My Step Sister Wants Me (2019)

by - August 13, 2019

Starring: Katie Kush // Kyle Mason
Directed by: 
Runtime: 23 mins

Scene Rating: 5.5


Scene Breakdown //
This scene begins when Katie Kush comes upon her step brother Kyle Mason getting dressed.  It is for some reason, that Katie happens to find herself turned on.  This, as she begins to touch herself in the doorway.  We then fast forward to the next day.  Katie is seen half dressed, in nothing but a tank top and white panties, as she puts away laundry.  It's then that Kyle burst in, wearing a towel, as he comes out of the shower, and he's looking for a pair of socks.  Socks, which he swears is in the bag of laundry that Katie is sifting through.  A tussle with the laundry then ensues between the step siblings, and it's during the tug of war that Kyle is exposed, when his towel falls to the floor.  It's a sight that Katie is startled by, but at the same time, is obviously pleased with.  Katie is quick to complement her bother on his big cock, as she takes it into her hands.  But nonetheless, Katie is able to resist temptation.  Despite this, sexual tension continues to mount when at dinner, with dad, Katie pulls her panties aside, to flash, and play with her pussy for Kyle, and just like Katie before, Kyle finds himself turned on.  The story then graduates to another time as Kyle again comes into Katie's room.  Wearing his black and white Letterman's jacket, Kyle seems dressed to go out. He tells Katie of his attentions to ask her friend Leah to prom.  However Katie is having none of it.  This prompts Kyle to sense jealousy in Katie, which he attributes to one thing.  His cock.  He believes it to be obvious that she wants it all to herself, as he then pulls it out, dangling it in front of her.  And as to be expected, Katie this time, cannot resist, as Katie then takes it into her mouth.  

We see Katie suck in deep, as she devours the shaft, and sucks the balls.  This is seen, along with Kyle, who fucks Katie's face, as she looks up at him doe-eyed.  The action then takes to the bed, as Katie lies back, peeling aside her white lace panties.  It is then quickly that Kyle inserts himself, as his cock, punctures Katie's love hole.  From here, we see Kyle stretch out Katie's tight pussy.  As the angle toggles from POV to side view, Kyle fucks harder and faster over time from this position. For the next one, Kyle is on his back, as Katie goes on to sit on his cock, and it is from here that she bounces up and down on it. Katie props herself against the  bunk bed, as the cock plunges deep, and hard into her, as Kyle maintains a steady pace from here. After, Katie takes this deep and hard pounding, she next takes to all fours as the action then goes to doggy on the bottom bed. Kyle takes her from behind, as he continues to fuck the pussy and even pace as Katie's ass is in the air, and is seen by us in POV initially.  It's then that the view also that's a view from both the front and behind.  Kyle maintains himself, going deep and hard, continuing until the point of climax.  It's then that with a twist, Katie then bluntly denies Kyle, not allowing him to cum.  Katie gets up, slips on a pair of sexy red panties, and casually goes on to put on Kyle's jacket, as she continues to tease.  But Kyle continues to touch her, making his way down to her panties which he soon removes. And then once again that Kyle slips himself back into Katie's pussy, as he fuck it from a standing frontal position. From this position Kyle continues quickly and steadily as Katie warns Kyle not to cum in her. Unfortunately however Katie does not get her wish, as Kyle continues.  He ejaculates partially into Katie, prior to pulling out, and unloading the rest onto her panties for the finish. The story then goes back to the dinner table, with Katie once again touching herself as Kyle declares that it might be okay because Katie after all is only his stepsister.

The Review //
For this review, I take a look at a scene from the NUBILES PORN NETWORK, and their family taboo relations series, "My Family Pies". In this scene, which stars Katie Kush. We have she in a situation which sees Kyle Mason as her stepbrother, as sexual tension mounts between the two of them, really escalating over a couple of days.  in the story things begin as Katie lies on Kyle as he gets dressed. In a moment that can be seen as sort of an homage to the classic 1980 adult film Taboo, Katie finds herself turned on by her stepbrother. But of course, it is an urge that she is able to fight off. But of course, things do not end there. This is because the next day Katie comes up close and personal with Kyle's member shortly after he comes out of the shower, wearing nothing but a towel. It is then that Katie cannot resist the urge to touch it, however she does in fact, manage to not go any further than that. Things then go on to continue between them, during two separate instances. One, during which Katie teases Kyle at the dinner table as she play with her pussy, and another as Kyle takes out his cock knowing that his sister wants it. It is during this time that Kyle was right because soon, Katie is working it with her mouth, and then taking it in her tight opening from various positions.

