Schoolgirl Lily Glee Gets Her First Anal Creampie

by - September 13, 2019

Starring: Lily Glee // John Strong
Directed by: Maestro Claudio
Runtime: 42 mins.

Scene Rating: 8.5


Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with teenage schoolgirl Lily Glee, sitting on the couch, as she calmly scrolls through her phone. She is then however interrupted by her Stepfather John Strong, who has come to talk to her about her exams at school. Lily is quick to answer that exams are now over and that she has passed them. However,  John knows better,as he has already been contacted by Lily's Mother. When John asks Lily about her grades, Lily then comes clean saying that  in Math and English, she made a couple of Bs, however when it comes to Chemistry, she says that she made a D.  A failing grade. John is disappointed, as he has his Stepdaughter Lily stand up from the couch, as he get a better look at what she is wearing. Lily is of course wearing a schoolgirl outfit. However, it is not your average schoolgirl attire. In fact, Lilly has gone out of her way to make sure that it has plenty of sex appeal. It's something that John focus is on, as he tells his Stepdaughter that he believes that she is putting too much energy in being sexy, rather than being booksmart. It is after Lily cops an attitude, that father John then ultimately decides that Lily deserves some punishment. This as he lays Lily over his lap, hikes up her plaid skirt, and administers as spanking, to both of her big cheeks. However as we find things would not end with a simple spanking of the ass.  No. This is an opportunity that John happens relish, as the spanking sparks some sexual tension between the two of them.  John comes up behind Lily to caress her.  Lily is only lukewarm in hesitation though, as she does not want to be grounded by her stepfather.  She tells him that if it will get her off the hook, then she is fine with it.  Besides, she says that she has always been curious about having relations with him.  John begins to undress Lily, removing her top and bra.  He goes on tom pinch and play with Lily's nipples, prior to the two kissing passionately.  However it isn't long before Lily is on her knees, and she's sucking cock.  This occurs for an extended period.  This, as Claudio's camera is tight on the action as Lily slurps cock, and John fucks face,  After sometime, we see John also utilize Lily's pigtails as he face fuck as well.  Soon enough however, the camera shoots underneath, for Claudio's trademark blowjob cam, as he captures the happenings from underneath the male performer.  This, followed up by John toying with Lily's mouth, as he pop it in and out of her cheek.  For a time more, the blowjob continues with John being seated on the couch,  However, it's after this that he soon has Lily bent over, as he remove her thong, and quickly insert himself into her pussy.  John begins steadily with the in and out.  However, the pace soon quickens as he spanks Lily's ass before half-straddling her to go deep.  It's during this that Lily says that, although this happens to be a form of punishment, it's actually pretty fun.  John has an answer for this, as he promises to make things even more fun.  That's because next, his cock goes into her tight young asshole.  It's indeed a tight fit, but John's cock stretches it as he continues with a steady pace, before switching up the positions.  Next, the position is spoon,  The camera is in close with Lily's pussy and anus being the focal point.  It's here that we see John plug away at an ever-so increasing pace, as Lily moans, as she takes the cock deep.  Following spoon, it's then ass to mouth, as Lily goes on to suck John clean.  We next however see Lily ride the cock in reverse cowgirl.  Here, Lily has her legs propped up on John's.  This, as he quickly plugs away at her tight ass.  It's here that John fucks at an increasing pace, seemingly becoming quicker once he reveals Lily's gaping asshole to the camera, and to us.  It's as if it encourages him, as he rails Lily's ass deep and fast.  This is followed up with even more ass to mouth as John has Lily say things such as "I like daddy's dick in my ass and mouth", and "I like to swallow daddy's cock".  Following some face fucking as well, we also so Lily sensually lick the head of the cock like a lollipop, at John's request.  Next up, it's to cowgirl, as Lily climbs on, as anal continues.  This initially having Lily bounce her ass steadily on the cock, prior to John taking over to drill the ass nice and hard, as the camera, a number of times, captures Lily's reaction.  After this, we see Lily take to the splits, as she literally straddles the cock as John continues to pound her ass.  Lily follows this with some more brief ATM.  It's brief, because soon, John takes Lily to the arm of the couch, where anal sex continues.  Here, John continues to plunge deep into Lily's asshole, stopping momentarily to pull in and out, before beginning again full force.  It's during this time that he asks Lily, if she wants him to cum in her ass, it's without a bit of hesitation that Lily agrees to it.  John then continues consistently, until finally losing his load into Lily's depths.  After which, the camera nicely captures the remains oozing out, like an ass trash waterfall.  The scene then closes with John saying that Stepdaughter Lily gets an "A for anal".

The Review //
In this scene, relative newcomer, Lily Glee has been a bad little schoolgirl, who needs to be punished.  And punishment is actually what her Stepdad John Strong gives her,  However, this is no ordinary punishment.  After all....this is PERV CITY!

