ExCoGi.com: Shey Holmes

by - September 07, 2019

Starring: Shey Holmes // Jay
Directed by: Steve (ExCoGi)
Runtime: 1 hr. 19 mins.

Scene Rating: 7


Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with newcomer Shey Holmes in the chair getting her makeup done.  This, while at the same time, director, Steve fields some questions.  It's via this pre-scene interview that we learn, that while Shey calls herself "promiscuous", that she is reality isn't too experienced.  This having only slept with a few guys, had a couple of girl/girl boy threesomes.  The sex that she has otherwise had, we find, has been actually pretty "vanilla".  Shey doesn't like the thought of anal.  As a matter of fact, she says that she doesn't even masturbate.  Not even as she entertain the thoughts of her celebrity crush, Channing Tatum.  She goes even further to say that she has only orgasmed twice in her life.  As the guys are amazed, they also go on to ask her if she has ever used toys.  And when that too is a "no". they ask why.  This as we get the feeling that they will rectify this situation later.  After the questions have been asked, Shey then proceeds to remove he top and bra, so that the guys can get a look at her.

We then cut to Shey coming out of the shower, as Jay, with a camera intercepts her.  It's from there that he asks her if she wants to do a little something before they go back out front.  The eager Shey, with a smile on her face then doesn't hesitate to take to her knees as she suck Jay's cock.  Shey works the cock good, and it's head that Jay is quick to complement her on.  They then move on to missionary sex, prior to the two reporting back to the bedroom for the use of some toys.  Shey first has her first experience with an Hitachi.  this continues on as Jay then simultaneously fingers her and then moves on to fuck her pussy with a ribbed dildo as Shey moans.  After, he the replaces the ribbed dildo with a thicker one, and then Shey again sucks his cock.  This being prior to we going into the main sex.

Things begin with Shey lying on her stomach as she continues to suck dick.  Things continue as Steve also places the Hitachi on her pussy at the same time.  Things keep rolling for an extended period of time, while we have our main camera, along with a split screen which shows the action from behind. It is clear that we see the guys double-team Shey's pussy to her orgasm. It's after this that we go into missionary on the bed as Shey is on her back. It is her that we see Jay fuck to pussy steadily, to increasing his pace, this, as he along with the use of the Hitachi makes her cum. Next up we have Shey's favorite position, doggy and she is on all fours, and Jay takes her from behind.  It's here that we again have picture-in-picture as Jay continues to plug away at Shey's pussy.  Steve also eventually lends a hand again, introducing the Hitachi to her pussy.  They use this setup until Jay half-straddles Shey to pound her harder.  The action hen goes to reverse cowgirl  Shey is initially leaning back here, as Jay picks up a quick pace, fucking her hard, this continues in an upright position until reverting back.  Some split screen is seen during.  Lastly, we see Jay jerk his cock, while Shey also sucks.  This as an on-screen countdown leads us to cumshot.  One that Shey collect in her mouth to happily swallow.

The Review //
Today I review a scene for the website, EXPLOITED COLLEGE GIRLS(or ExCoGi, for short), the Arizona based production company, who since 2005, more times than not, have had their lens on the first porno scenes of countless girls.  Some being one-and-done, while others, more so in recent times, moving on to have a career in the adult industry.

In the case of this scene in particular, we are introduced to the smiling, fresh face of newcomer, Shey Holmes, a girl who is just breaking in.  The scene begins with a fun little interview segment.  During which, we find that Shey grew up with a religious upbringing.  It's by this, that we sense that she herself decided to try porn to be rebellious and adventurous.  Because, "why not?", Shey says.  It's also during said conversation, that we learn that Shey hasn't yet experienced that many orgasms in her life - only  thus far achieving 2, with 2 different guys.  This is a fact that both Shey's scene partner Jay(from Bang.com), and ExCoGi director, Steve, vow to rectify.  The talk leads to an impromptu romp in the bathroom, between Shey and Jay, prior to any toy play, or sex play even beginning, but soon enough we are underway following the two guys getting the girl off with an Hitachi on the pussy, and a dick in the mouth.

As far as the sexual encounter goes, as a viewer, I found it to be a sex scene that was really deliberately paced.  The guys, well, Jay seemed to go a little easy on Shey, likely noting her inexperience.  To me, this inexperience was apparent for her.  Some girls simply open up, and "turn on" during the sex, while others have nerves that remain with them.  With Shey, there wer definitely nerves.  There were a couple of occasions where Jay told her to spit and slobber on his cock to make it nasty, and it is clear that it is something that she hadn't previously done.  As a viewer, I kept wanting her to drown the dick in saliva.  But it never happened.  I also felt that Shey didn't feel comfortable in front of the camera enough to let loose.  During the course of the scene, she apparently has multiple orgasms, yet it is difficult to tell, even for the production team, as she seems to hold them in here, spare for a moment in doggy.  The action finally reaches its highest peak during the final position.  Reverse cowgirl sees Jay wear out Shey's tight young pussy, fucking it deep and hard in said position.  It is the position, which demonstrates the scene's hardest sex - so of course, it marked my favorite time of the 60 minute+ scene.

Overall, this scene featuring Shey Holmes, as she dare to get in front of a camera with Jay, is one that I felt to be ok.  I liked the opening "get to know" segment, as Shey is a cute girl for sure(she has some similarities to Karla Kush appearance-wise).  The sex scene that follows with her however, is a little more of what you'd expect for a novice in porn.  But to their credit, the guys treated her well.  As for the technicals, the ExCoGi setup is one that is pro-am, albeit it has a little flare.  I really enjoy the style of ExCoGi scenes, as they make nice use of both picture-in-picture, as well as split screens during moments of the sex.  Not only this, but the moment of cumshot features a 10 second countdown, as well as then said cumshot shown from several angles, and in slow motion.  It's all a nice touch.

So with that, I have said all that I can say about this scene, and I do so encourage you to check out the many scenes, featuring the many girls(many you may know, and in their first scene on camera) located at ExCoGi.com!

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