The Teen Experience (2019)

by - August 10, 2019

Starring: Emma Starletto // Owen Gray

Directed by: Owen Gray
Runtime: 35 mins

Scene Rating: 8.75


Scene Breakdown //
This scene begins with Owen Gray and Emma Starletto, kissing passionately, as Emma sit on the bed.  The kissing is passionate, and deep, with tongue used.  Emma is wearing cutoff denim shorts, over an green one piece.  It's a one piece that Owen soon pulls down in the front, to pinch her perky, hard nipples.  The kissing then continues on with Owen taking Emma down, as he is between her legs, as her pretty bare feet are in the air.  Owen eventually graduates to kissing down her body, making his way down to her thighs, prior to peeling own her shorts.
Emma is then soon on her knees, as Owen goes on to bury his face into her ass, as he tongue and lick at her pussy and ass, before finally inserting his hard cock.  It's from there, that he proceed with the in and out.  Owen fucks Emma from behind firmly, at a steady pace. Following this, Owen flips Emma onto her back, as things quickly escalate to missionary.  Here, Owen proceeds with a steady pace, prior to hammering his cock in, with deep and hard thrusts.  Things then continue with Owen getting out, and training an Hitachi vibrator on Emma's clit, as he plugs her tight young hole with cock.  This lasting until Emma climaxes hard.  Owen briefly follows this up with more hard thrusts into the pussy, before we see him position himself on his back, as Emma goes on to suck his cock.  We get a straightaway POV view from here, as we see Emma spit on, and work the cock, and balls, as she stroke and suck.  It's after, Owen has Emma point her ass to the camera, and soon Emma is rocking her ass back on the cock, with steady bouncing, just prior to Owen taking charge to slam the cock into her.  Next up, Owen positions Emma on her stomach, as he unsnaps the bottom of her one piece, before burying his face in.  He then goes on to briefly pound her pussy, as he straddle her as she lie flat.  The next position in cowgirl, as Emma climbs on to ride the cock.  We then get two camera angles, one from the side, and the other from behind, as Emma bounces her nice round ass on the dick, both as she leans forward, and sits upright.  Following this, Owen, bends Emma over the bed.  Emma has her right leg up on the bed for this, opening up the view of her pussy for the camera.  Owen again takes her from behind from her, to fuck quick and hard.  After, the  two take to the floor by the side of the bed, as again the view is POV.  This, as Emma again squat on the cock, only this time, she's facing us.  Here, we see Owen thrust it in deep for a time, before they make a return to missionary.  Owen slams his cock in, until he again uses the Hitachi on Emma's clit to drive her to orgasm.  It's followed up by more brief fucking, all which leads Owen to cum.  This, as the scene come to an end with a crempie, as Owen shoots his load inside of Emma.  Following the concluding cumshot, Emma treats us to some very nice creampie closeups, as she spread her pink pussy for the camera.

The Review //
For this review, I take a look at another scene, coming from DEEP LUSH, the official website of male performer Owen Gray.  This scene, which Owen titles, "The Teen Experience", sees Gray, experiencing the pleasures of young, Emma Starletto.  Emma, is a naturally beautiful young blonde, with lots of enthusiasm and a clear liking for sex.  It is here that, with Owen Gray that she share an energetic, and passionate romp.  The setup here, as with all of Gray's offerings is straightforward sex.  We go right into raw sex, without a stage being set, so to speak.  Here, the stage is a bedroom, and sometimes, that is all you need for a genuinely good scene - and with that said, that is definitely the case here.  When it comes to Emma Starletto.  Boy, oh boy, is she someone that I have been waiting to review for awhile.  Emma, for me, came out of nowhere, but I must admit that she us absolutely sexy.  I could gush over her all day long.  Even without seeing her in a scene, I was already, definitely a fan.  With this is mind, however, I finally see her in a scene for review, and I must say that I picked a great scene to begin things with.

It is without hesitation that I go on to say that I really enjoyed this scene whole heartedly. As I hinted at above, this scene is raw and to the point. Extremely passionate, from beginning to end. This is a scene that during, we see Owen Gray put in very nice work, as he fuck consistently, and often times it be deep and hard. I just loved the way that Owen pounded away at Emma's tight young pussy. And speaking of Emma's young pussy.  Here, it is so tight, wet and squishy, that over the course of the scene, many queefs are heard, as Owen continuously plugs the hole.  It's so hot!  In addition to this, as well as Owen's hard, and steady fucking, what further emphasizes it all, are Emma's facial expressions throughout, as she is drilled deep.  This girl is so beautiful, and her facial expressions....well her face in general, is a joy to see.  It's such a turn on.  Bringing everything together in a nice little package is of course the technical side of things. Though the scene consists of some POV, the scene itself is built on some nice camerawork, which features multiple angles and views that never fail to keep us into the action as it occurs.  I really enjoyed the time of POV, which first saw Emma first suck Owen's cock essentially right in front of us, only to next, turn around and effectively put her juicy ass in our face, as she bounce on Owen's cock.  Both views are great. I just loved the close up of Emma's big, beautiful eyes as Emma sucked.  And the ass?  Just wow. And speaking of Emma's ass, we get another good look at it, as she later bounce on the cock, sitting upright in cowgirl. The action then finally comes to an eventual close, with returns to both doggy, followed by missionary. It is the latter, which ends in a nice, old fashioned creampie finish. It is additionally that the scene gathers extra points, as the scene fades to black, only after Emma is sure to nicely spread her pussy to show us the evidence. And what a beautiful pink pussy it is!

This is a scene that I would most definitely recommend checking out. It is one with lots of energy, and seemingly genuine chemistry between the two performers. I loved how passionate it was, yet at the same time, it was also nice and hard. This is an enjoyable scene for sure.

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