Teenfidelity.com: Distractions (2019)

by - August 29, 2019

Starring: Audrey Hempburne // Kai Taylor
Directed by: Fumigalli
Runtime: 50 mins.

Scene Rating: 9


Scene Breakdown //
In this scene, Kai Taylor is a dedicated boxer in training, who is determined not to let any obstacle, or any person stand in the way of achieving his goals, when it comes to his sport.  As such, Kai has a specific work routine.  Everyday, he retreats to an abandoned building to train.  With no one around, the environment offers Kai a workout experience, ultimately free of all necessary distractions.  Unfortunately however, on this day in particular, Kai finds that the old abandoned building is a little less vacant.  That's because today also there seeking peace and quiet is young teen Audrey Hempburne, who has come to the building to write.  Kai finds himself distracted by the teen for a moment, during which he calls her over to assist him in tying his shoelace.  But it is then and there an instant attraction, as Audrey finds herself drawn to the fit boxer.  This as she begins to massage his ripped abs, soon making her way down.  She massages, Kai's crotch from over his gray shorts, before inserting her hand through the leg of them, to full on massage his cock.  Kai's shorts then quickly come down as young Audrey is fast at work.  She kisses the head of Kai's cock, prior to taking it into her mouth to suck.  She does so, while making eye contact with Kai.  Kai also does on to fuck her face briefly, before passionate kisses leads to Kai placing his hard cock in between the back of Audrey's little cotton panties as he takes her from behind.  It's here that Kai rubs his cock in and out as the two continue to exchange passionate kisses, as Audrey unwraps Kai's hands.  This next leads to Kai proceeding to fuck Audrey's pussy from the position in doggy.  The pacing is steady, with an increasing roughness, as Audrey makes mention of just how big Kai's big cock is inside of her teenage pussy.  The action however, soon moves to standing side fuck.  This, as Kai hoists Audrey's leg up to pound her hard. Following this, Kai pushes Audrey against one of the building's support beams, as he the fucks he face for a time, before it's to standing reverse cowgirl briefly.  They then relocate, as Kai goes on to bend Audrey over the arm of a nearby leather couch.  This is where he again takes her from behind.  Here, Kai continues to fuck deeper and harder as he momentarily pins Audrey's arms behind her back for the pounding.  He also before takes a side mount to fuck.  We then see a moment of 69, which goes briefly to the standing variation.  Following this, Kai places Audrey down on the couch, as he steps over the arm of the couch, to once again insert himself into Audrey.  This, as the action goes to piledriver.  It's from this position that Kai continue to plow Audrey deeper and harder, as she begs for more.  Following this, Kai is seated as Audrey sucks his hard cock.  This is prior to he being on his back, as Audrey crawls over to him, to straddle his cock for cowgirl.  It's from this position that we see Kai relentless, as he fucks Audrey fast and hard.  It's during that we have nice camera views from the back and the front.  Next, another round of cowgirl follows after a reposition, which leads briefly to standard cowgirl, before it's doggy from a chair.  The action goes from doggy, side fuck, and then returning to doggy, as Kai fully straddles Audrey's ass to do deeply.  Next, we once again find them on the couch, as Audrey straddles Kai for reverse cowgirl, as she first twerk back on the cock.  Kai, then has Audrey position herself upright to bounce.  This, prior to a reposition seeing Kai on his back as the reverse cowgirl then continues with Audrey in side-saddle prior to she leaning back to be fucked, and then in side fuck, as her legs are held tightly.  The action takes to an arm of the couch next, as Audrey lies back, as Kai sucks on her pussy, before his cock goes in.  Its from here that we see Kai again fuck the pussy at an increasing pace, going faster and harder, as he make Audrey cum.  This lasting until he must climax himself.  It's then that Kai pulls out to jerk his cock, resulting in a huge load, with which he glazes Audrey's hairless mound, for a nice finish.

The Review //
What's a bigger distraction to an ultra disciplined fighter than tight teen pussy?  Absolutely nothing.  This is exactly what boxer, Kai Taylor finds out the hard way, in this scene from TEENFIDELITY, titled "Distractions", which was directed by Fumigalli. In the scene Kai Taylor plays in boxer, who is bound to not let distractions get in the way of his goal of achieving greatness in his sport.  He is disciplined in his mindset, even going as far as taking up training space in an old abandoned building downtown, as not to be bothered.  However, we the viewer, here find him on a day that he just so happens to come face to face with the ultimate distraction in tight young 19 year old, Audrey Hempburne.  By all appearances, Audrey too has taken to the empty building for peace, as she write in a note pad. but likewise, she is also distracted when she is called over by the hunky athlete.  He asks her to merely tie up his shoe, but it's an instant attraction, which thus sets the stage for a surprisingly, high-energy, sexual encounter.

