Make it Rain (2019)

by - July 31, 2019

Starring: Megan Rain // Charles Dera
Runtime: 40 mins

Scene Rating: 9

Scene Breakdown //
The scene opens with Megan Rain, who surrounded by a life of luxury as she is among a copious amount of diamonds, dressed in nice fashion, and teases us in and out of an outdoor pool.  She's definitely, "making it rain".
The scene then moves on to the next segment. Still surrounded by diamonds, Megan lying back on the couch, as she slowly brings her hand between her legs to touch herself. First, she touches her pussy from over her white panties, prior to moving them aside. From here, she spreads her pussy, and rubs it, prior to inserting fingers. This so continues, as She is finally joined by Charles Dera.  He wastes no time going down on her. First, kissing her thighs, Charles then rubs her clit in a concentrated manner, prior to going on to lashing his tongue on it. The sucking and tonguing continuing, until we see the two share passionate kisses between one another. This leads into Megan saying just how bad she wants Charles' cock. Charles then says to show him just how bad she wants it. It is then that Megan goes on to forcefully pull down the front  of Charles' white boxer briefs, and go to work on his cock, taking it into her mouth to suck.  This continuing, seeing Megan deeptroat, as well as stroke it, in a determined fashion, as she says that it is "her" cock. Following this, Charles stands Megan up on her feet, as he pulls the back of her panties aside. It's from there, that goes on to squeeze, and spank her tight ass, before fingering it for a time. It's following this that Megan is then back on her knees, and sucking cock. This, while the camera gives us a POV view.  Megan, this time, sucks the cock slowly, and sloppily, as she slobbers on the hard shaft, as it goes in and out of her mouth, and additionally as Charles fucks her face. All of this, as Megan makes beautiful eye contact with the camera. It is following this that Charles asks Megan if she wants him to stretch out her pussy. Megan does not skip a beat as she assumes position on all fours on the couch.  It's here that Charles takes Megan from behind, as he half straddles her.  He begins at a hammering pace, prior to pausing for a time to finger both Megan's pussy and asshole.   This before resuming, and before we see Megan rock back on the dick.  Charles also briefly pulls Megan in to nail her hard, before reverting back to standard formation. Next up however, the two reposition on the couch as the action goes to spoon. In addition to this, the two kiss passionately, as Charles applies a light chokehold onto Megan.  This as he continues to fuck Megan's pussy at an increasing pace. After this the two of them sit upright on the couch they exchange kisses, and as Megan strokes Charles' cock.  It is during this exchange that Megan says that she wants Charles' cock in her ass. She says that she wants him to fill all of her holes. We then see Megan climb on to ride the dick, as it impales her ass. Charles begins be fucking slowly, before Megan bounces and grinds on the cock. There is then a reposition, as the two take to another couch as the angle changes. Megan then is back on, as she bounces and grinds. Charles however, soon switches holes, as he reenters the pussy. This time he slams Megan down fast and hard, as his cock plunges deep. It's next that he does the same for  Megan's ass as well briefly, prior to the position reversing to reverse cowgirl, next. Charles from here still occupying the ass, as both admit that it is a tight squeeze. Megan initially sits upright, bouncing and grinding like before, however soon, she lies back, as Charles hoists her up and pounds her.  However next, Megan is back to bouncing her ass on the cock, just prior to putting it into her pussy, and is from here, that she grind on it hard, making herself climax.  The next position is piledriver, as Charles bends Megan backward on the floor, at the edge of the couch.  It's from here that he proceeds to drill the ass deep, at a steady pace.  This before he seamlessly switches holes, and fucks the pussy for a time.  Following this, the action goes right into cowgirl, as Megan has her feet planted, and as Charles pounds the pussy good and hard.  Following this, the two quickly change their position, going to missionary/side fuck.  This as Megan is heard saying that she wants to drain all all of the cum from Charles' balls.  From the position, Charles maintains his pace of steady and deep fucking until finally building himself up to cum.  The scene comes to and end with Charles jerking off to pop onto Megan's mouth and face.  Things concluding with Megan sucking Charles clean, as she says that it is good to be back.

The Review //
So, what do you do when one of the most popular female performers in recent years is set to make her triumphant return to the business, after taking some time off for herself? You do it with style. And with style is exactly how BRAZZERS has done it here with this scene titled "Make it Rain", with one Megan Rain, who with it, makes her return. Yes here we have a prominent performer making her return this time signing an exclusive performer contract with BRAZZERS. Personally it had been a long time since I reviewed Megan in any capacity, so going into this scene, the thing that I was keeping an eye on most, was of course whether or not things would be just as they were before her break. Because, let's face it, Megan had pretty much left at the peak of her popularity. But, other than that, I was just excited to see her back on my screen once again.

So what did I think about this highly anticipated return? First I have to say that I give major props to whomever was in charge of the overall look and appearance of this scene. This is a truly beautiful scene.  From its color palate, to the way that it is both shot and edited. It is very nice. In fact, it is probably one of the most eye appealing scenes that I have reviewed in recent memory. And it is all for Megan Rain, who looks absolutely stunning in her debut as a BRAZZERS contract star. Since we last saw her, Megan has a bit of an appearance change. No longer does she have the dark hair, as it has since been replaced by her natural red.(she even gives us a taste as well in the form of her closely shaven pubes), taking a more natural approach to herself, Megan Rain is more stunning than ever before, looking both classy, and glamorous, just as the scene calls for.  This, as she is showered in both diamonds and glitter, prior to getting the cock from cocksman, Charles Dera. This leading me to of course talk about the sexual encounter, which is at the center of it all.

This is a sex scene which is nicely presented.  Like the rest of it previously, it is clearly cinematic in a way. This, as things begin slowly, and build between the two performers, who are clearly into one another, as chemistry boils over. This chemistry builds, as the two playfully tease at one another, leading up to what is to come. Things do take a turn for the better, once the action then goes to anal sex, as a result of Megan begging to have each of her holes filled with cock. It's from here that things gradually become faster and harder between the two, as we see Charles go on to hammer hard, not just Megan's tight asshole, but her pussy as well. In fact, there are several instances during which Charles goes on to alternate between ass and pussy, and it's great. This, because Charles never gives way to his pacing, as he maintains a steady and deep drive into each hole, over the course, driving Megan to hard orgasm. I love the way that this scene was very consistent, not only was Charles hammering both of Megan's holes as such, the action itself was very fluid, and nicely put together. It truly gets bonus points for the inclusion of the piledriver position, as not only does Megan look great from said positioning, but so does Charles, as he plunge deep into both holes separately. It's from there that they do not skip a beat as the action goes directly into cowgirl, and then into missionary, side fuck, as Charles fucks the pussy steadily, eventually finishing things up for the scene.  This is one that I personally enjoyed a great deal.

Altogether this is one great comeback for a performer, who was without a doubt, missed by many. It is a scene that shows us that Megan has not missed a step during her time off from behind the camera.  In fact, she is in my opinion even better than before.  BRAZZERS has done a great job with this presentation, not only visually, but because they  also paired Megan with a male performer capable of bringing the best out of her on screen. I really enjoyed this scene, and do recommend. There was no better way of concluding things here, than to have Charles say that he is glad to have Megan back, because aren't we all!

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