Yogis Bang Better (2019)

by - September 04, 2019

Starring: Annabel Redd // Peter Green
Directed by:
Runtime: 42 mins.

Scene Rating: 7


Scene Breakdown //
In this scene we find young Annabel Redd, whose friend, Peter Green, has agreed to allow her to stay at his place for awhile. At the beginning of this scene we see Annabel, as she stand in front of a mirror, as she admire herself while trying on her new pink yoga outfit. Initially she was unsure, as she felt that the color pink might clash with her pale skin, however nonetheless, she likes the way that it looks on her. Following this Annabel goes off into the main room, where she finds her friend, and now roommate, Peter in the kitchen. It is there that he gets his first look at Annabel in her yoga attire, and he's taken aback - he's stunned. Annabel says that it is a nice day outside, and that she thinks that she will go out and do some yoga. However, Peter is quick to counteract, in order to get her to remain inside for her workout session - he tells her that it is way too hot outside. In the end Annabel agrees and additionally begins her workout. It is during the workout that Peter on the other hand, does some household chores(or at least he pretends to) as he gets an eyeful of Annabel, all while trying not to be noticed. Annabel goes on to perform several yoga poses, thus essentially working up a sweat on her end. She soon calls Peter inside to turn on the air conditioner. It is also during this time that she asks Peter for assistance as he then comes over to help her stretch. He does so, however it is during this that Peter's concentration gets the better of him, as Annabel catches Peter in the act, while the stare at her big breasts. Peter is at first embarrassed, but it is Annabel who seems to not have a problem with it. In fact, she wants to make the deal with Peter. She says that Peter may play with her tits all he wants, if he happens to allow her to continue to stay at his place, free of charge. As it turns out it is revealed that Peter cannot refuse, as soon, he finds his face buried deeply into the crevice of Annabel's chest.

Things begin as Annabel shoves Peter's face in between her tits.  Peter then goes on to suck on her nipples one by one.  Following this, Peter says that he wants more than just tits.  This as he gets his hard cock out for Anabel to suck.  We see Anabel take Peter's cock into her mouth as she suck and slurp for a time we all also see some face fucking.  There's also some brief titty fucking after.  Following this, Peter oils up Anabel's tits, and it's during this that Annabel gets a feel of Peter's cock.  It's then that she says she wants to ride it, as the action goes to standard cowgirl.  Peter is first seated, but then's on his back, picking up the pace, as Annabel's tits bounce freely.  The next position is doggy with Peter fucking hard from behind.  Eventually the view momentarily goes to the front, as we gauge Anabel's reaction, and as her tits bounce in closeup.  The position ends with Peter leaning in and fucking hard.  This prior to the action going to side fuck and missionary, during which the camera gives us a nice overhead view.  This lasts until Peter goes on to once again titty fuck Anabel, this time to climax.  The scene concludes with Peter jerking off to cum on Anabel's tits.

The Review //
Here we have another workout themed scene from the "The Real Workout" series from the folks at TEAM SKEET.  This scene, titled, "Yogis Bang Better" features newcomer Annabel Redd, as a young Yogi getting by, by staying with a friend in Peter Green. In the scene Annabel is featured in a workout session which puts a great emphasis on the well endowed chest. Of course it's something that Peter also notices as well. He just can't keep his eyes off of Annabel's titties. Well, eventually this admiration soon move to more as in perfect porno fashion, Annabel lets him play with them, for free room and board. However, you just knew that it would not end there.  Right?

We eventually go into a sexual encounter between the two of them, one which includes all of the above; titty fucking, oil, and hard fucking. While watching this, I found the scene to be a progressive one.  The storyline which sees Annabel working out, is a bit drawn out.  In, fact I felt that it may have been a little too slow.  However, I did enjoy the way that the story showed the friendship evolve rather quickly, going from titty fucking, to hard banging on the couch. The main focus here during the scene is definitely Annabel's big boobs, who can blame anyone, they are absolutely beautiful. Also a positive here, is that we of treated to many a close up view of Annabel's bouncing mammaries. However, all good things here, do not solely lie in the tits, no. Personally I loved Annabel's enthusiasm as she on to climb on and ride Peter's cock.  It was actually hot watching her ass bounce from behind in the cowgirl position. Doggy also treats us to a sexy moment during which the camera zooms in on Annabel's reaction, as she moans and squeals while being fucked from behind.  All of which leads to she cumming hard. I just loved her little squeals as she attempts to maintain her breath. Of course, doing said fucking on the other end is Peter Green, who I felt did a good job here. His work here is consistent.  However, I mostly enjoyed the times which he gave it to Annabel deep and hard. They are definitely key, and do stand out.

For a boob-centric scene, this one was fairly good, and enjoyable. The opening storyline segment, while fun for the most part, as I said, did begin to drag on a bit. However, the good thing is that we go on to a sex scene that plays out rather well, featuring this young starlet, who was definitely gifted with beautiful curves.  I do love her body for sure, and she also has a seemingly great personality as well. In my opinion, this was a good showing for both performers when it comes to the sex scene in general. If you're a fan of big tits, then you just might want to check this one out, as Annabel Redd is a very nice, and very promising sight to see!

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