DP of The Month Newsletter Issue 5

by - December 27, 2022


Since I had to watch a good amount of showcases for this year's industry awards voting on top of the reviews that I had to do, a curiosity shed itself over me. What is the ideal amount of double penetration scenes for a performer showcase? I had to ask the #DPBattle fanbase. So October’s poll revolved around how many DP scenes are ideal for a performer showcase.

For starters, in a performer showcase, the featured talent has to have sex in every scene. So if a fan wanted more than one double penetration scene in a showcase it will be with the same female talent in all of them. So that would be your favorite performer getting DP’d multiple times in the same movie depending on the desired amount voted on in the poll. There were several DPs scenes in some of these showcases I watched/reviewed and October’s #DPofTheMonth scene was taken from Charly Summer’s showcase for Jules Jordan Video. Read all about it in this issue.

The last issue we talked about was something called watersports and/or piss play in DP scenes and I have to say that I'm personally a fan of these "wet" scenes that come out of the AnalVids network. That is why I nominated another one for November's #DPofTheMonth. I'm very thankful for hardcore porno and the November's #DPofTheMonth scene is a perfect example of why. Let's talk more about filth in this fifth issue of the #DPofTheMonth Newsletter.

October #DPofTheMonth:

I watched the October nominated scene as part of the Ultimate Fuck Toy: Charly Summers feature showcase from Jules Jordan Video. The stylish intro is that of a XXX comic book unfurling on the screen as the montage rolls by. The front cover of the actual DVD box has this theme of a comic book layout too. A memorable opening credits to a piping hot performer showcase that introduces one of porn’s hottest rising tarts. As a whole, the movie contained two DP scenes out of the four scenes offered as a full showcase. October's poll focused on asking the #DPBattle what was the ideal amount of double penetration for performer showcases in general terms.

The choices to vote on in the October poll for the "ideal amount of double penetration scenes in a performer showcase" were one, two, three, or even four scenes.

-Just one DP scene tallied 21% of the vote.
- Two DP scenes pulled 14.5 % of the vote.
- Three DP scenes received only 6.5 % of the vote.
- Four DP scenes were the highest with 58%.

Fascinating numbers with three DP scenes taking in the least amount of votes out of the 62 total votes for this particular poll. It seems the #DPBattle fan group, unsurprisingly, wants performer showcases filled with double penetration scenes front to back. Most showcases or gonzo movies in general contain about 4-5 scenes overall (DP/or not). Thinking back now I should have specified even more with the final choice as four or MORE scenes for those longer showcases which are indeed out there. But the data is valuable, regardless,  as it shows the desire for more double penetration in these performer showcases by hungry and horny porn fans.

The scene itself has Charly tackling the dark sabers of Jax Slayer and Rob Piper in this to-the-point hole filler of a scene. The scene is spiced with some double vaginal as well in the award-nominated showcase. A great blaster of a cut that runs a little over 40 minutes of Jules Jordan Video curated gonzo.

November #DPofTheMonth:

Alicia Trece’s scene starts with a hot tease advertising her badass butt. The Colombian firecracker speaks Spanish to the camera during the teasing. The intro segment reveals her talent for making her asshole talk before she starts to stuff it with a large toy. She is, of course, equipped with Wonder Toys weapons as it’s the toy line of one of the Anal Vids network’s premier directors, Giorgio Grandi. You’ll even see some of the specialty dildos in the background as set pieces. After Alicia is done fucking herself with a toy you’ll see the studs step up to start banging her in the ass immediately.

Alicia starts getting to the piss drinking as soon she’s done getting fucked in her mouth and ass. This happens at about 16 minutes into the scene if you’re watching the wet version, which is the one I nominated for November. The male studs pissing on Alicia and fucking her holes consist of some Anal Vids luminaries plus one legend I haven’t seen in a minute. Mark Dozer, Luca Ferrero, and Max Dior are joined by the legendary Ramon (not to be confused with the other Ramon that has a palindrome for a stage name) in this raunchy piss-filled affair that’s filled with butt fucking. Alicia gets two cocks stuffed in her ass routinely throughout the filthy affair. The next piss session is towards the end of the scene where the studs will attempt to aim for her mouth to fill it up with urine. This scene is a satisfying double anal wreck fest.

The poll for November focused on the #DPSelect department as I asked does it matter how recent or old the scene is when choosing it as a #Dpselect. Meaning, does it matter if the scene is new or can I nominate an older scene from the archives? The results were interesting and expected as the #DPBattle will take a double penetration scene any way they can get it. A whopping 71.4 % of the vote said it didn’t matter when the scene was released.

December's #DPSelect:

Coming from a December 4th update on Tushy.com is Little Dragon’s DP scene called ‘Deepest Dive’. The lovely formula of exotic locales and luscious porn performers is intact for this update. I remember watching Little Dragon in DRIFT from Deeper’s amazing effort with Maitland Ward (she was last month’s DP Select from that very same series). She had a hot threesome scene in that amazing artsy porno. For ‘Deepest Dive’ she gets to go straight to the DP point with Christian Clay and Alberto Blanco blasting her holes at the same time.

November’s poll was #Dpselect-driven as I inquired if the fan movement cared whether the monthly focus on a selected scene was a recent release or not. A resounding “no” got 71.4% of the vote in regards if it mattered when the scene was released. This just opens up Pandora’s box in how far I can reach in the almost infinite archives of hardcore double-penetration porn out there to spotlight here. To DP and beyond with #DPSelects of the future, I say!

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