Paisley Porter - 3rd Wheel (2019)

by - August 27, 2019

Starring: Paisley Porter // Charles Dera
Directed by: Charles Dera
Runtime: 25 mins.

Scene Rating: 7.5


Scene Breakdown //
Here, we join Karl Toughlove on a Saturday afternoon in April, as he introduces us to Paisley Porter, a newcomer to the industry who has always been with us for two months at the time. Karl asks her "what is Paisley?" To which she answers that it is just an innocent sounding name, to match her innocent looking appearance. However, Paisley stresses that she is anything but innocent.  A claim that Karl questions. Paisley says that for one, she does porn, and another thing is that she likes to fuck. So Karl confirms that Paisley is indeed a slut.  Paisley then counters, asking Karl if he is one as well. It is without hesitation that Karl answers with confidence, saying that he has been a slut for a long time. Karl says that the reason that Paisley is here today is that she came highly recommended by Karl's boy, male porn performer Charles Dera, who had already worked with Porter.  In Dera's own words, he says she was "fantabulous". Karl goes on to say that Paisley has made the long drive to head out today with Karl to the beach. Karl says that maybe they can get a little workout in, as we the viewer are the 3rd wheel along for the ride. When questioned, Paisley says that what they are going to do today is fuck, this as she sounds eagerly ready. Shortly after Karl has Paisley stand up to show off her petite, yet stacked body, the two then head off to the beach.

It is then that we are treated to a musical montage, which sees the two frolic on the beach, working out, and otherwise having fun while enjoying the company of each other. It is after a day at the beach, that we see the two returned to Karl's hotel room. Paisley is wearing nothing but a towel. And it is a towel that she is soon out of, as she is next seen on the furniture centerpiece with her legs and pussy spread, as Karl compliments her on her pink pussy. This while Paisley says that she just wants to suck Karl's cock and she says so with authority.  And it's with that that she then wastes no time in doing so, as Karl comes over to her. 

Paisley gets to work on Charles' cock, slurping and sucking slowly, showing skill.  She looks Charles dead in the face as she lick the head of his dick.  This, as Charles phone camera captures a closeup of Paisley's eyes. It is then that the sucking continues as Charles positions himself on his back. This lasts for a moment more prior to Paisley next straddling Charles' cock to ride, but first not without a wetness check by "Karl". It is then that Paisley spreads her pussy in order to show Charles just how wet it is. Next up, we see Paisley bounce on the cock, as we have views from the two cameras. The one of full scope, and then of course is called world's phone camera which gives us a closeup of the penetration as it is occurring. Next up Paisley is on her back as things go to missionary. Charles continues at a steady pace while placing his cigar into Paisley's mouth as  he then continues at a quicker harder pace. From here, Paisley's position changes several times. First, with her legs pinned back, to standard missionary, and then to side fuck. This lasting until Paisley is next face down, and ass up, as Charles takes her from behind. It's here in this position that he maintains his steady pace of in and out.  This, as the view alternates from full to closeup via Charles' phone. It's during said closeup that we are treated to a very nice view of Paisley's perfect holes. After a time Charles briefly follows this up by half-straddling Paisley in order to step on her head as he fuck her. The next position that the two take is spoon. It's a position which sees Charles fuck at an increasing pace, as Paisley encourages him to pound her pussy. The position then carries on to once again side fuck as Paisley faces the camera with her legs held tightly together as Charles goes on to plow into her. It's following this that Charles and Paisley discuss he cumming inside of her. It is something that Paisley readily agrees to. It is then that Paisley once again goes on to straddle Charles, as she once again faces the camera. From here, she goes on to bounce on the cock, until Charles must climax. He does so as the camera zooms in on his reaction, and then back to Paisley's opening, as a white load is deposited, and then discharged. Before the finish of the scene, we see the reverse cowgirl briefly resumed just prior to "Karl" declaring Paisley Porter  to be "Toughlove Approved".

The Review //
Today, I review my first scene from TOUGHLOVE X, the website from veteran male performer, Charles Dera.  The website, serves which serves as a platform for Dera to take on the persona of his alter ego, "Karl Toughlove" - a brash, vag-vigilante, who has taken it upon himself to single-handedly tame the wild, sexually promiscuous women of the world, one fuck at a time.

