Stepsister Rides Frosty's Big Carrot (2023)

by - December 11, 2023


Jade Maris
Jayden Marcos
with/ Lindsay Lee
Review by: Jon Cradle

Ah, Christmas! The time of year for families to get together to wear ugly Holiday-themed sweaters for pictures that no one wants, and no one likes taking.  Generally, most people cannot wait for a moment to rip these off their bodies and not have to see them for another year. When you think of it though, this does indeed set things up for a rather naughty scenario of Yuletide debauchery, such as the latest released scene with the hot as fuck Jade Maris. She’s a fantastic casting choice, having just recently signed an exclusive contract with Nubiles, which is quite a big deal. So one can expect to see this beauty in much more of their upcoming content. Pretty convinced no one will complain about this!
Speaking of NPN, their latest instalment of “Step Siblings Caught” stars Jade Maris and Jayden Marcos who begrudgingly comply with their ‘step mother’ Lindsay Lee’s request to don their not-so cozy Christmas tops for a quick snapshot. Of course, neither one of them actually wants to be part of this family photo. As Jayden scratches at the itchiness of his sweater, a very flirty Jade sensually suggests Jayden will “be out of his clothes soon”.  After ensuring she has the perfect pic, things go from bad to cringy as Lindsay has yet another wardrobe change in store.  She surprises them both with gawdawful matching snowmen outfits to wear later for when other family guests arrive. While Jayden makes mom happy and puts it on, Jade slips into something far more comfortable…and oh, so much sexier.
 Wearing knee high boots and a very revealing Christmas themed dress, Jade re-enters the room after changing, and looks simply sensational with her ass hanging out at the back. Jayden, however, doesn’t look nearly quite as sexy. As Jade quips, he “looks like an idiot” in his snowman costume, complete with scarf, top hat, and of course, a prop carrot that Jade jokingly places in a location other than his nose. A frustrated, yet hurried Lindsay leaves the room to go pick up family members, thus affording an opportunity for the step siblings to “unwrap” near the tree.
 Jade wastes no time in making the first move, grabbing Jayden’s very evident erection through his costume. She follows this up with some funny seasonally-themed sexual innuendos like “I wonder what your candy cane tasks like”, and when Jayden hesitates in taking the bait, she says “c’mon, I just really want a white Christmas”. In case there’s any fight left in him, Jade pulls up her top to reveal incredibly beautiful tits that Jayden is welcome to touch. Moments after, she drops to her knees to get that taste of his aforementioned candy cane. 
The sex in this scene starts with  Jade giving incredibly mind-blowing  head.  She loosens Jayden’s snowman suit and slowly licks and sucks his throbbing dick, making it wet and sloppy in the process. We then cut to a pantyless Jade laying Jayden down on a white blanket in order to slide him inside her.  Slowly, Jade takes him deeper and deeper into her bald, wet pussy, then she rides him in reverse cowgirl.  After removing her dress, Jade wants to be fucked doggie-style, which Jayden happily agrees to. The sex here is not rapid and intense, but rather slow and methodical as the couple enjoys and savors every moment and thrust.  Jade then wants to lie on her back in missionary, which allows her to rub and tease her clit while Jayden continues to fuck her.  At this moment, Jade reveals she’s nervous and wants Jayden to cum before her mom gets home. Not too long after, he pulls out of her and splashes his full load on her belly and pubic bone.  Relieved and satisfied, Jade goes in for a taste of his cum from her fingers, and both agree to fuck again sometime soon.  The scene abruptly ends when Lindsay arrives at home to find a naked Jade still covered in cum.  The audience is then left to imagine what happens immediately following Mom’s discovery. Perhaps a round two with Jayden?  Guess we will never truly know.
 Undoubtedly, some viewers may find the scene to be a tad short. But that is exactly what is so great about it.  Keeping the action short lends belief to the fact that they need to literally hurry the fuck up before other people arrive. Right from Jade’s first touch up to the cumshot, we get roughly 18 glorious minutes of starring at Jade sucking, fucking, moaning and smiling her incredible smile while we drool over her I credible nakedness.
  Both Jade and Jayden share very good on-screen chemistry, having shot together several times prior. Not only is their sex is a joy to watch, but both are very hot up and coming performers  Particularly Jade, who has a magnificent body with natural 32C tits, a fantastic ass, and a simply gorgeous face.  She always comes across as very enthusiastic and happy to be performing. It’s no wonder why NPN signed her exclusively, as she has a hugely successful career ahead of her. 
By the way, aren’t you glad Jade got the White Christmas she washed for? 

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