Playing with Fire (2023)

by - January 13, 2023

 Starring: Sera Ryder // David Lee
Directed by: 
Runtime: 19 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
Camping couple, Sera Ryder and David Lee, enjoy a hazy night out by the fire, as it illuminates a spirited game of beer pong, which they are engaged in. Red Dixie cups are in formation on each respective end, as David is lucky enough to make a great shot on his next attempt. It landing in the first front cup, and it's one that would be enough to entice Sera to offer up a "deal". That deal being, should Sera's ping pong ball, on her next attempt, land in David's last cup - he must eat her pussy. And should it not? Well, then Sera would do the servicing, by sucking David's dick! It's a bet that David does not have to think twice about. In fact, they get right to it. Unfortunately however, Sera's attempt fails to hit it's mark, as it bounces short. It's then that Sera knows what she must do. She seeming eager to live up to her side of the deal. The two would begin with a round of passionate kisses. But it's after, that Sera drops to her knees to give the promised blowjob. This, as David would grow in her mouth. It's after a short while however, that the campers would get caught up in the moment. The blowjob would progress even further to missionary sex, with Sera positioned upon the beer pong table. The two of them would get off to a good start, but the environment for them, would prove to be a lot less comfortable than would be that of their comfy RV nearby. This is where Sera suggests the two of them go to continue their sexual fun soon thereafter.

Positions Seen //
- missionary (x3)
- doggy (x2)
- cowgirl
- standing cowgirl

The Review // 
This review focuses on a scene from a new site called SIDECHICK. It's at SIDECHICK that the idea seems to be to place your favorite female pornstars in the most realistic situations, and scenarios relatable to the viewer. As if to say that, "yes, they could very well be your "side chick".

With this in mind, this particular scene sees the scenario, in which Sera Ryder and David Lee, are camping and having fun by the fireside. Except, they're not making s'mores. They're making love! This all coming about, after Sera finds herself on the losing end of a bet. Yes, she ends up having to suck lucky David's cock, and it's progressive sex that goes from the outside, in. This, as it would continue, and finish up in the couple's RV.

The plot and setup to the scene, is one that is very thin. However, it is a good enough starting point for all things, and serves plausibly, as a way to present some atmosphere. The desert, the campfire, the lighting etc.. In other words, it would be ideal for those who like to "just get to the fuckin' part!", if you know what I mean.

Though things essentially begin atop the beer pong table, with Sera getting some dick in missionary. She would get even more, once the two are in the previously mentioned RV. This, I will talk about below.

Sera giggles playfully, as they make their way inside the vehicle, yet she is quick to assume the position of doggy on a couch inside. It would be from there, that David would waste no time, as he penetrate Sera with his swollen, hard cock. He would continue with a quick and steady pace, as Sarah would encourage him, telling him to "pound her pussy", and to give her every inch of himself, and so on. It's good and hard, with David taking a brief break in between to eat the pussy from the back, prior to picking back up and resuming the previous doggy.

It would be next that we would see David go on to eat Sera's pussy. I did like the fact that here, David respected the details of the storyline, making sure that although he would be eating her pussy, that Sera remember that it was HE who won the game. I also loved the fact that also, Sera hopped up on a nearby counter to take the good looking spread. It's so hot. This leaving her wide open for David's taking. He going down on her with his mouth and tongue, as both work on or around her clit.

The two would then stand upright, for a brief amount of time. This, as Sera would wet and stroke David's cock with both hands, and he suck on her tits. Looking good here, is indeed Sera's technique. She cupping David's balls with her right hand, and stroking the shaft with the left.

After this, it's gentleman's choice, as Sera asks David how he wants her next. How he wants her, is in doggy once again, as they make a return to said position. Only this time, David approaches things differently, as he goes harder than before. He proceeds with a leg shaking pace of in and out, according to Sera, who says that she can feel David's cock in the back of her pussy. He would only continue to bring things even harder, while he would soon pull back on Sera's pigtails for leverage with her approval.

The next position would be missionary, as Sarah would lie back on the couch. At the start, David teases a little, by rubbing his dick along the outside of the pussy, prior to putting it in. He would do so however, continuing at a steady pace that would only get harder after Sarah would once again urge him to pound her pussy. Before taking a break, to allow her to suck cock, David would have Sera watch, as his dick go in and out of her. Following the stop, missionary would resume, with David going even harder. He going on to really nail the pussy deep and hard.

This, would be followed up by Sera resuming her cocksucking duties. She getting her sloppiest, covering the shaft with ropes of saliva. This with she barely stopping, even after David gets seated for the next position. Sera obviously really does love sucking dick!

The next position, as I mentioned, would see David in a seated position, as things would go to cowgirl, with Sera climbing on top to ride him. The action from here beginning with Sera bouncing on it. But as things progress, David lends a hand to slam her down. It would only be a matter of time, before it would be a combination of the two, in addition to some heavy, and fast grinding. Work, that I found to be really hot! This was indeed a position during which, the energy between both performers came together at full force.

There would be one final position prior to the conclusion. We would see David take things directly into standing cowgirl next. It would be a position that would see he pump, and slam Sera down on his cock steadily. However, only briefly. That's because next would be the set up for the cumshot.

Sera would be again on her knees, as she work over the dick once more with her mouth and hand. She feverishly jerks, while also deepthroating the cock. It isn't long before her extra words of encouragement would add enough to send David over the edge. Things would come to an end with he erupting with a big explosion of jizz. One that showers both Sera's face and body for a grand finale. It's a cum load that "Wows" David himself - and us too!

My Final Thoughts // 
When it comes to this scene, I have to say I liked it, and definitely had fun with it. Granted, that it isn't as long, and as drawn out as most modern porn scenes are these days. It is one that takes on a more breezy and brisk pace, similar to what a director like the late Robby D. did for MILE HIGH late in his career. Also otherwise, it would seem that the scenes from SIDECHICK are going to be more realistically paced and timed.

This was a fun one, as the resulting sex between Sera Ryder and David Lee, ends up being rather passionate. I really applaud the two for making it all happen in such a small space - meaning the RV. Additionally, even before that, I really enjoyed the vibe of the whole campsite thing, with the minimal light source. However, with that said, once Sera and David made their way into the RV, it's my opinion that, with the time allowed, that they finished up strongly. Packing in quite a bit of action - no pun intended. I am an appreciator of the energy delivered, for sure. There was some pretty hard fucking. Especially during the scene's final few positions. If anything, I would have had the standing cowgirl go on a little longer(just a little). But it can be excused. Especially with a following cumshot that seemed so organic to the action.

To bring things to a close, SIDECHICK is a brand new site that looks to promise us great things. It's with this scene that I say that they are off to a great start.(I do believe that this scene being the first scene that they ever shot, although it was released as the fourth scene) I would recommend checking it out!


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