Hookup Hotshot.com: Episode 348 - Brianna Arson

by - November 15, 2023

Starring: Brianna Arson // Nade Nasty
Directed by: Bryan Gozzling 
Runtime: 62 mins 


Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with a tease segment, which is accompanied by music. The petite Canadian Brianna Arson, is wearing a simple but effective outfit. One consisting of a lavender tank top, and a pair of really tight peach-colored shorts. Brianna is also sporting her hair in a set of pigtails, making her extra cute. A gold body chain, some beaded bracelets, as well as some platform shoes, finish out her look. Brianna would go on to tease us with her juicy ass, as she make it jiggle. She would follow this up by teasing us with her tiny, perky tits, raising her shirt up. She would also pull down the front of her shorts to reveal her shaved pussy. It would be next, that we would get the grand tour of her holes, as she bend over and spread both her ass and pussy wide for the camera. After this, it's a playful wave to the camera that sends us to the second half of the segment.
For the second half we have Bryan Gozzling, who introduces Brianna. He says that the two of them met on the internet, and that he subsequently invited her over to his house. It's established that Brianna is a fan of the website HOOKUP HOTSHOT.COM. Brianna has seen how the girls get fucked on the site. "Extra hard, and rough, and sloppy". She says that she loves it. Bryan looks Brianna over once again, and asks her if anyone has ever called her "God's Gift to Man" before? They haven't. However, Brianna does say that someone has said before that she oozes sex appeal. Following this, Bryan then has Brianna spread her ass for the camera. She gives her ass a deep spread. Brianna says she likes to be fucked like a whore. She says that this includes being smacked across the face, as well as being spat on, and pissed on. She also says that she loves sucking dick, and loves sucking balls, as well as giving rimjobs. It's all in an effort to being our perfect little fuckdoll, she says. This excites Bryan, who says that in saying this, she has just made 10,000 cocks hard worldwide. Just to be sure, Bryan again asks Brianna about the piss, and yes, she not only likes to be pissed on, she likes to swallow it, too! The 5 foot, 110 pound starlet continues to impress Bryan, who says that 60 pounds of her weight must be in her ass. He next has her follow up by showing off her pussy. She pulling the front of her shorts aside and quickly and briefly spreading herself with her fingers. She says she loves the idea of a bunch of old men masturbating to her, when asked. To this, she tells them to keep gooning! Bryan thinks that she's perfect, saying that he could talk to her all day, and just enjoy she making his cock hard. However, he is curious as to what his buddy, Nade Nasty can do to her. With this, we would transition to the next stage, as Nade joins in.

Positions Seen //
- missionary
- reverse cowgirl
- doggy (x2)
- rimming

The Review // 
Today, we revisit HOOKUP HOTSHOT to check out a scene, that I have been looking forward to for a while now. It's a scene featuring a petite newcomer. A ball of sexual fire known as Brianna Arson. For the scene, instead of the usual male talent in Bryan Gozzling, he here is replaced by the ever-ready, and highly capable, Nade Nasty. This, as Gozzling himself, assumes duties behind the camera. Though this now happens a lot in recent times, I have to admit that this is actually the very first time that I have seen a HOOKUP HOTSHOT scene without Bryan Gozzling at the forefront. So having him be at camera, was something new for me. But, as I would find, it would be something that I would quite enjoy. That's because as it turns out, he is quite the joy from behind the camera. Maybe even more so than in front of it.

The scene begins of course with Brianna teasing, followed by Bryan introducing us to the talent. Yes, it's brief, but it is sure to be remembered because of one thing. That ass spread. Holy shit! Brianna has a pair of the most beautiful holes you'll ever see. Nade Nasty, is surely the lucky one here!

Nade comes into the picture, sort of surveying Brianna's body. He likes what he sees. It leads to some kissing and caressing between them. Nade even spits into her mouth. He would then concentrate on her ass. He smacks it prior to Bryan Gozzling having Nade pull down Brianna's shorts to show her asshole to the camera, as her ass is spread. He has her do it a couple of times, because he just can't get enough of it. I don't blame him. Her pussy and asshole are sweet! It's during this, that Bryan gives Brianna the chance to hypothetically speak to her audience. Her message? She wishes that we all could fuck her ass! Yeah, she's a keeper! Nade would then continue his inspection, sucking and licking at her nipples. However, Brianna seems fixated on the bulge in Nade's jeans. He would give it to her, but not prior to he fully relieving himself into Bree's open mouth, as if she were his own personal urinal. Brianna seems to love it! She'd then moves on to sucking Nade off, and it ends up being extra sloppy. This including face fucking and spit-piling. Just great shit! It would only get better, however. Brianna would begin employing a great under-handed method of holding Nade's balls, as she attempt to swallow the shaft, balls deep. It's amazing!

