True Lesbian: Meeting Myself for the First Time (2023)

by - September 04, 2023


Casey Calvert
Whitney Wright

Review By: Jon Cradle 

There’s a reason AdultTime is a leader when it comes to cinematic adult entertainment. It has a lot to do with a well structured scene: a believable story with exceptional writing, performers who can carry themselves in both acting and in their sexual prowess, and truly fantastic direction. All of these components come together brilliantly, as director Stella Smut, brings you a captivating lesbian scene called “Meeting Myself For The First Time”.
When it comes to dramatically driven scenes that give substance to the action on screen, producer Bree Mills is
one of the absolute finest. She wonderfully presents the latest instalment of True Lesbian, featuring porn icons Casey 
Calvert and Whitney Wright (with Kira Noir in a supporting role). Calvert plays Alison, a wife driven to despair and confusion when she is faced with a marriage-altering conflict. She opens up to her friend, Stella (Noir) that her husband is gay. Alison is upset with herself for not noticing, and also at him for years wasted in a relationship that was doomed from the start. I
n a moving soliloquy, she espouses doubts about her own sexual identity. “What if I’m a lesbian?”, she asks Stella, searching for answers and understanding she cannot find on her own. So Stella offers to play match-maker, setting her up with her cousin Lily (Wright), thus giving Alison an opportunity to find the answers for herself.
After having an enjoyable lunch together, they both make their way back to Alison’s place, as Lily needs to use her restroom. Immediately, you pick up on the way Alison looks at Lily as she walks away - a subtle glint in her eyes of a little mischief, and even lust. It’s a very similar look Lily gives her as she enters Alison’s room, finding her on the edge of the bed. Lily is not at all hiding her flirtations and desires for Alison, admitting to her that she wants to kiss.
Calvert as Alison really makes you believe that this is a new experience for her. She wants Lily to seduce her, but slowly and sensually. Little things that Calvert does, like giving a simple nod of consent while her top is removed really play a big part in the story-telling aspect. This is new territory for Alison, and you can see her anticipation build as the scene progresses (she does the same nod with a smile as Lily removes her top - again it’s the little things that make you believe in the scene).
Wright as Lily is equally believable as the seductress, subtly leading Alison along the way in their love-making.When Alison goes down on her, Lily says reassuringly “I love everything you’ve done so far”. Again, it’s little things like a gesture, a simple compliment, a nod, a smile, and only essential dialogue that help make a great scene even greater.There is plenty of kissing, fondling, gentle caressing, touching, and oral play between the two during the entire scene. It is a romantic nod to experiencing a new sexual experience, and letting your instincts (and your partner) guide you. The dialogue is at a minimum for the most part, as is any exaggerated moans or screams of pleasure. This scene truly benefits from a “less is more” treatment. Overall, this is top-notch sensual story-telling, as well a visual tour-de-force.

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