This scene in particular is part of Karl's "3rd Wheel" series, a series which takes us the viewer, along for the ride, as Karl Toughlove, accompanies some of the hottest pieces of ass on dates, prior to he and his cock, then having their way with them.  For this 3rd Wheel episode, as per recommendation from his buddy Charles Dera, Karl invites newcomer, Paisley Porter to a day at the beach with him.  After introducing us the viewer, and the 3rd wheel to the hot young blonde, it's to the beach they go, and it's great stuff.  This brief segment, which is complete with musical accompaniment, is hilarious.  The montage, shows the two playing around, as well as working out on the beach, this including a spot where the two are seen running side by side.  It's a moment that I must admit made me laugh out loud.  I mean, the sight of Karl running humorously alongside the hot young Paisley in her tight, pink one piece bikini, while he himself is wearing a tight ready Speedo, with cigar in mouth is just hilarious.  Well, after these laughs, we then move on to the next part of the episode, as Paisley and Karl return to Karl's room for some fuckin'.

It's from here that the sexual tension is high, as the self-proclaimed slut, Paisley, just bursts out of a towel that had been covering her curvaceous body, and gets down to spreading her pink to Karl's pleasurable view.  It is not long after this however that Paisley intently goes after what she came for, as she gets to work on Karl's cock, as she take to her knees.  From here, I really enjoyed watching Paisley do her thing.  There is also a very nice moment of editing here when Charles happens to mention Paisley's big blue eyes.  It's at that moment that we happen to cut to another camera view - one from Charles' phone. It is a view that demonstrates a closeup of Paisley's fresh, and youthful young face, this including her piercing blue eyes as she looks at Charles, while working over his cock. Following this suck session, Charles goes on to return the favor, as we see Paisley positioned on her back. It is here that Paisley spreads her legs as she takes Charles' his cock from missionary and side fuck. During this position, I love that Charles keeps up the comedy by placing Karl's cigar into Paisley mouth as he goes on to fuck her even harder while choking her - again it is great stuff. I also like the fact that Charles even embodies Karl while fucking, as we momentarily see him thrust his dick as hard and as deep into Paisley as he can. The action goes on to continue next in doggy. It is another position that utilizes both camera angles. This time as Charles is from camera is right in on the penetration. I particularly loved this particular closeup view. as it gives us an up close and personal view of Paisley's beautiful butthole, and pink pussy.  In addition, the position also accommodates more "Karl", as the fucking from the position goes on to conclude with Charles stepping on Paisley's head. Following doggy, we see both spoon and side fuck, fucking before an agreement is made for a creampie finish. This is followed up by the action then taking to cowgirl once again as Paisley bounces on Charles for a short time, until he goes on to unload into Paisley. After which he pulls out to allow the leaking of bodily fluid to be seen. This is of course, essentially the end of the scene.  However, the cowgirl does continues for a moment more, before it is all said and done. When it comes to my personal preference I love seeing creampies in scenes, is so long as they are authentic. I bring this up, because when it comes to the one seen in this scene, I'm not quite sure if it is in fact the genuine article. To be honest me it looks a little iffy, which is why am a bit skeptical.  However, if it is indeed a creampie which has been faked, then I have seen worse before. With that said it is not a deal breaker for me. Overall, I enjoyed this scene/episode for what it is: a mixture of comedy and porno. It's nice combination, and it is one that I like a great deal. What Charles Dera is doing with his Karl Toughlove character is something that no one else in the industry is doing, as far as I know. To me it is something that is both fun, and refreshing. Not only that, it is an avenue that affords, Dera more opportunities. He is a very smart man. The industry could benefit from more people like him. Again, this was my very first experience reviewing, for TOUGHLOVE X, and I had a really good time. The website itself offers multiple series featuring Dera's hilariously clever character. These are scenes that I look forward to covering more of in the future. If you get the chance, be sure to check out this scene featuring Paisley Porter, and let Karl teach you how to tame a slut!

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