It's via storyline That we learn that Lily hasn't been the greatest of students. At least when it comes to chemistry class. She tells her Stepdad that she has barely passed in both Math and English class with a B average. But when it comes to Chemistry, the grade of a D for John and Lily's mom, just won't cut it. For John, it is clear to see that Lily's concentration is trained elsewhere. Well, on this particular day, John is determined to assure that Lily's concentration is fully on her punishment for her academic behavior. It begins with a good old-fashioned spanking across the lap of the parental figure. However, when Lily decides to give John some lip about her punishment, he resorts to another form.  A more extreme form, than simple a grounding.

At the center of this scene when it comes to the sexual encounter between Lily and John, we of course have Lily's first ever, anal creampie. But before we even get to the anal sex. There is first a blowjob, which is administered by Lily. When it comes to any scene which happens to be helmed by Maestro Claudio however, you know that when it comes to the act of dick blowing, it isn't going to be the average blowjob that you will be receiving.  That's because, The Maestro captures a blowjob better than anyone in the industry. It's just a fact. I mean when it comes to blowjobs, I'm not at all a fan of watching them.  But I have ti admit that The Maestro shoots cocksucking in a way that is really enjoyable. Of course they are lengthy(like this review), but he gives us many interesting angles throughout, including his fantastic, "under the balls" point of view. What I'm trying to say with all of this said, is that here, we see Lily Glee deal out an amazing blowjob to John. I loved that during this, Claudio was able to exquisitely capture the tears running down Lily's face. Her face is so beautiful. We then move on to the banging, and it is all uphill from here.  First with pussy fucking, but it is isn't long before anal, because Lily gets a little too comfortable with her punishment.  It is after this that we cycle through a number of positions involving butt plowing. This while John maintains a steady pace with moments throughout of he sporadically increasing his pace, to fuck Lily's expanding butthole deep and hard. I enjoyed the fact that John, the veteran was consistent and eager throughout. As I made note of above, it was like he was encouraged by the growth of Lily's gape to go faster. I really liked the moments that saw John absolutely drill Lily's ass, only because I know her, and know that she digs it, and she can take it. My favorite position of the scene, was the position of reverse cowgirl. This position, as we see Lily with her feet firmly planted on John's legs as her legs are spread. This left her wide open for the camera in all of her glory, beautiful pussy and asshole galore. However, it's not only that. It's truly the only full moment during the scene which Lily gets to do what she does best, I have come to know by studying her previous scenes, which is make love to the camera. When it comes to making love to the camera, Lily is a natural. In fact, she is an absolute genius of the art.  Lily's eyes are weapons.  This girl can make a grown man cum in their jeans just by looking at them. What she is able to do with her eyes and facial expressions is just dangerous indeed.  This alone, and of course a lot more will cement her as a rising star of the industry in the very near future, I bet on it. When it comes to things that I did not enjoy about the scene, I really have to say that the thing that I would have liked to have had more of, is more of that. More of Lilly's reactions. We do have bits and pieces of them here, when Claudio moves from the fucking, to her reaction. However, it is then back to the fucking. This is your standard protocol for any scene.  But when you have someone who is this talented at something such as that, it should be showcased fully, in my opinion. But, then again, I know that Claudio probably didn't know about just how good she is at eye fucking all of us. The scene also has another great moment, as Lily fucks while in the splits.  It's great and comes shortly before the the scene's final position, as Lily lies on her back, on the arm of the couch for anal in missionary. It's a position which sees John plug up Lily's black hole, as it has things finally coming to an end, as John asks for, and is granted permission to bust a nut in his "Stepdaughter's" gaping rectum, thus bringing things to a rousing ending.  It's an end to the action that you are not going to want to cut away from after the cum is shot. This is because Claudio was wise enough to have his ever-present camera zoom in on the discharge, and I have to say that it is a glorious view. It's like some kind of nasty waterfall, as cum, and ass juice just comes running quickly out of Lily's asshole. My perverted ass enjoyed this parting moment of nastiness.  It's quiet lovely.

Now, I would say that PERV CITY is on a roll. However, it is just how Maestro Claudio and company do things. This isn't me kissing anyone's ass.  It's simply, me calling it as I see it. Claudio definitely has his finger on the pulse of something when it comes to camerawork, always finding the proper, most beneficial, and beautiful angles and shots that are most effective. I love it, and no matter how many scenes that I view, I still manage to really enjoy the camerawork put forth by The Maestro. Here he was able to create and another really great scene with Lily Glee and John. The storyline here is quick and to the point, as we get into the sex. This is where Maestro shines.  I have to say that the beginning spanking given to Lily was really fucking hot.  I am one not to have a spanking fetish, but this really turned me on.  Oh my god, did it ever.  In fact, I was pretty much turned on by the entire scene. So, needless to say, I felt that this scene was a really solid effort. One, that definitely showcased the beautiful Texan Lily Glee, in a very positive way. She is a young starlet who is on her way in my honest opinion. Here, she puts in great work opposite John Strong, as she hold her own with vigor. It is on that note that I leave you with saying that this first time anal creampie is a scene that comes highly recommended by me.

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