This of course is a vignette scene, which of course means that it begins with a storyline setup. In this case involving step siblings. When it came down to me choosing this scene for review, what was advertised the most was that during the scene, at one point Katie has on a black and white Letterman's jacket. When I saw this, I thought that Katie was extremely cute, so that was enough for me. Unfortunately little did I know that the setup, as well as the execution of the finish would be so disjointed and confusing. What I mean by this is that the storyline is structured in a way that, it really makes no sense in the end. I mean it starts off well enough, as we go from one day to the next. But then we go to the dinner table segment, which of course sees Katie tease Kyle by pulling her panties aside as she play with her pussy. It is after the fact that things get a little weird. That's because shortly after we are taken back to Katie's bedroom. We're given a title card that reads, "earlier" implying that the next events in the scene had taken place earlier in the day. It makes no sense. In fact it would make more sense, have the title card read "later", or again "the next day". But with that said we did go into the sexual encounter, and things are fairly good from there. The story itself again takes a nosedive, when after the sex, we are again back at the dinner table, with Katie touching herself, as if the previous events we had just seen had never taken place - at least not yet.  So, did the sex happen prior to dinner? It makes no sense in terms of continuity. The conclusion that I draw from this, is that the story wants us to believe that the step sibling actually did not participate in sex. That was all a dream. However, and unfortunately there is absolutely nothing given to us to support this theory. So, as far as the storyline goes here, I'm lost.

This leads me to talk about the sexual encounter in general on it's own. It is a sex scene that sort of holds up. It is always a joy to see Katie Kush on screen, as she lights it up with her youthful appearance, and her big, beautiful eyes. It is only a bonus that she looks extra sexy when she is wearing her glasses -and here she is wearing them. The sex between she and Kyle Mason is for the most part, fairly good. As we begin with Katie taking Kyle's thick cock deep onto her throat. Both as she suck it, and as she has her face fucked as well. Katie is next on her back for missionary, as Kyle plunges deep. During this, the camera does a very nice job of treating us to a POV view.  One that greatly emphasizes Katie's facial reaction.  Following this, comes my favorite moment in the scene. It is a moment during which we see Kyle lie back as Katie rides his cock in reverse cowgirl. It is here that she slams her ass down hard, as her pussy takes all of the dick, and as Kyle's balls slam against her clit. I enjoyed this position, because I like the way that Kyle fucked Katie deep and hard. The sound of skin smacking skin, was such a turn on. After this, we then go to doggy, as Katie assumes the position on all fours from the bed, as Kyle goes on to hit it  from behind, during this we are given a few nice camera angles.  Starting with a view from POV once again, this time, as Katie's juicy ass fills the screen, and also with additional views from behind, and from the side, as we see Katie's reaction on her expressive face. This leads up to a moment in which we break from the sex and return to in-story character, as Katie pulls away just as Kyle is about to cum. Yes, Kyle is effectively denied by his stepsister. However, he will not give up. Because next comes the moment during the sex scene which Katie tries on that Letterman jacket. Here, Kyle goes on to caress Katie's body and is successful in persuading her to continue. This, as Katie's panties once again come off, as sex continues in a rather sexy front facing standing position, as Kyle thrusts himself into Katie. It's action which continues until Kyle eventually climaxes. It is this part of the conclusion that further confuses me. During the position Katie is stern as she warns Kyle not to cum inside of her. The thing is that Kyle is indeed supposed to by plan. However what happens in reality, isn't exactly what I would call a "creampie", although Katie, like planned, in the end is upset that he did just that. There is little evidence that he did - if any.  In fact, Kyle does instead, unload onto Katie's panties after pulling out. So with that, it makes absolutely no sense, if keeping score with the story. And then of course as I said above following the sex, we returns to the dinner table, as if the sex never happened.  What?? It's all confusing. Making this scene for the most part on account of it's story, a mess. Again I am equally confused about the whole creampie situation at the end of the sex scene as well. It's just simply a really confusing mess all together.

So with this in mind, yes we have story here that really makes little sense when put together. However it's not all bad. In fact, when it comes to sex scene, although it is a short one, I mostly enjoyed it, aside from the sort of botched creampie conclusion which I'm not real sure about. In all honesty this isn't the best scene you can find in this category, or even featuring these performers. But at the same time, I would not discourage you from checking it out for yourself, If only, as I personally would like to see if someone out there can make better heads or tails with this scattered story than I am able to.

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