Naughty Aussie Hayley Gets Her BBC On The Side (2023)

by - December 06, 2023

Starring: Hayley Davies // Isiah Maxwell 
Directed by: Derek Dozer 
Runtime: 31 mins

Scene Breakdown //
With a waive and a smile, Hayley Davies dismisses her boyfriend, under the guise that she's to help clean up after the party. Little does he know however, that she has other plans in mind. Plans involving another man. The well-endowed Isiah Maxwell. When the coast is clear, Hayley walks toward a hot tub. This, as she puts her platinum locks up, and strips out of her tight-fitting outfit, to reveal her delightful curves. Isiah is waiting for her, as they are soon in each other's respective arms.`

Positions Seen //
- standing cowgirl
- missionary (x2)
- spoon
- cowgirl
- lazy dog
- doggy
- reverse cowgirl
- full nelson reverse cowgirl

The Review // 
For this review, I take a look at a scene from BLACKED RAW, as it features newcomer Hayley Davies. With a limited storyline, the scene is set up on the idea that the Australian, Hayley has a little bit going on, on the side. All of this of course, unbeknownst to her boyfriend. As it turns out, she has a big, hung black guy in Isiah Maxwell occupying her thoughts. So what does she do? Well, she meets up with him under the excuse that she is staying behind to clean up after a party. It's ideal. What she is really doing, is meeting up with Isiah for a little sex! It Is a scene that escalates pretty fast, as things get underway very quickly, as we go from hot tub to bedroom. Right into the sex. I like it!

Did I mention that it is not just sex. But sex that begins with a showing of standing cowgirl? Holy shit, was this a nice way to begin a scene?? Isiah muscling her up, as Hayley's butt cheeks are spread wide. This, while his big cock plunges into her wet pussy simultaneously. What a look this was. Hayley's ass is so juicy and round!

Isiah would Then place Hayley on the bed to follow things up with missionary. His pacing from here, varying. He encourages Hayley to watch, as it goes in and out of her. It's obvious that she likes it. It's evident by the cream from her pussy showing on Isiah's dick! I really enjoyed the communication throughout the scene that the two share. It's constant, and it's hot. Isiah says what he's doing, and Hayley lets him know how it makes her feel. Soon enough, Isiah is taking it pretty much balls deeply into her. The action would eventually take over to spoon. The camera would maintain an overhead view from missionary for this. Isiah would pick up a quicker pace for a brief period of time.

It's brief, Because Isaiah wants Hayley to be on top, as the action would then go to cowgirl. Initially, the position would see Hayley bouncing on the cock making her ass clap. it is indeed a nice sight to see! However, it's even better once Isiah takes over with authority, fucking Hayley's pussy, nice and hard. Now, this is great. Hayley's tight pussy takes a beating! It goes back to she bouncing, before it's once more back to Isiah. Great camerawork from here, shows Hayley's pussy taking just about every inch of Isiah's cock. Wow! it is also during this sequence that Hayley makes mention of just how good Isiah fucks her. It being shortly before she asking him if he wants her to cum on his cock. He continues, with that being the very result soon after.

Following Hayley's climax, Isiah, would plant his face in it, as he briefly eats pussy. However, things would progress next, with some lazy dog(aka prone bone etc.), as Hayley lies flat on her stomach. Her legs are also held tightly, creating a tight squeeze for Isiah. It's one of my favorite positions to be honest. It just looks fucking great on camera. Especially, with a round rump like Hayley's! This position looks phenomenal. Especially with the camera being overhead, and right in on the penetration in hand. the penetration is within a tight shot, so it's right in the viewer's face. Right where they want Hayley's ass to be in the first place. I love it!

It's after this, that things would then go to the doggy style position from the edge of the bed, as Isiah stands erect, in more ways than one! Initially, he inserts himself only to allow Hayley to throw her ass back on the dick for a time. But of course, Sooner or later, he would take over to fuck her back. Again, it's at a quick and hard pace. He also smacks her ass, as she tells him just how much it turns her on. The camerawork once again featuring some nice close ups of Hayley's pink pussy taking the dick. Hayley would then go on to taste herself on Isiah's cock. It's something that she very much seems to enjoy, as she'd also suck his balls. This would continue on even longer. Isiah would then lie on his back. She would follow him, sucking his cock, but even more so, his balls. She absolutely attacks the balls for sure. It would lead them into their next position, which would be reverse cowgirl, with Hayley facing the camera.

From this position, she would of course mount Isiah. What I found to be so sexy about this, was the sheer ease that her pussy just swallowed Isiah's dick basically down to the balls upon putting it in. Here's another "holy shit" moment for you. The insertion was just the start though. Hayley being pounded from this position, as you'll see is a whole look. A hot chick being absolutely pounded. Isiah begins things, by guiding her down on to his dick at the waist. Isiah slamming her down hard, making her titties bounce, as she takes it from him. As things continue, Hayley would lean back. Isiah continues to take over. He would get harder and harder with his fucking. Eventually, he has she in a full-nelson like maneuver from here. It would allow him to go deeper, and to allow Hayley to once again cum. What a great sequence. A genuine turn on!

Next, Hayley would return to sucking. She just cannot get enough - saying that Isiah taste so good. This would last for a time, before things would once again make a return to the missionary position, where we had began. Only this time, Isiah plugs away with a purpose. The purpose of reaching a climax of his own. Things continue from here, as Hayley has Isaiah spit on it, prior to penetration. Isiah would continue from here, with a steady pace of in and out, before finally building himself up to cum. The scene would come to an end with Isaiah letting loose into Hayley's open mouth. This, despite she initially calling for a facial finish. It's a nice enough conclusion nonetheless.

This was a great scene right out of the gate, I have to say. The two performers here: Hayley Davies and Isiah Maxwell just have natural chemistry together. Everything just flowed nicely on screen. They just have an energy that is just undeniable. This was definitely my type of scene. I mostly enjoy scenes with raw energy and passion. This is indeed one of those. Isiah Maxwell, once again proves why he is one of the top male talents in the adult entertainment business. He commands everything here, and on the other side, Hayley showed that she was more than up for the task. She is pretty damn impressive if you ask me! What poise. What sexual prowess. And what a body. She is definitely on her way to becoming a star! This scene was definitely easy to watch. The two performers were just locked in from the beginning. They took it to the next level. I definitely would recommend this one. It's just great action all around!

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