Stepsis Always Gets What She Wants (2022)

by - March 13, 2023

 Chloe Temple + Nathan Bronson
Runtime: 32 mins.
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In this scene Chloe Temple is looking for her stepbrothers (Nathan Bronson) car keys, when he catches her mid search for the keys. He won’t give in and give her the keys until she makes it worth his while. 

My review

In this review, we look at the latest scene from Bratty Sis featuring Chloe Temple and Nathan Bronson. The scene starts with Chloe searching for her stepbrother's car keys, but he won't give them up until she makes it worth his while. What follows is a steamy exchange where Chloe has to show off her perky tits and perfect tight little asshole before her stepbrother even considers giving her the keys. The review describes how Chloe's energy and presence steal the spotlight, making it a great installment of the Bratty Sis series.

He tells her he might let her drive the car if she flashes her tits. She pulls her top up and shows her perky cute tits, and quickly pulls top down.  He complains,  and she takes her top completely off. He grabs a handful of Chloe’s tits and notices how hard her nipples already are. 

Next she has to take her bottoms off.  With her back turned and arched she removes her bottoms. She spreads her ass showing her perfect tight little asshole, and her very kissable pussy lips. Chloe turns around, and we get our first frontal view of her (cute pigtails up top,  some cute earring, perky tits with hard nipples,  toned tummy,  sexy bush, long legs). He still isn’t yet convinced to let her use the car. 

He now wants her to go a little farther and touch his cock.  She cutely teases with her hand.  He wants more and encourages her to get on her knees. Chloe gets on her knees and has cock in hand.  She’s got the cutest little smile, soft sweet innocent eyes, and really playful hair in pigtails. She moves in and starts sucking his cock. Her mouth slides in perfect motion up and down. Her soft little moans as she sucks, and comes up and says “I guess your cocks not that bad”. 

Chloe lays down on the couch, and he enters her.  With each thrust you can see how her tight pussy is gripping on that hard dick. Her tits and pigtails are bouncing, she is smiling and sexily moaning with each thrust. After some missionary, he tells her to get on her knees. 

As Chloe is taking it from behind, her perfect ass is bouncing back with each movement. Her moans get louder, and she looks back very sexily (so sexily that this look would drive any man wild). Now it’s her turn to ride. But first he wants her to suck some more.  Chloe says that this will get her the car for a week, then starts sucking.  

He wants to see her shake that perfect ass. Then she moves in for some reverse cowgirl. She’s riding and looking back sexily and giggles in between moans.  The way she looks back and giggles would make anyone completely bust.  And not long after he is busting in her. Chloe softly, sexily says that she can feel him completely filling her up. There’s a moment of comedic relief when Chloe asks for the keys and he said he never agreed.  She finds the keys and the scene ends.

Some final thoughts on this scene. As the scene opens seeing Chloe in tight bottoms bent over, and popping back up in a cute little top, and those pigtails. The male talents face and body for most part was not shown.  Chloe stole the spotlight with her incredible energy, presence, vibe, and her sexy all over. This was a great installment of the Bratty Sis series.

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