Like My Pretty Pink Nipples? (2019)

by - August 01, 2019

Starring: Kit Mercer // Prince Yahshua
Directed by: MimeFreak
Runtime: 30 mins

Scene Rating: 9.5


Scene Breakdown //
The scene opens with Kit Mercer, who is wearing a sexy suit of lingerie.  She crawls across a white couch, before turning her attention to the camera.  She first teases with her tits, as the camera zooms in.  She asks us if we want her big tits in our faces, as she caress them.  This being shortly before removing her bra to pinch her nipples.  The focus is then on Kit's pussy, which she rubs over her panties, teasing us, as she call her pussy juicy, and then move her panties aside.  Kit continues things as she sit back on the couch and spreads her legs, as well as her pussy, as she rubs her clit. She soon introduces into play a clear ridged dildo which she proceeds to shove into her pussy.
First Kit initially has a steady pace of in and out with the toy.  However, as things progress, so does her speed, as she tells us just how horny she is for a cock. As he plug away at her hole, we eventually see Prince Yahshua come down a set of stairs, and creep up behind Kit, as he apply a light choke, before the two begin to kiss intimately. In addition to the kissing, Prince himself caresses Kit's tits. Prince comes around to the front of the couch and wastes no time in soon going down on Kit. He first goes down on her pussy with her panties still pulled to the side.  However, he soon goes at it at 100%, once they are removed. Here we see Prince lap his tongue up and down Kit's clit and pussy quickly, which visibly drives Kit wild. However, this does not last long as Kit is next on her knees, as she eagerly assists Prince in the unbuttoning, and unzipping of his pants.  Prince's cock is out after, and Kit is excited.  She is mesmerized by it's size, as she soon put it in her mouth to suck.  Here, we see Kit slurp, suck and lick along the shaft, and also Prince cramming the cock deep down Kit's throat, as he fuck her face.  The blowjob then continues as Prince sit back on the couch, just prior to he returning the favor.  He does so, as the action take to missionary next.  Kit is on her back, as Prince goes on to fuck her pace, at an increasing pace, which goes from steady, to fast and hard, as he drills Kit's tight hole.  This is then followed by more cocksucking from the couch, as Kit tastes her pussy. It is after this that Prince has Kit climb up on top for cowgirl. It's from here that Kit immediately plants her feet, as Prince holds her up, to pound her pussy deep and hard from this position. He continues on then with kit leaning forward, to endure the deep fucking. Prince continues with his hard pace, going even harder than that eventually. Following this, there is a break during which Kit, again briefly sucks Prince off. However soon, she's back on the cock, and she straddles it for reverse cowgirl. Likewise, it is here that Prince maintains a hard pace, drilling the pussy. After more cock sucking following this, the action then takes to spoon on the couch. A steady pace returns to fast and hard as the camera eventually zooms in on the penetration. And it's following this that Kit once more sucks the dick. This, while saying that she wants to drain Prince's balls. It is the next position which leads us to just that.  Next, Prince takes things to doggy as Kit is on the couch and on her knees. She holds her knees tightly together as Prince goes on to pound her pussy again deep and hard at a consistent pace. As things progress Prince, goes at it it even harder, making her scream, and soon driving Kit to orgasm. It continues until Prince himself must pull out. The scene then comes to an end as Prince goes on to jerk his cock until spraying his load into Kit's awaiting mouth.

The Review //
For this review, I take a scene from the ARCHANGEL VIDEO release, "True MILF 5".  This the third scene in this MILF themed release features newcomer, Kit Mercer as she is paired with triple X legend, Prince Yahshua. The scene begins with a relatively short tease segment involving Mercer, during which she ends things by masturbating with a clear dildo in hand. This of course is followed up by she being joined by Prince, as things get underway - and they get underway rather quickly.

At the start of this sexual encounter, one can tell that the newcomer, Mercer, is giddy to get her hands on the veteran's cock.  She many have had some jitters, however, it is very difficult to tell, as once the sex begins, Kit definitely holds her own, as Prince gives her pussy a royal pounding. And when I say "pounding", I am not exaggerating in the least bit. This scene which was captured by director MimeFreak, features nearly nonstop pounding throughout, courtesy of Prince Yahshua. It is a very good thing. Here, throughout this 30 minute scene, we see Prince Yahshua thick cock, not only stretch Kit's little pink love hole, but also fuck it deep and hard.  Prince's pacing is for the most part quick.  However, there are moments here, which  see him go even harder, as he dare to take Kit to her limit. The action here is just fantastic.  There is no other way to explain it. It's both exciting, and it looks great on screen, as MimeFreak is right there, capturing every bounce and giggle of Kit's voluptuous frame. I also enjoyed seeing the reaction on Kit's face, as she was experiencing so much pleasure. This too is well captured by the director's skilled camera. Collectively, it is in my opinion that everything is just about right here. The action is well paced, and well captured. It is hard and fast at a fever pitch.  Both the male and female talent tiptoe along the boundary between pleasure and climax, until things come to an explosive ending. I came away from the scene, being both satisfied and impressed by what I saw. Prior to reviewing this scene, Kit Mercer had already been impressing me. I had the notion that she was destined to be a future star in this industry.  Now, after seeing this scene, I am even more sure of this. She along with Prince Yahshua, who here gives an amazing, and consistent performance himself, reward us with a scene which is surely to make a very good impression on those who witness it.  I know this to be true in my case. So to close, I will say that this is a scene that I would definitely not hesitate to recommend. hesitation.

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