HookupHotshot.com: Tiffany Watson Anal (2019)

by - July 31, 2019

Starring: Tiffany Watson // Bryan Gozzling
Directed by: Bryan Gozzling
Runtime: 1 hr. 6 min.

Scene Rating: 9

Scene Breakdown //
At the beginning of this scene, Tiffany Watson is in the street when her phone alerts her that she has received a new match on hookuphotshot.com. It is to Tiffany's surprise that the match, just so happens to be Bryan Gozzling, someone whom she had sex with a year ago(the story states a year, but in reality, it's 2). Tiffany is a very excited by this, as she has been searching for the man whom memorably fucked her up the ass.
She tells Bryan this, and soon asks him if he is free. He says that he is, and invites her over, as Tiffany says that she wants another round of anal sex. Tiffany eventually shows up at his door.  Bryan, of course takes a minute to survey her sexy outfit, with the which he is impressed. She is wearing a tight pink top, with no bra underneath, and so very little is left to the imagination. In addition to this, she is wearing a pair of pink shorts, which are both tight and short. Black platform shoes, along with a silver choker, silver body chain, and pink sunglasses complete Tiffany's look. After getting a look at both of Tiffany's tits, as as well as her asshole in the doorway, Bryan finally invites Tiffany in after she asks him nicely, while calling him "Daddy". It is when inside that Bryan makes it clear that Tiffany is to obey him, ending everything that she says with "Daddy", she is also to open her mouth when he says, put her pussy in the air when he says, and so on. Bryan then goes up behind as she has her eyes closed. This as he apply a light choke on her, as well as caress her tits, as her hard nipples poke through her shirt. Bryan then turns Tiffany around as he proceeds to squeeze and spank her ass, this as he calls her ass cheek, a "nice piece of "fuck meat"". As he has Tiffany face the front once again, he makes Tiffany declare that she is a piece of "fuck meat". This being shortly before, he goes on to spank her tits, having Tiffany say that they belong to him. He then go to suck on, and squeeze both of them. Next up, he strips Tiffany of her shorts as well as her shirt. He then goes on to retrieve a bottle of lube a towel, prior to squirting Tiffany's pussy with it. With the towel underneath her, Bryan goes on to rub on her pussy from both the front and behind. After working the pussy with both of his hands, he then shoves Tiffany back on his white couch. This, where she spread her legs, as Bryan goes on to finger her pussy from there after he retrieves a large clear bowl, noting that Tiffany squirts a lot. Bryan proceeds to jam 4 of his fingers in continuously until Tiffany comes to squirting orgasm which overshoots the bowl, going onto the floor. Bryan keeps this up eventually making Tiffany squirt once more.  Bryan then gets out another bowl as he has Tiffany squat over it, as he massages her clit, which makes her tremble.  Following this,  Tiffany goes on to suck and throat Bryan's cock, which soon causes her to puke.  this lasts for some time, as Tiffany goes on to puke several times, all of which lands in the bowl, and on the floor. After a bit of cleanup, the deep throating continues as Tiffany is then on all fours on the floor. This going on, as Tiffany once again pukes and the bowl. However, next things go to anal sex on the couch as Tiffany is on her back with her legs pinned back. This as Bryan proceeds to insert himself into her tight asshole. A slow pace soon comes to a steady one as he goes deep, as he continues his pace. This soon bringing Tiffany to an orgasm which paralyzes her for a second. Tiffany again goes back to sucking cock, as Bryan comes around the front. As Tiffany chokes on the cock, Bryan shines her face with all of the spit. After this, things continue as Tiffany is on her back, as she bend back over the arm of the couch to continue sucking Bryan deep. Next up, things continue as Tiffany is then on her knees, as Bryan position her with her legs held tightly, as he fucks her ass from behind. He going deep as Tiffany spreads her ass cheeks apart for the deep fucking. Bryan once again comes to the front for more deep throating and puking, before once again returning to the ass fucking in doggy. After some time here, Bryan then sits back and allows Tiffany to suck his cock as she goes in between his legs.  She sucks him deep once again causing herself to puke. However Bryan next wants Tiffany to eat his ass, This, as she goes on to tongue his asshole, and from here as things progress as Bryan goes on to wash his ass with Tiffany's face. Bryan then has Tiffany position herself on the floor on all fours with her face down, and ass up. He first goes on to finger her ass from this position. It is briefly before he goes on to fuck her ass as he straddles it. He then returns to fingering the asshole deep, before he returns to fucking it, this time fucking deep and hard. Next we see Tiffany straddle the bowl once again, this time as she has to go to the bathroom. We then see her pee in the bowl below. There is again some deep throating.  However, it is brief, because Bryan himself after, relieves himself as well, which he does so into Tiffany's face, and eyes. He then follows it up by also going on to jerk his cock shooting his load into Tiffany's eyes as well, as she holds them open. The scene then comes to an end with Bryan asking Tiffany who is covered in puke, piss, and cum, if she had a good time at HOOKUP HOTSHOT. She of course says yes, and that she cannot wait to come back again.

