyn helps him guide it in, BlackPanther gives a gaze at the camera, that was quite scary. But don't worry, it is only momentarily. After Rosalyn would assist, he work up a quick pounding pace, as he is on top of her. He would also in the meantime, he slow things down to offer Rosalyn's pussy some nice, slow and deep strokes. After this, we would see BlackPanther, briefly munch on Rosalyn's pussy. This. prior to he using her foot to give himself a footjob. For me, this was also a welcome addition to the scene. Because you just don't see footjobs everyday.

The next order of business, would be the position of doggy. BlackPanther, from here, would maintain a steady pace of in and out, as he fucks from behind. During this position, the camera would give us a close up view of the penetration at hand. This would've been great footage, had not half of it been so out of focus. However, it's in focus just long enough for us to see the pussy hug around the cock, as it goes in. The view would switch back to the side angle, as we would see not only BlackPanther continuing to fuck, but also Rosalyn throwing it back. They would follow doggy with the position of cowgirl which sees Rosalyn climbing on top to ride.

In this position BlackPanther starts by slamming Rosalyn down on the dick steadily, as her pink pussy swallows it deeply. Taking note of this, he'd soon increase his pace going faster and faster. Rosalyn takes the dick from here nicely, as she finishes out the scene by bouncing on it herself. However, next would be a change of position, as they go to the reverse variation of cowgirl. Not only that, it would be the start of the anal sex. Supposedly, this being the very first time that Rosalyn had ever had a black cock in her ass! What a great thing this is!

As things begin, the respectable Panther knows to first take things lightly. This, as he eases it in. From here, there's only light stuffing of the ass. But next, as the two reposition, the pacing gets quicker, and BlackPanther goes deeper. What I liked about this point of the scene, was definitely Rosalyn's facial expressions, as she is fucked in the ass. Eyes quickly widened, eyes rolling back, etc. It's great stuff! She grows to enjoy what she's feeling, as the smile on her face is surely evident of that. Soon enough, she's spread with her feet on BlackPanther's legs, as she rubs her pussy. This while BlackPanther pumps away. The pace being an increasing one.

We then find Rosalyn placed on a table nearby, as her ass gets it in side fuck, while her fishnets are pulled aside - I really enjoyed this view of the ass fucking. This, as Rosalyn's pretty young MILF pussy is directly in view of the camera. BlackPanther, would then reverse  Rosalyn for reverse side fuck, as her ass faces the camera. What I really liked about this particular position was, that one could really see just how tight a fit for the dick that it truly was. 

For the next position, the two of them would make a return to the doggy position. Only this time it is the "anal edition"! The position would begin with BlackPanther steadily pumping away at Rosalyn's tight little asshole. I really liked how BlackPanther could be seen palming Rosalyn's ass with both hands, as he gets in there. But speaking of "getting in there", he really does so, after he does what he would do next. Basically, he props his right foot up on the table for leverage, as he essentially go on to half straddle the ass, then and there. I personally loved this. In fact, it is probably my favorite thing about the scene. It was not only a great positioning choice by BlackPanther, but also a wise one as well. Because not only is he getting his cock deeper into Rosalyn's ass, it also opens things up for the camera, letting it have a clear view of what's going on.

It would be following this that we would see the two of them take to a bed for more fun. The beginning with standard cowgirl. Here. we see BlackPanther continue to dig in deep, as he grip and spread Rosalyn's ass.

They would then spoon. Rosalyn would be on her side. Initially, she is folded up. as the penetration would begin. But it wouldn't take her long for her legs to be wide open. while her butt continues to take it. BlackPanther employs a quick pace, and it makes Rosalyn loopy, she's obviously "dick drunk". as they say.

After the position. BlackPanther demands to see Rosalyn's gaping ass, and that she spread her ass. The gape is very pink, and very much inviting. Which is why BlackPanther puts his mouth on it. He then eats and tongues the ass. Eventually jabbing it in(I can't blame him, I probably would have done it too!) Following this, spoon would continue, but only briefly, as they go to the next position of the scene. The position being "lazy dog"

The "lazy dog", or prone doggy if you will, happens to be one of my favorite positions to watch, and little did I know that I would be seeing it here! The position looks beautiful. It just might be the best looking of the scene as a whole. We are positioned behind them. Yes, for this position, BlackPanther's ass is in full view of us. But, so is the ass and pussy, as he pounds away at the backdoor. It's so good!

Next up for the scene's final position, we a make a brief return to missionary. However, it's with purpose. That purpose being a creampie finish! In short, BlackPanther continues, until deeply erupting into Rosalyn's pussy. It's then for evidence, that he has her push it out, while zooming in with the camera. The reveal is not good it should have been, because the focus of the zoom is still an issue. But we get the gist of it, and it's all good. It's a nice finish!  

As I said, this scene was my first experience with the fairly new site, SEXY MODERN BULL, and I have to say that I quite liked it. Yes, the camerawork, could use a little practice. Especially during zoom shots. Every time here, that there is an attempt to get in close, it's blurry for the majority. So, yes, they need to work on that. Otherwise, the scene itself, as it is presented here, is actually pretty solid. We got squirting, a footjob, anal sex, and a creampie. Really, what more could anyone want?! Also, Rosalyn looks great in the scene, and she handles the thick cock well. It mostly occupies her butthole. I didn't know what to expect going into this, but it kept my attention. There's some really nice work put in by both performers - Rosalyn Sphinx and BlackPather. I recommend it!


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