Following this though, Brianna wants to be fucked. She's even polite about it, and so Nade provides. Missionary would be first, as Brianna is positioned up in a chair with her legs spread wide. Nade proceeds by putting it in continuing with an easy, slow and steady pace. Brianna is so tight, that he can barely get it in! Brianna comments on how big he is, as he continues on. The use of a double-ended dildo is also seen during. Things get nice and slobbery, too, as she stuffs the dildo down her throat, as deeply as she possibly can. Spit-piled on in abundance. Nade would also eventually improve his pacing, going harder and faster at the pussy. I just loved the cock here just slamming into her. It's made even better, due to the fact that Brianna absolutely relishes in the pleasure that she is receiving.

They go to doggy soon after, as Brianna is bent over a chair and fucked by Nade. His pacing is steady, as Bree throats the double-ender. Lots of choking and moaning. Especially when Nade increases his thrusting. It's enough to make her squirt over and over again.

And speaking of choking. Brianna would again suck cock. Only this time, Nade is seated on the couch. Here, Brianna attempts to throat him, and is mostly successful for the majority of the time. However, the pressure also makes her puke all over Nade's hard cock. With Nade's cock covered, still Brianna doesn't give in! This, as Bryan encourages her to throat Nade balls deep.

We would see Brianna on top riding the cock next in reverse cowgirl. Initially, she's up on her feet for this. However, soon enough, she is moving and grinding her way through. The motion in her thrusting hips is so fucking hot! We know at this moment, that she is in full control over that dick! Just as Bryan says, she basically uses Nade as her dildo here, and nothing more.

Next, the two would make a return to doggy, only this time it would be from the floor. Brianna has her face down and ass up for this. This was for sure my favorite positioning of the scene. That ass in the air? Just perfect. Nade, like previous, begins with a steady pace. One that would only become harder. Especially, after Nade fully straddles Brianna's ass to pound her hard. It's just so hot. It's rough and hard, as Nade pulls back on her pigtails. Nade often plants his foot onto Brianna's head also. The look of it is torturous, but Bree loves it. Because, when she finally catches her breath, she is quick to agree that she is such a fucking pervert.

 Lastly, Bryan would have Brianna return the favor to Nade, with she going in to eat his ass. Nade positions himself in the chair from earlier, with his legs  up. Brianna plants her face in it, as she initially licks up and down. Bryan definitely likes what he sees here. He then encourages her to get a little more nasty with it, as she washes her face with Nade's ass essentially. She is eager to please, as she just gets right in there. Finally, she would playfully make out with Nade's ass as well.

 The scene would come to an end after, as Nade goes off and readies himself to cum. In the meantime, Bryan chats with Brianna to get her thoughts. It's again, that  he brings up the  idea of all the guys at home jerking off to her. He asks her  if she has anything to say to them? She says that she hopes that they enjoyed the show! it's obvious that she did. She is wrecked, covered in piss, sweat, and spit. However, among those bodily fluids, would come another, when Nade is nice enough to supply her with a nice healthy load to her face for the finish!

Both Briana and Nade do a great job here, as they put all of themselves into the scene. It was a whole lot of great fun to watch. Also fun was having Bryan Gozzling behind the camera. Especially for his dialogue, pertaining to all the hot shit that's happening before him. If anything, it's proof that HOOKUP HOTSHOT can live on, well after Bryan Gozzling retires as an active performer.
Wow, I really enjoyed this scene! From beginning to end, it is like a talent showcase, as Brianna Arson is able to show off her skills and kinks in a variety of ways. It begins with a nice amount of piss, right in her mouth, courtesy of scene partner Nade Nasty! She would then thank him for it, by absolutely murdering his dick With her immaculate method of sucking cock! She's aptly named Arson, because this girl is on fire for the scene's runtime, of just over an hour. Here, Brianna continuously impresses as things move along, I was amazed. Things were so fun, as her pussy proved to be just as hungry as her mouth! Sometimes she'd take dick, while further displaying her throating skills. Other times, her pussy was just too tight to allow Nade inside. Speaking of amazed. Also amazed was Bryan Gozzling from behind the camera this time around as mentioned. He was like a kid in a candy store watching the sexual delight that is Arson. I bet he can't wait to have her back! With that said, I reiterate that I really enjoyed this scene. Great energy from this newcomer from Canada, who equally matched with her male talent, Nade Nasty. Someone who I personally believe is destined to win a performer of the year award, someday in the very near future. I see it happening! Anyway, when it comes to this scene, I loved it! I highly recommend it. In fact, it just might be one of my all time favorite HOOKUP HOTSHOT scenes ever! Brianna Arson might be small in stature, but she definitely brings the heat!


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