The Review //
Today I'm back with another review, and it is a review for HOOKUP HOTSHOT and Director Bryan Gozzling. This all anal scene, is a scene that features the return of one Tiffany Watson, after being featured on HOOKUP HOTSHOT, some two years ago. The first encounter between the Director and the starlet was also an anal encounter. This return sees Tiffany wanting the same thorough fucking from Bryan. The scene begins with a simple storyline set up, one which sees Tiffany scouring dating website hookuphotshot.com on which she comes across a match and the match is indeed, Bryan Gozzling, a man that she has been looking for ever since he fucked her ass, the first time. They of course arrange a meeting, as things go from there as, Tiffany soon shows up at his doorstep and ready to go. Of course Bryan gets things underway by setting some ground rules for Tiffany. Ones that have to do with obedience. However, it isn't long, before we see Tiffany literally choking on his cock. This, as she produces lots of puke. After Tiffany covers his floor with said puke, after vomiting several times on his cock, Bryan eventually rewards her by taking things into anal, as he plugs her ass first on the couch, and then on the floor. And if this wasn't enough, things are even extra nasty with the inclusion of man-ass eating, Tiffany squirting, as well as pissing, and also Bryan pissing and cumming into Tiffany's open eyes.

Simply put this scene is nasty. And with me saying this, I am not saying it s a negative thing whatsoever.  In fact, as a viewer, I felt that the scene itself was absolutely amazing. This was a great scene.  It just might be the best scene that I have ever seen from HOOKUP HOTSHOT. I'm not saying that I have seen everything that Bryan Gozzling has produced for his website. But out of all of the scenes that I have seen so far, this is probably my favorite one. Let's start with Tiffany Watson herself. This is a girl that I have to admit, is a fine one. An adorable face with an amazing body including great tits, and a delicious looking pussy and ass, and mouthwatering legs. She pretty much has everything. Of course, here she arrives at Brian's house looking her very best. Looking her sexiest. However, if you're familiar with HOOKUP HOTSHOT, then you know that this isn't the way that she leaves the scene. No. It is during this scene that we see Tiffany torn down in the most spectacular way possible. By the time she leaves the scene, she is covered in puke, pee, spit, squirt, and cum, and it is absolutely glorious in the end. And mentioning the puke, I have to say that it isn't a light inclusion. There is puke everywhere and that is no exaggeration. Though I did not count how many times Tiffany puked during the scene, she seems to do so over and over again. Bryan himself also made note of the fact that she puked all over his pants. And there are also several points in the scene that sees Bryan almost slip on account of Tiffany's puke which is on the floor. It's just a crazy time. Something special about this scene is that it seems to have been a time that both Bryan and Tiffany enjoyed, because on several occasions both break out into laughter which is something that I've never recalled in another HOOKUP HOTSHOT scene.  Maybe I'm wrong, but in this scene, they let loose, and is was good to see.  Hell, I even had a smile on my face at one point. I too was having a good time watching.

So taking all of this fixed consideration, yes I will say that this is a very excellent, and thorough scene. In this scene, Tiffany Watson gets dicked down, and wrecked by Bryan Gozzling. This making for a highly entertaining, highly effective hardcore sex scene. It is one that, without hesitation I do recommend, if it happens to be your type of thing. But beware it may not be for the squeamish. There is seemingly not a dry piece of furniture in Brian's house once things are finished.

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