Dharma Jones Returns! (2023)

by - September 15, 2023

Dharma Jones Gives A Five-Star Performance For Her Amateur Allure Return!


Dharma Jones
Codey Steele

Review by: Jon Cradle

Last year, at the beginning of her adult film career, one of Dharma Jones’ first pro shoots was with Amateur Allure.  Working with Ray Dark, she turned a lot of heads with her exceptionally natural beauty, gorgeous brown eyes, captivating smile, and her incredible skills as a performer.  She also wore a stunning blue dress for that scene, capturing our attention with her vibrant and “alluring” femininity, and a commendably strong confidence in exhibiting her sexual prowess.  

Dharma recently shot with the site again, this time working with Codey Steele, who is a little less camera shy than Ray.  She is still the same beautiful brunette (perhaps even more so in this scene) with strikingly perfect features and an incredible enthusiasm for her work.  This time, she is wearing a form fitting light blue-grey dress that, as she says at the beginning, “…feels like  it was made for me”.  No argument here!! 

The action in this scene starts with a side view of Dharma dropping to her knees and releasing Codey’s cock from his jeans.  She starts on it immediately, stroking it and lubing it with her saliva until she starts to give simply amazing oral.  Codey gets hard very quickly as she uses her mouth and hand on him, her mouth dripping with spit.  Ray does a great job as videographer, switching up the  angles, giving the viewer various shots of her as she hungrily sucks on Codey’s cock. He also captures Dharma’s fine body and features, including her incredible ass while still wearing her dress. The view then switches to POV sucking as we watch her make jaw-dropping eye contact with Codey and the lucky viewer.  She’s not just going through the motions here, this is pleasure for both of them! 

After giving sensational oral to Codey, Dharma stands and lifts her dress with her back to the camera.
She then drops her panties giving us a full on view of what is undeniably the very best ass in porn today.  This is where things differ on the site when Codey is part of their shoots, as we watch him lick and suck on her moist clit and puffy pussy lips. Dharma moans as he works his tongue all over her getting her wetter and ready to penetrate.  

He starts that by fucking her in missionary, her legs up and feeling every inch of him thrusting inside her. She pulls down her top so Codey can play with her tits, her nipples erect and sensitive to the touch. It doesn’t take too long for her to cum, which Codey laps up much to her delight.

The scene then moves on to a completely naked Dharma taking Codey doggie-style. She continues to moan in delight and rubs her clit while Codey continues his work.  Then for some of the scene’s best
action, we go to Dharma riding the shit out of him. She joyously bounces on him while making more sensual eye-contact with the camera.  While this is happening, the camera switches back and forth from frontal to backside views.  This is incredible work from all participants! The sex is intense, the camera work captures every bit of it.  

For the climax of the scene, Dharma is back on her knees deep throating and jerking off Codey until he finishes with a healthy mouth-load she happily swallows. With the sexiest of smiles and a giggle of pleasure, she continues to suck Codey until every drop of him is drained and down her throat. She maintains absolute cum-inducing eye contact as the camera fades to black ending this glorious scene. 

The site has always put forth stunning quality with every performer they’ve shot with.  The lighting, the limited grey-toned  scenery, and the beautiful camera  work are well established hallmarks of Amateur Allure.  With Codey Steele being more than an anonymous performer, the site raises the game for scenes like this one.  Dharma’s performance here is absolutely phenomenal! It’s so enthusiastic, authentic, passionate, and real! She simply oozes sexuality as evidenced by her drive and ambition to give her very best.  One can tell she actually enjoys the sex she is having, as nothing is forced, nothing is faked.  Her energy here is magnetic as one is generally drawn into every and any scene she is part of.  Dharma’s natural and sensual beauty, her immeasurable talents, and her desire to put on an amazing show are simply an absolute joy to watch!  HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS ONE!  

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