Going into this particular scene, seeing as I had yet to see these two performers perform, I didn't know what to expect  However, as I would find, I needn't not worry when it comes to this scene from Fumigalli, who I had in fact reviewed before. The scene gets started with a very nice artistically styled opening that is black and white hued, as our boxer character, played by Kai Taylor, explains to us what he is all about, and what he works toward achieving in the sport of boxing. He basically tells us that distractions are not an option, when it comes to accomplishing what he has set out to do. The scene goes on to display his seriousness next, with he in an abandoned building, as he warms up. However, a short time later not only does he finds himself distracted by an untied shoelace, Kai also happens to catch a glimpse of a young female who is sitting off to the side of him, in her own quietness, as she writes something down.  Kai of course breaks the silence, speaking to the girl, as he kindly asks her if she will come over him and help him tie up his shoelace. It is an awkward icebreaker for sure, but this is indeed the spark for what is to come. This, as soon Audrey, gets a feel of Kai's rock hard abs, and is immediately in awe.

I really loved the way that the action began here.  It's passionate between the two, gradually working itself up to becoming much more harder, and intense over time. As funny as it sounds, as someone who wasn't quite familiar with the two performers beforehand, I felt that this progressive pace was a great way to sort of warm up to them as a viewer. That's because, by the time that the action picked up over time, I found myself be truly invested in what I was seeing on screen. I truly found myself drawn to these two performers by the time the scene was over. This is especially true when it comes to the young starlet featured, Audrey Hempburne. Prior to the scene I have to say that I only had simply heard of her by name, via social media. I actually thought that her stage name was pretty clever. However, that was the extent of it prior to this scene. But now that I have seen her, I have to say that her work in this scene, I am thoroughly impressed by what I have seen of her. As far as performance goes, Audrey is a really passionate performer, with much energy, who leaves it all behind on the screen. She may be young, but she is a performer who really gets into it. It is clearly obvious that she loves being manhandled and fucked by and dominant male. I have found here, that she is an absolute joy to behold. She is another one of those performers that I call an and "expressive performer".  Meaning, that one can judge exactly how she is feeling during a sex scene, due to the expression which is written on her face at any given time. During this scene Audrey's face simply tells us all that we need to know without her even muttering a word to us. It is just great. I loved watching her get fucked hard, along with the facial reactions that would accompany it. As for Kai Taylor, he too is equally impressive here, as he doesn't seem to let up once he get started in on Audrey tight young pussy. His work here is not only consistent, it is nice and hard. And speaking of nice and hard action, that is usually how I prefer to see it. So as you can imagine, I was quite enjoying myself here, watching Kai just pound away at his leisure.  The icing on the cake however, being that Audrey came to play. Craving the dick, she encourages every ounce of energy that Kai here gives her. as he drive his cock in. Accommodating this hard pounding action, are many sexual positions, which is a great thing. We definitely do have the sexual variety here with the positions, such as standard cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl in addition to the standing variations of them, along with other positions such as side-saddle and piledriver. Yes little Audrey essentially gets drilled in just about every position imaginable.  Seeing as this fast paced action basically never quits, it is glorious to see. I definitely had a smile on my face, while watching the action unfold between these two. Audrey's hole is essentially pushed to its limits as she herself is driven to multiple raging orgasms throughout.  This, as she screams out in pleasure. Here, I have mentioned all of the hard hitting action that the scene consists of, but I also would like to mention a few of the technical things as well. As I said this scene gets off to a very artistic start. This is something that I would say also carries over into the sex as well. It is well shot, and framed, with very nice attention given to the action at hand.  This including very nice closeups which capture the details of certain key shots, such as Audrey's skill as she slurp on the cock, or whether it is on her face as she encourages Kai or begs for more. The camera is right there when we most desire it to be. With this said, there were also some key subtleties  that I also noticed that other people would likely not care about, but I did. One of my favorite moments in the scene, happens to occur during the piledriver position.  Kai is leaned over, and he is sweating onto his scene partner. The gentleman is quick to apologize to Audrey. She then replies to him saying that it is ok. That normally she would be disgusted, however seeing as that she finds Kai to be so sexy, she doesn't mind. Now to the average porn viewer, this might mean much, in terms of symbolism, however I have to say that I really enjoyed this candid moment between these two performers. It shows, not only the two performers, but two human beings, connecting on a personal level. You often do not find this level candor in scenes, and I thank Fumigalli for allowing the camera to roll during this sweet moment. And while were at it, Kai's gentlemanly ways do not there, as there is also another moment in the scene during the doggy, which we see Kai, kindly, sweep Audrey's hair over, to sweetly, and passionately kiss her neck. Yes it's a moment which came just before he went on to plow the shit out of her pussy. But still, I enjoy these little moments of romance!

With this said in my opinion, collectively this is one great scene all around. Beginning with its lead-in story and into its sex, "Distractions" is indeed a distraction for the viewer.  But a good distraction.  It is a scene that grabs hold, all the way until the big load which brings this scene to a very satisfying close. If I had to describe this scene one word I would say that it is "impressive". It is impressive all around. Most impressive, being the performers, who literally fuck until they are out of breath. It is kind of raw passion and energy that I love to see, which is why do not hesitate to recommend this scene. It is with my recommendation and I hope that you will go on to enjoy the scene as much as I did.

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