Bedroom Fun Time (2023)

by - September 10, 2023

 Nicole Aria & Clara Trinity Play Footsies  

Nicole Aria
Clara Trinity

Review By: Jon Cradle

LOVE HER FEET has had a number of exceptionally beautiful and talented performers on their site as of late.  Valerica Steele, Dharma Jones, Scarlett Sage and Adria Rae have all recently had their wonderfully pedicured toes and sexy soles featured in various scenes on this very popular foot fetish site. Whether the scenes are solo JOI, BG or GG, there’s been no shortage of foot loving content to appease any podophile. 

Recently, LHF presented a wonderfully shot and incredibly sexy scene with Clara Trinity and Nicole Aria called “Bedroom Fun Time”. The premise is rather straight-forward, and the action kicks in almost immediately.  Something on Clara’s phone has her absolutely captivated.  We cannot see what she’s watching, but we know right away that she is quite aroused by it.  Whatever is on her screen is enough to cause her to entertain herself within moments, as she starts worshipping her gorgeous feet. 

It’s a fairly safe assumption that coming home to find an incredibly beautiful Clara giving herself a shrimp job would be enough for anyone to cream themselves on the spot.  Especially with the intensity in which she tongues, licks and sucks her toes completely devouring them to the point of soaking them.  It becomes increasing difficult not to watch her enjoy every single moment of her self-pleasure.  So it’s no wonder that when a stunningly beautiful Nicole catches Clara in this act, it stops her ascent up the stairs dead in her tracks. She is initially surprised as she stares with her mouth agape, unable to take her eyes off of Clara.  However, her shock turns to her own arousal as she touches her own feet and rubs herself through her pants. This is simply far too sexy for Nicole to turn away from.

Clara gets slightly embarrassed as Nicole makes her way up the stairs and on the bed.  Both women admit to each other their love of feet, with Nicole stating to Clara  “That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen”.  The scene really intensifies from this moment on as Nicole starts worshipping Clara’s feet by licking, sucking and deep throating with delight.  And in one of the hottest moments early into the scene, Nicole stares into the camera engaging the viewer while she is “giving head” to Clara’s foot. The sensual eye contact she makes is simply sensational! Shortly after this, Clara gets to work over Nicole’s feet, licking and tonguing in between her toes to Nicole’s utter enjoyment.  

Things get even hotter when the pants come off.  It’s Nicole’s turn first to get her pussy teased and tantalized by Clara’s tongue.  She passionately licks her up and down her lips and clit, making Nicole’s wet kitty even wetter.  Then it’s Clara’s turn to enjoy Nicole’s oral skills, which includes out of this world rimming.  Next, they begin scissoring while sucking each other’s feet in the process.  They then move onto other positions such as face sitting and 69, all the while their feet are ever present for our viewing pleasure.  The dirty talk while all of this is taking place is top tier as well.  This incredible scene ends with beautiful passionate kissing.  

You don’t necessarily need to be a foot fetishist to enjoy this scene.  Not at all, actually. There is more than enough lesbian action to whet anyone’s girl on girl appetite. Multiple positions, quick pacing, so much feet and tongue action and awesome dirty talk…and if that isn’t enough, simply watch two incredibly beautiful women having some amazing, and at times filthy, lesbian sex.  The camera work is exceptionally well done, catching every “important” angle and ensuring the feet are still in the shot with each position. The inclusion of the eye contact with the viewer is also so very sexy by both performers. All in all, “Bedroom Fun Time” showcases the beauty and talents of both performers and caters to the fit enthusiast and any fan of GG action. 

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