Stretched (2019)

by - September 16, 2019

Starring: Katie Kush // Jay Romero
Directed by: Andy Zane
Runtime: 45 mins.

Scene Rating: 7.85


Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with a dimly lit scene, featuring a window, looking over a highrise.  It's there that we see the petite and flexible, Katie Kush perform a stretching routine, during which she displays much skill.  This, as she places her leg on the wall in front of her, stretching forward.  She also stands on on leg, showing great range, prior to finally going into the splits.  It's during which that Katie also spreads her ass for the camera.  This prior to giving the camera one last shot of her pussy as she bends over.

We then cut to the true beginning of the scene, as Katie answers the door, for Jay Romero.  It's then that the two of them waste no them in getting down to business.  They kiss passionately, as Jay briefly goes down on Katie.  However, Katie soon returns the favor, as she briefly sucks Jay's cock.  It's brief because jay soon lifts Katie up for a moment of standard cowgirl, just before they relocate to the bedroom.  Once there, Jay is quick to go down on Katie, tonguing and sucking on her pussy, as she is reverse spread eagle on the bed.  This then goes to missionary and side fuck, this as Jay's is cock in.  Jay maintains a steady pace, with the latter position seeing Katie's round as facing the camera.  after this, Jay lies back, as Katie goes in to suck his cock. Here, she both works on Jay's cock and balls for time, until Jay takes her into reverse cowgirl.  Katie both bounces on the cock, before showing very nice grind skills on the cock.  She then bounces on the cock, before once again leaning forward to bounce back on the dick.  Following doggy next, the two switch over to the second bed, where we see the action become much heavier.  Katie here is seen straddling Jay's cock as she do the splits.  It's here that Jay pounds away hard.  This then carrying over to cowgirl as Katie once again bounce and grind.  Next up, we see Jay lie on his back in between the two beds.  This, as Katie split over the top, across the two bed.  It's here that Jay thrusts upward into Katie's pussy, as it goes deep.  After this, Jay goes on to rub Katie's clit, prior to fingering her deep and the same pace.  This is then followed by Katie once again sucking off Jay.  This leads into missionary next, as the camera takes a low view from behind, as Jay drills Katie hard.  From here, the camera then changes to show Katie's legs pinned back as Jay continues on.  Jay pounds fast and hard eventually leading to Katie's climax.  We then transition to spoon, prior to the action seamlessly going to reverse cowgirl once again.  After this, Katie takes Jay over to the window, as they next go into front facing side fuck, as she stretches and stands on one leg to be fucked.  The side fuck then reverses, with Katie's back facing the camera, where she essentially goes to stand on her head.  It's from here that Jay fucks Katie hard at her request.  Following standard doggy, Jay much cum.  This as he jerks his cock to drop her load into Katie's mouth - after which she swallows.

The Review //
In this scene, titled "Stretched" from PORNFIDELITY, and Director, Andy Zane, we begin with Katie displaying her tremendous flexibility for us, in front of a large window which overlooks the city.  This may be the warm up to what was to come, but I'll be damned if it's not welcomed.  The segment is one that is nicely directed by Zane, as he effectively captures each defined curve on Katie's petite frame, as she stretches.  Of course this leads us into a sexual encounter with Kush, and male newcomer, Jay Romero.  It's a raw encounter which occurs in a bedroom, which is equiped with two beds - which of course they soon of course would soon make use of.

When it comes to the sex scene, in my opinion it gets off to a rather shaky start.  In this case, the pun is intended, because for me, I kind of found the wandering/roaming handheld footage to be a bit distracting.  When it comes to the camera setup, there seems to be a still camera, and then a hand held, sort of freestyle camera.  It's these two cameras whose views we go back and forth.  Of course, I enjoyed the still camera the most, with the handheld camera having it's moments.  However, I just didn't like how sometimes the performer's heads would be cut out of the frame.  As I said, it's a little distracting.  So, with that said, it took me some time to settle in with this scene.  Nonetheless, I felt that the scene finally picked up as Katie and Jay found themselves on the room's secondary bed.  For some reason, it was at this point that the action itself just became faster and harder, and additionally, Katie becoming more flexible.  It's during this point that we see Katie split on the cock to be fucked.  This including splitting across the two beds horizontally, as Jay is under her to fuck.  This is the visual highlight of the scene for sure.  The split across the beds, is in true Jean-Claude Van Damme style.  It's so sexy.  Now, I've gotten so carried away that I have failed to make note of Katie's cock riding, which is also sexy.  Man, this girl can really ride one!  This as she here, rides lucky Jay's cock with abandon, as she thrust and work those hips.  Katie works over the cock.  However, don't worry, as Jay is sure to reciprocate.  In fact Romero is consistent in his work for the majority of the scene.  But there are moments that he gives it to Katie hard.  A standout moment being the scene's final position, as we see Katie standing on one leg(and basically her head), as she's drilled.  I loved how Katie demanded to have it hard from this male talent who does continue to impress.

So overall, this was a scene that to be honest, took some time to grow on me.  The good thing is that it did, and did so when these two performers hit their stride, if you will.  There is very, very nice chemistry put on display between Kush and Romero.  I did in enjoy that.  However, I did struggle with my rating for this scene, as it turns out to be solid, yet there is still that aspect that distracted me basically throughout.  Maybe this will not distract you as much, but I personally made note.  But with that said, this is a scene that is recommended despite my hangup.  These two performers do have a decent showing here one with some definite key moments.

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