Vivid: The Brats - Camp Whattabrat (2019)

by - September 25, 2019

Starring: Alison Rey // Michael Vegas
Directed by: Joanna Angel
Runtime: 35 mins.

Scene Rating: 9


Scene Breakdown //
For this scene, we are off to summer camp.  "Camp Whattabrat", to be exact.  It is here that we find camper, Alison Rey in some trouble with camp counselor, Michael Vegas after she missed the previous night's bed check.  The scene opens with a game of unintentional hide and seek, as Alison does her best to avoid her counselor on the camp grounds.  She does well in escaping Michael save for bumping into some wind chimes, which soon give her away. When Michael finally catches up with Alison he is quick to  scold her for her actions the previous night. Actions for which Alison gives the excuse that she was visiting the camp church. It is this that makes Michael rather happy, as he says that he raised money to open that very church.  A fundraiser, during which he raised funds, by, as he says, baking a "fuckload of cookies".  After the excuse, it appears as though Alison would come away unscathed.  However, it's what happens next that changes Michael's course of action.  As Alison attempts to walk away, the two bump into one another, as Alison's purse hits the ground, thus spilling it's contents.  That contents?  What else?  Dildos.  The sight of the phallic-shaped toys enrages Michael who cannot believe his eyes.  He is quick to suspend Alison from Archery class.  However, when Alison mocks the punishment, he goes even further, issuing her with a detention session  with himself.  We then go to detention where Michael lectures Alison about how her "fraternizing with phallics", is both against the rules of both the camp, as well as Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.  Michael continues on, grilling Alison about his authority and so on.  It's at this point that Alison intervenes, saying that she thinks that the only reason that he picks on her, and stops her from having fun is that he has a crush on her.  Michael goes his best to dismiss the allegations, however, when Alison proceeds to taunt and tease the counselor with her "milkshake", Michael simply cannot hide the evidence of a raging boner, which protrudes from his red singlet.  Alison then goes on to grabs Michael's dick, and it's from there that he can't resist.

Things begin with passionate kissing between the two, as Alison eventually straddle Michael, grinding in his lap.  Next, Michael takes Alison down to remove her red belt, before she's upright, as Michael suck on her titties.  However, this is soon followed up by Michael, pulling his cock out through the leg of his singlet for Alison to suck on it.  This includes slurping and slobbering on the cock, as well as some face fucking from Michael.  Michael next returns the favor, by going down on Alison prior to putting his cock in to fuck deep and steady.  It's then, without skipping a beat, that Michael flips Alison into the cowgirl position as she rides, the dick, first with her sneakered feet pinned back. This includes more bouncing, before Michael slams her down hard and fast.  The next position is side fuck, prior to Alison being on all fours where she sucks cock, before being fucked behind.  This is for an extended period, as Michael fucks deep at an increasing pace, while for a time, also rubbing Alison's clit.  Reverse cowgirl follows, as Alison's legs are wide as she bounce on the dick,  This continuing, as Michael continues to hammer his cock in hard.  Things then go to side fuck.  First, with Alison's legs closed tightly, and then with them wide open.  Here, Michael fucks increasingly, ending things pounding hard until he must cum.  He then pulls out to dispose of his load onto Alison's stomach.  The story then comes to a close with camp counselor Michael asking Alison to lunch in the cafeteria.  However, she declines, saying that she has yet another dick appointment in the boys bunk.

The Review //
Today I review a scene from the newly revived VIVID by way of ADULT TIME, and producer Bree Mills.  This scene from the series titled "The Brats" was directed by Joanna Angel.  It's a storyline-based scene titled "Camp Whattabrat", and it stars Alison Rey and male talent Michael Vegas.  Taking place at a summer camp Alison is the disobedient camper in need of discipline and it is counselor Michael Vegas, who believes that he will give it to her. Especially, after he finds sex toys and her possession, thus ultimately punishing her with detention.  However, for Michael, he would soon find that Alison is a camper not to be tamed, when he finds her "rations" to be more than a little tempting.  This, as they end up in a sexual encounter which sees camper and counselor go at it.

When it comes to this scene, it is a scene that fully dedicates itself to its storyline and characters.  Here, I was very pleased to find just how dedicated Alison Rey and Michael Vegas were to their respective given characters.  This is especially true for Vegas, who portrays an over the top, flamboyant Counselor. One who portrays himself as being religious, and authoritative, yet is more than a little hypocritical. When it comes to the storyline and characters, I found this scene to be really hilarious to be honest. The scene is definitely a comedic piece, and the performers are able to shine via a comedy situation and characters. The aforementioned dedication then carrying over into the sex scene between the two.  As I said, Michael's character is over the top, as he wears camp color red, as part of an all red attire, this including a tight red singlet, with white trim, which Michael hilariously makes note of several times throughout the scene as he stays in character the entire time. During the scene he says things such as he's getting "tight in the singlet", as well as "singlet activated", shortly before putting his cock in to fuck Alison's pussy in missionary, as it is out through the leg of said singlet.  There are also several other references to the characters and storyline as well, including a moment when Alison tells Michael to spank her ass, and make it "as red as the camp's colors".  What a brilliant correlation to the story there, I thought.  It makes you wonder if these things said, had been improvised.  I'd like to think so.  As for the sex itself, I was also surprised by just how absolutely solid it was.  It's actually pretty impressive how these performers were able to stay so dedicated the the characters, yet still manage to create an excellent sex scene such as this.  It's during this scene that we see consistent work from Vegas, who at times fucks deep and hard, while Alison takes it all with enthusiasm.  Not only does she take it, she gives it as well, as she also enthusiastically ride cock.  I loved the way that she grind and bounced on the cock.  In addition to this, I also anticipated her reaction to what was occurring. Something that she is really vocal with during the sex.

As far as the production goes, not only is this a story well told, it is also one that looks very nice in terms of production value. Producer Bree Mills is definitely ensuring that the legendary style and class of VIVID is being upheld. The scene features very nice work from behind the camera by cameraman Mike Quasar, who gives this sexual summer camp adventure a nice, sleek appearance.  This, while director Joanna Angel directs with plenty of comedic wit, and sexual know-how.  I also have to say that Woody All In's editing, as well as the sound effects, are also on point.  As a collective, everything here just comes together nicely to create one really good time.

Here we simply have the the perfect combination. We have a nice well-rounded story, one with characters who we care about, as well as ones that make us laugh with little effort. And it is when we get past this, that we also have a well executed, as well as passionate sexual encounter between two performers who are well-versed in the craft. This as a combination that I found, did not fail as I found myself greatly entertained by every aspect. Because of this, I can say that this is a scene that I do not hesitate to recommend that you do check out for yourself. Everyone involved with this scene deserves it for sure.

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