Under the Bed - The Night They Came For Lacy (2019)

by - October 23, 2019

Starring: Small Hands // Lacy Lennon // Joanna Angel // Katrina Jade
Directed by: Joanna Angel
Runtime: 44 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The sex scene begins when Lacy Lennon finds herself frightened by the voices she hears in the distance.  So much so, she goes back to the graveyard with Aaron's razor blade necklace in hand.  Once there, she throes it down in the dirt by Aaron's grave.  Blood forms on the dirt, and soon, A hand emerges from the soil,  Not only has Aaron risen, but also Joanna Angel and Katrina Jade.  Its from here that the three are unforgiving and soon a graveyard orgy ensues.

They take Lacy down to the ground, ripping her clothes off, while in character saying how, she always did want them to get along.  Lacy is on her back, as Joanna goes on to finger her deep.  Following this, Smalls crams his cock down her throat, before going on to fuck her from behind in doggy.  During this, Lacy fingers Joanna as Joanna and Katrina kiss passionately  Smalls, next fucks Lacy in standing side fuck before face fucking Joanna.  Next, it's missionary, as Small hands fucks Lacy.  This as Joanna sits on her face. Spoon follows as Smalls is seen eating Katrina's pussy simultaneously.  It's then doggy for Katrina and Joanna prior to a return to spoon for Lacy.  This is then followed by reverse cowgirl, standing reverse cowgirl, and finally piledriver.  Things simmer down with a return to missionary as Joanna again sits on Lacy's face.  Here, Smalls continues plugging away until he must cum.  The action so coming to an end with he jerking off to unload onto Lacy's stomach.

The Review //
In this, the second episode of ADULT TIME'S horror anthology series, UNDER THE BED, Lacy Lennon finds herself haunted by a decision, which ultimately led to horrible tragedy.

The story opens up with Lacey visiting a graveyard. More in particular, visiting the graves of three lost friends; Joanna, Katrina, and her boyfriend, Aaron, all whom she lost one year prior. In fact, it just so happens to be the one year anniversary of that day. It is a day that she will never forget, because it is herself to whom she places all of the blame.

We're then taken to a flashback to that night's fateful occurrence. It is a night in which Lacey dragged her three friends out to her open mic night, despite their unwillingness to go. It is also a night which also saw some heavy alcohol consumption between at least three of the four. As evidenced by their demeanor as they drive back, however nonetheless; Lacy, Joanna and Katrina all want to go for more drink as they decide to stop by local bar, O'Brien's.  This despite Aaron's protest, as he has been called into work the following day. Unfortunately however for the four, it would be a destination that they never arrive too, as Lacy drives them straight into a dead end, thus causing an horrific crash.  It's an accident that of course led to the demise of all of them but Lacy. It's an occurrence that has riddled her with guilt ever since, as she has often wished to have them back.  Often has contemplated suicide.

Back to the present, it is later that night, as Lacy is back home, as she attempts to ease her mind of the dreaded anniversary, however as she would find, she is just haunted by something that she just cannot shake. This becomes painfully obvious when she is left a rather ominous artifact - a distinct razor blade necklace one belonging to her much loved boyfriend Aaron..... Who happened to be buried with it. The finding, shakes Lacy to her core, when takes the jewelery and races back to the gravesite, where she tosses it.  Unfortunately for her that would be a grave mistake, as soon her actions awaken not only a reanimated Aaron, but also Joanna and Katrina. Initially the three aren't quiet sure what happened to them.  However soon, their confusion turns to anger and disdain for Lacy, despite she being apologetic. It is then that the three undead souls have it in their collective minds to get revenge.  It all leads to Lacy being fucked, humiliated and used by the three.  But unfortunately for Lacy, they have far more in mind than a graveyard orgy.

With the very first episode of UNDER THE BED, we had WITHIN, a cabin in the woods type thriller.  For this episode, we switch gears a little, both in style, and in story told, as Joanna Angel directs for us, a campy story of guilt, blame, and revenge, as vengeful spirits, cannot, and simply will not rest.

Stylistically, I sense that this story's aim was to take on an '80s video vibe, however, as a horror enthusiast, as well as being a horror film critic for 12 years, I also saw some Italian Horror influence in this as well.  In all things attributed to the overall design, special effects makeup, and how the story plays out.  Even the acting, seems to have been purposely skewed a bit,  One minute it's highly over the top, and the next, it's oddly compelling, I guess you could say.  When it comes to the arc of the story, I'll be honest.  I wasn't quite sure at first, what the point of all of this was.  Lacy is sorry for what she's done.  They rise from the dead.  They're mad.  So they all fuck her and each other?  If that's all, then what is Lacy so scared about the entire time?  Well, and then it hits us.  Without giving it away, yes there is a twist ending that ties up all the lose ends.  And yes it sets things perfectly on track for a very nice conclusion.

Coming away from this one, I would say with all things considered I did enjoy it. As I said at first I was a little confused as to where things were headed, however luckily everything ironed itself out in the end, making for a rather satisfying horror story. Technically I really enjoyed what I saw here, as the style and approach are on point.  I liked that gritty Italian vibe. And though this isn't a BURNING ANGEL production, this is a story that has that familiar style from director Joanna Angel. As someone who literally broke into reviewing porn by reviewing BURNING ANGEL(They were the first studio to ever supply me with DVDs, and believe in me), it is a style that I will always be drawn to.

With "The Night They Came for Lacy", we have an enthusiastically festive zombie horror story. And with that I will say that the UNDER THE BED series is truly a great thing for porn fans to have. It is a series seemingly expected to only run during the Halloween season. But in my opinion it would be a good enough addition to ADULT TIME to have all year round. Because for some people, every day is Halloween.

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